The Bloodline System

Chapter 49 - Stacking Up Paper Bills

Chapter 49: Stacking Up Paper Bills

"Gu-Gustav wins the duel!" Supervisor Bola swallowed saliva as he spoke.

Even after the announcement had been made everyone still stood in place with widened eyes as they stared at the Yuhiko on the ground. ​​

Her face was swollen than that of a pig. Her eyes and lips could be mistaken for black and red buns. Her cheeks were bloodied with parts of her facial skin torn off. Her look right now bore no semblance to that of her former. The beautiful face she always took pride in had been turned into this.

It was a disturbing sight to a lot of them there.

They stared at Gustav who was responsible for doing the deed. He was climbing down the stage casually after cleaning the blood on his palms.

Supervisor Samsuna arrived before Yuhiko and squatted while lifting her head slightly.

'This young man is truly a brutal type he showed no mercy,' Supervisor Samsuna parted Yuhiko's swollen to place the pill in her mouth.

A few seconds later her face started to heal up. Her eyelids trembled slightly proving that she was about to regain consciousness.

Supervisor Samsuna turned to stare at Gustav who was walking towards the crowd.

'Well, this might have been extreme but needed... I'm sure these young kids will learn humility from what they have witnessed today,' Supervisor Samsuna said internally.

"Time to pay up," Gustav said as he got to the front of the crowd on the left.

Chatter! Chatter!

"Just transfer the money to this storage device," Gustav said and handed it over to a boy in front.

Gustav started moving from person to person, performing the same actions.

-"I still can't believe Yuhiko failed," One of them said with a look of indignation.

-"Now we have to pay twenty thousand rad each after losing the bet, this sucks,"

They voiced out in disappointment but they had no choice other than to pay the money.

The bet was with everyone who supported Yuhiko. They would pay that amount if she lost but if she had won, Gustav was supposed to do whatever she willed for an entire month.

Yuhiko wanted to show that she had more supporters so she asked everyone to place their money on her winning and she would compensate them after the duel.

These teenagers could have remained neutral and decided not to support anyone but because they wanted to please Yuhiko, they agreed to her demand. Only Masuba and the two boys that came to meet Gustav on the last floor didn't bet since they knew he was going to win. Masuba was secretly praying for Gustav to deal with her for crushing him. He didn't expect that Gustav wouldn't just defeat her but also give her the humiliation of a lifetime.

All of a sudden a loud cry was heard.

"You bastard how could you do that to Yuhiko!" Keira screamed out as she ran towards Gustav who was busy collecting his winnings.

They were only a few feet from one another so she was able to arrive before Gustav in a second.

A red line of light appeared in her hand which she stabbed towards Gustav's chest.

'Well, Birds of the same feathers always flock together, since the both of you are so similar I guess you should receive the same punishment,' Gustav said internally as he swerved to the left to dodge the attack while raising his right hand and bringing it down with force.

Keira watched as the palm descended upon her face unable to react to the speed on time.


Just before Gustav's palm could collide with her face it was grabbed by Supervisor Samsuna.

Keira who had nearly tripped due to Gustav dodging paused in her tracks.

"Fights are not tolerated, a duel must be scheduled before the both of you can go at each other," Supervisor Samsuna said.

'I couldn't even sense his approach with my perception,' Gustav analyzed as he withdrew his hand.

"I was only trying to defend myself," Gustav stated with a straight look.

"There's no need for explanation," Supervisor Samsuna replied, "For attacking a person out of the blue Keira will have to pay twice the amount of the said bet," He added.


"That's forty thousand rad... my entire allowance for a year," Keira stuttered as she spoke. 'There's no way I will be able to collect any money from father till the year runs out,'

"Either you pay the fee or leave this premises at once! Such attitude will not be tolerated," Supervisor Samsuna said once again.

Keira had a crestfallen look on her face when she saw Gustav stand in front of her again.

"Pay up," He stretched out his hand while speaking.

In a few minutes, Gustav had collected money from everyone except Yuhiko.

Yuhiko had regained consciousness some minutes ago. She had healed up and her face had gone back to looking beautiful but the humiliation she felt now made her feel like covering up her face for life so no one would be able to recognize her.

