The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 11 - CEO Gu Is Very Angry

Chapter 11: CEO Gu Is Very Angry

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Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei quietly, waiting. He was waiting for Ye Yuwei to speak.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi wordlessly. She laughed. She was laughing at herself for thinking too much.

Yu Sha’er held her hand high, and it seemed like she would let fall any second now.

Ye Yuwei faintly closed her eyes, but the slap did not come as expected. She opened her eyes and looked at the man who was now holding Yu Sha’er’s wrist.

Gu Juexi pulled Yu Sha’er to his side. His deep gaze was fixed upon Ye Yuwei, the corner of his lips twitched slightly. “Mrs Gu’s face is not worth the money, but Mr. Gu still wants to maintain his dignity.”

Gu Juexi’s voice was faint, as if he was just saying that, ‘Mrs. Gu’s face is still hanging by Mr. Gu’s name. I, Mr. Gu, still want to maintain my dignity.’

The unspoken implication was, ‘I don’t mean to help you, I simply care about my own dignity!’

“But, Brother Juexi… she hit me,” said Yu Sha’er, with tears gushing down her face.

Gu Juexi glanced at Yu Sha’er’s red and swollen cheek. He then looked at Ye Yuwei, “Mrs. Gu, intrinsic quality is a good thing. Don’t lose it.”

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists. Two years ago, he had said the same thing. In his heart, she was but a woman with no intrinsic quality.

“Thank you, Mr. Gu, for the reminder. Dignity is also a good thing. Mr. Gu, you better not lose it too.”

“Brother Juexi, did you hear what she is saying?” Yu Sha’er yelled resentfully, “She is saying that you are shameless.”

Yu Sha’er’s sharp voice attracted the attention of the people around them.

Ye Yuwei felt somewhat sympathetic toward Yu Sha’er’s IQ.

The corner of Gu Juexi’s lips curled up slightly. He looked at Ye Yuwei with indifference and lightly said, “Mrs. Gu’s jealous face is indeed unsightly.”

“Perhaps it is still looking slightly better in comparison to Mr. Gu’s face when he’s having an affair.” Ye Yuwei retorted back, not showing any weakness in the least.

Yu Sha’er observed the two anxiously. Her heart was filled with hatred toward Ye Yuwei up to an unbearable point.

However, the current situation was not within her expectation so she did not dare to stay here any longer. The current Ye Yuwei was totally different from the one who was constantly chasing Gu Juexi in the past.

“Brother Juexi, let’s go or we will be late,” Yu Sha’er said anxiously.

Gu Juexi took a step toward Ye Yuwei. When Ye Yuwei stepped back, he stretched out his hand to catch her waist. He slowly approached her ear and whispered softly, “If you attend the cocktail party this evening and not cause any problems, I promise you that I will sign the divorce agreement.”

Once Gu Juexi finished speaking, he turned around to leave with Yu Sha’er.

Ye Yuwei turned around abruptly and stared at Gu Juexi’s back walking away, just like how it was two years ago on that rainy night when he departed with Yu Sha’er, leaving her standing around like a fool.

However, whatever Gu Juexi had just promised was the outcome that she had wanted.

She just wanted a divorce.

As Gu Juexi walked toward the elevator, he came across PA Wen who was just coming out of the elevator.

The approaching PA Wen immediately stared blankly at the situation in front of him and glanced at the distant Ye Yuwei. At that moment, he silently cursed himself. ‘Sh*t!’

What was this all about?

He had only just gone to park the car.

“Weren’t you supposed to follow Sha-sha? What have you done?” Gu Juexi asked solemnly. However, a wise person could tell that CEO Gu was very angry.

PA Wen felt wronged. ‘Shouldn’t he have gone to park the car?’

“My apologies, CEO.” PA Wen bowed his head. Admitting that he was wrong was always the right thing to do, even though he did not know what had angered the CEO so much.

Gu Juexi stared at him coldly with a feeling of uncertainty in his heart. He was still waiting for Ye Yuwei.

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