The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 16 - Brilliant Trick, Mrs. Gu

Chapter 16: Brilliant Trick, Mrs. Gu

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Gu Juexi stared at her bleeding arm. His birthday two years ago…

“You actually said that?” asked Lu Qichuan curiously.

“Mr. Gu’s words undeniably helped Qian Feng Hotel, but it was that employee who made Qian Feng Hotel what it is today. So, Gu Bank cannot take all the credit,” said Qian Feng as he looked at Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi was still staring at Ye Yuwei’s bleeding arm in the video.

Yu Sha’er looked at Gu Juexi nervously after the video and was annoyed that Qian Feng actually had video like that.

Ye Yuwei got that wound on her arm in a road accident when she pushed her into the middle of the road two years ago. Gu Juexi had no idea about the accident and became sick of Ye Yuwei since that day.

But why the video? It showed how capable Ye Yuwei was and how Ye Yuwei helped Gu Juexi in his career. How could she not be worried?

Lu Qichuan smiled. His smiled broadened when he turned and looked at the empty lobby entrance.

Qian Feng had left the lobby with his wife after the video and let his son entertain the guests.

Gu Juexi and Yu Sha’er were quickly surrounded by a crowd when more people started to show up in the event to bootlick Gu Juexi.

Lu Qichuan looked around and saw the back of the person he was looking for, so he smiled and walked towards that person.

Ye Yuwei was standing at the balcony in the hotel’s lounge. Her hands gripped on the railing, her eyes casted down to hide her emotions.

She could foresee how Gu Juexi was going to say that she colluded with Qian Feng to play that video.

“Isn’t Miss Ye going to see Mr Qian’s secretary? Would you like me to introduce you to him?” said Lu Qichuan.

Startled by the sound of his voice Ye Yuwei turned her head. She looked embarrassed after seeing Lu Qichuan’s smiling face.

“Secretary Jiang looked busy so I was going to look for him a bit later… I will see him now,” said Ye Yuwei quickly and walked pass Lu Qichuan.

Finding Ye Yuwei cute, Lu Qichuan with his hands in his pocket grinned as he saw Ye Yuwei running away.

Just as Ye Yuwei was looking another spot to be alone, Gu Juexi saw her.

‘She actually managed to come in?’

Gu Juexi was overwhelmed by feelings that he could not explain, he was not sure if he acknowledged her capability or hated that she actually showed up in this event.

So Gu Juexi stopped those who were bootlicking him, pushed Yu Sha’er aside and walked towards Ye Yuwei.

“Juexi, where are you going?” Yu Shaer asked loudly and quickly followed him.

Ye Yuwei just impressed everyone with that video. She must follow Gu Juexi to make sure Ye Yuwei didn’t impress him even more.

Ye Yuwei began to think that it was a bad day. After Lu Qichuan, she bumped into Mr. and Mrs. Qian and their secretary.

When Gu Juexi walked to Ye Yuwei, he saw his wife smiling and talking to Mr. and Mrs. Qian.

“I am quite surprised that there was a video like that. Thank you for remembering me.” Ye Yuwei nodded gently to Mr. and Mrs. Qian, indicating her gratefulness.

“I should be thanking you. It is getting late and my wife is not feeling well. We should head back to rest. Please let me know if you ever need help,” said Qian Feng and left together with his wife.

Ye Yuwei breathed a sigh of relief after they left.

“Your tricks are getting brilliant, Mrs. Gu.”

Before she could sigh completely, Ye Yuwei heard Gu Juexi’s voice.

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