The Bloodline System

Chapter 50 - Researching Mixedbreeds

Chapter 50: Researching Mixedbreeds

Gustav focused his eyes on the skills waiting for information to pop up beneath them so he could check out the information on recreation.

In three seconds, information appeared under every skill and ability explaining their usage. ​​

Gustav had seen the rest before so his eyes traveled down the list to where recreation was positioned.

"What?" Gustav's eyes widened in shock as he read the information beneath recreation internally.


{Skills and Abilities]

»Dash - Level 4

(Ability to increase current speed by 25 for twenty seconds)

»Sprint - Level 3

(Multiplies current speed by 2.2)

»Regeneration - Level 3

(Recover from injuries twenty times faster than normal)

»Morph - Level 3

(Bloodline ability - change hair color, skin tone and shift facial muscles)

»Joint movement - Level 3

(Bloodline ability - Move joints in reverse)

»Toxin immunity - Level 3

(Protection against slightly lethal toxins)

»Recreation - Level 3

(Ability to combine bloodlines to create a fused bloodline that will generate a new ability entirely. Based on the compatibility of both bloodlines, the fused bloodline could range from C - A grade)

»Bloodline acquisition - Level 3

(Ability to extract bloodlines and pair them with host if the right requirements are met. {C - F rank})

»Chop - Level 6

(Using either a weapon or a sharp object, host can multiply the force of his strike by three times)

»Palm strike - Level 4

(When a collision is made using this skill, it generates a force that infiltrates deep into the surface of collision)



Gustav's eyes were focused on the recreation. He couldn't believe that such a skill existed all this time and the system prevented him from using it.

The possibilities of what he could achieve with this made him shiver from excitement internally.

'Oh wait now that I think about it, I wouldn't be able to make use of this ability if I didn't have more than one bloodline,' Gustav realized this and understood that even if the system gave him access, he wouldn't be able to use it.

But now he could try it out since he currently has three bloodlines in total.

'Hmm, but what would happen to the original bloodlines after I fuse them? Would I still be able to use them singularly or would they become one entity that I won't be able to use separately?' Gustav thought hard about this.

He had wanted to test it out but when these thoughts popped up he felt he should look into it properly before thinking of using the skill.

'I can't try this with beast transformation or any of the three I currently have... I will need to steal more bloodlines and perform experiments on those first,' Gustav concluded but now the issue was how he was going to steal more bloodlines.

He couldn't steal bloodlines out in the open because he would have to make contact with the blood located in the neck area of a person before he could get the system notification for bloodline extraction. He would need to be in a secluded environment before he could think of doing that.

Gustav started to hatch a plan in his mind, he had decided he was going to move his plans for revenge forward with this situation at hand.

He didn't even notice that he could now steal C-grade bloodlines until a notification rang in his head.

[A New monthly Quest Has Been Issued]

Gustav stared at the notification with a look of anticipation.


[Quest: Acquire a C- grade bloodline in 30 days or less]



[Punishment for failure]



'I need to acquire a C-graded bloodline?' This was when Gustav's happened to notice on the system interface that he could now extract C- grade bloodline.

Gustav couldn't help but smile at this since it came at a time when he was thinking of acquiring more bloodlines.

He knew scheming would be necessary before he could get the opportunity to steal a bloodline without drawing any suspicions yet he was glad because this meant, he could finally steal bloodlines from some of the students who gave him trouble back in the past since some of them were c-graded.

Gustav brought his eyes down to the rewards and punishment section.

"What the heck? Everything is hidden?" Gustav voiced out with a look of discomfort.

This was the first time the system was hiding both the rewards and the punishment.

The punishment was mostly hidden but he had never seen both of them hidden at the same time when a quest was issued.

'Just what is it playing at?' Gustav sighed internally in defeat. He just couldn't understand the system at times.

On the bright side, the system had stopped calling him an idiot but he still wondered why it didn't initiate a conversation with him like earlier but Gustav knew that no matter how hard he thought of it, there was no point.

It wasn't up to three months since he got the system so he knew finding out the secrets it held would take a lot of time. Even though he occasionally had questioning thoughts about where the system came from and all that, he wasn't really bothered. He was just happy he encountered something like this and right now his thoughts were still preoccupied with the present situations so he had decided to place this at the back of his mind in the meantime.

Gustav closed the system interface and tapped on the web board in front of him.

A holographic projection appeared in front of him after that.

"Time to continue my research," Gustav muttered.


In a flash, two days had gone by.

During these two days, Gustav's and Yuhiko's duel had been a hot topic in the dojo.

Everyone on the third to the last floor heard about it also.

The second floor only had twelve students that attended Echelon Academy and they happened to be simping for Yuhiko in one way or the other so they never mentioned the fight in school.

It was said in school that she lost to an A-grade mixed-blood instead of an F-grade.

The third floor of the dojo had lots of students from Echelon Academy there but because they weren't there when the battle happened they couldn't confirm that she was defeated by an F-grade.

In school, the matter of her losing to someone in the dojo quickly died down after the students heard it was an A-grade but in the dojo, it was a very hot topic.

They heard in school that the person's name was Gustav but no one linked it to Gustav himself because they felt it wouldn't be possible.

No one expected that Gustav who was known as trash was the same person who had defeated her.

Yuhiko didn't appear in the dojo since that day. She couldn't bear the humiliation. She was able to save her social life in the school but in the dojo, it had been totally wrecked.

Gustav wasn't even bothered by all the drama. He opened a bank account the previous day and kept his compensation money there.

At present, it was Saturday in the afternoon and Gustav had been on the web since morning.

He was currently seated on his reading chair tapping onto a virtual holographic keyboard.

"Bringing up the previous database!" A robotic-like voice rang out as holographic projections started appearing around Gustav.

Chhrriinn! Chhrriinn! Chhrriinn!

Multiple of them appeared in form of squares scattered around the place.

On the projection were pictures of different kinds of beast-like-looking animals.

These animals bore a slight semblance to normal animals but there were quite different when it came to body proportions and size. Not only that but also, a lot of them had different shapes and a kind of fierce primitive look.

A large muscular-looking bunny with gigantic fangs, A tortoise similar to the size of a truck; standing on two legs, A butterfly as large as a chopper, e.t.c. Different images of bizarre-looking creatures were displayed.

"Mixed breeds are truly in varieties, these types would be out of my jurisdiction," Gustav muttered with a look of amazement.

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