The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 12 - Childish!

Chapter 12: Childish!

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“Aren’t you heading down to drive the car?”

“Yes, CEO!”

Soon, there wasn’t anyone else in front of the elevator doors. Ye Yuwei was still standing there alone.

‘Is this her victory?’

‘She has won!’

At least she did not continue to lower herself in front of him by begging for anything.

Yet, she still lost. The surrounding voices within earshot were the best proof.

“How shameless, thinking that she is beyond incredible just because she has the title ‘Mrs. Gu’.”

“She can’t even keep her own husband in check and yet she had the nerve to hit Miss Yu. No wonder CEO Gu felt so disgusted with his wife.”

“With a woman like her, anyone would feel disgusted.”

“She may think of herself as being rather amazing, yet CEO Gu had still departed with another—Miss Yu. As expected, she must have married CEO Gu using scheming tactics.”

“You all have no idea; within the circle of the rich and famous, everyone said that she is just CEO Gu’s highly regarded female escort. Speaking of Mrs. Gu, it was truly an insult to CEO Gu.”

Ye Yuwei clenched both her fists and walked slowly towards the elevator.

This sort of brazen mutterings, she had already heard of them too many times.

So many times that as ear-piercing as they may sound, she had become apathetic to them altogether.

As PA Wen was driving, he looked at the endlessly weeping Yu Sha’er wrapped in CEO Gu’s embrace. He felt that he had missed a major Hollywood drama.

“CEO, is Madam not attending? It seems like she didn’t know the location of Mr. Qian’s house,” reminded PA Wen.

“So what if she didn’t know, what has that got to do with me?” Gu Juexi said coldly.

It would be best that she didn’t know!

Gu Juexi thought angrily, ‘Since that woman wants to play this to this extent, he will play along with her. Let’s see who shall admit defeat first.’

“What’s wrong with you, Wen Tao? Why is it that you keep speaking on behalf of that woman with standards beneath a vixen? Seeing that you are helping her so much, could it be that you like her?” Hearing PA Wen spoke on behalf of Ye Yuwei, made Yu Sha’er feel instantly irritated.

Wen Tao liked Ye Yuwei?

Gu Juexi suddenly lifted his head to look at PA Wen who was driving in front of him.

PA Wen suddenly felt that his back would be frozen by the CEO’s cold gaze.

“Miss Yu has misunderstood. It was because CEO had mentioned that Madam will be attending as well. That was why I asked,” explained PA Wen hastily.

“What right do you have to inquire? Who do you think you are?” Yu Sha’er mocked sharply. She hated anyone who helped Ye Yuwei.

PA Wen looked down humbly, not saying another word.

“Sha-sha, you have gone more and more overboard recently.” Gu Juexi spoke up with a tinge of annoyance in his tone.

“Brother Juexi, I…” Yu Sha’er pouted her lips begrudgingly, while looking at Gu Juexi miserably. “Is it that Brother Juexi no longer fancy me? In the past, Brother Juexi would not act like this.”

Gu Juexi narrowed his eyes at Yu Sha’er, not saying anything more.

Yu Sha’er bowed her head, not daring to say another word. However, in her heart, she once again placed all this hate upon Ye Yuwei.

She was merely a high-ranked escort that would be driven out of the family sooner or later.

As Ye Yuwei walked out of the department store, she did not proceed with the purchase of her clothes. She also had no idea which cocktail party that Gu Juexi will be attending.

Gu Juexi was obviously making things difficult for her.

Ye Yuwei called PA Wen’s phone number, intending to ask about the location of the cocktail party.

The sun was still in the middle of the sky, creating a hot and stuffy atmosphere and causing people to feel restless.

For a long time, PA Wen did not answer the calls. Ye Yuwei laughed at herself mockingly. He must be together with Gu Juexi right now. There was no way that Gu Juexi would allow him to pick up her call.

He was waiting for her to beg him for it.


However, Gu Juexi must not have thought that even though he had prevented PA Wen to pick up his phone calls, she too had her ways of obtaining information about him.

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