"My payment," Gustav arrived in front of her and stretched out his hand.

Yuhiko's face twisted with a crazy look.

"Grrhh! I will have my..."

"I don't care about that! Pay up!" Gustav didn't let her complete her sentence.

Yuhiko gritted her teeth and reached for her storage device with a look of unwillingness.


About thirty minutes later Gustav was on miss Aimee's hoverbike.

Miss Aimee was driving him home today.

"You did good today," Miss Aimee said as they streaked through the road.

"Hehe, miss Aimee missed out on all the fun," Gustav laughed lightly while holding onto miss Aimee's waist from behind.

"I really would have liked to witness it myself," Miss Aimee replied.

"Don't worry miss Aimee, next time I'll inform you," Gustav said with a smile.

"Next time? oh, there's going to be a next time?" Miss Aimee asked with a bewildered expression.

"The world is still full of idiots after all," Gustav answered with a look of anticipation.

"Hmm, just be careful and don't get too conceited," Miss Aimee advised.

"Hnm, I won't," Gustav nodded in reply.

In a few minutes, they arrived in front of the building where Gustav's apartment was located.

Gustav got down from the hoverbike.

"Have you considered their request?" Miss Aimee questioned.

"I'm still thinking about it... In the meantime, I'm doing more research so if I do accept, it will be when I have gathered enough knowledge," Gustav answered.

"Hmm, it's alright. It's up to you after all. If you find yourself in a situation beyond your control, you know how to contact me," Miss Aimee stated and proceeded to speed off with her bike.


Gustav waved and turned around to head for his apartment.

The neighbors outside had smiles all over their faces as they greeted him with a welcoming look.

Gustav got to his apartment and settled down on his reading chair.

The first thing he did was to bring out his storage device.


After tapping twice on it three small projections were displayed. Gustav tapped on the third one.


Rows and stacks of paper bills appeared in front of him.

Gustav smiled as he stared at the money.

"A total of four hundred and eighty thousand rad..." He muttered with a delighted tone.

He reckoned that the total amount of money with him right now should be around six hundred and thirty thousand rad.

He was now halfway to becoming a millionaire. This would have been impossible if he wasn't dealing with rich kids. A lot of workers couldn't boast of having half a million after working for several years yet he had gotten that in a little over two months.

Gustav's goal was to accumulate at least a million before the MBO entrance test took place.

He called for the system interface to open up.

'Host attributes,' He called out in his mind.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav

-Level: 5

-Class: ?

-Exp: 6250/25000

-Hp: 320/320

-Energy: 120/150


»Strength: 33

»Perception: 31

»Mental Fortitude: 30

»Agility: 30

»Speed: 30

»Bravery: 30

»Intelligence: 32

»Charm: 31

{Attributes point - 14}


Gustav stared at it for a while. He had already distributed today's point earlier and his charm points had also caught up with the others. Things were progressing as planned but he was still left wondering about the class information up there, also he noticed that there was no longer Oslov behind his name.

'What is this about?' Gustav wondered.

He recalled something at this moment.

"The System said something about the recreation ability being operational," He remembered that this was one of the rewards he received after killing the bloodwolf.

He had been wanting to know about the recreation ability for the past two months now but unlike the rest, no information popped up beneath it even if he stared at it for a very long time.

He had even tried activating it the same way he activated skills like dash or Sprint but the result was the same. Now he understood that it wasn't operational all this time.

'Skills and abilities,' Gustav called out internally.


{Skills and Abilities]

»Dash - Level 4

»Sprint - Level 3

»Regeneration - Level 3

»Morph - Level 3

»Joint movement - Level 3

»Toxin immunity - Level 3

»Recreation - Level 3

»Bloodline acquisition - Level 3

»Chop - Level 6

»Palm strike - Level 4

»Frying - Level 8


"I can't believe it has been leveling up all this time without even being operational," Gustav said while checking out his skills and abilities.

Since he had tried to use it several times to no avail, he ignored it so he didn't notice that it had been leveling up like the rest.

Gustav focused his eyes on the skills waiting for information to pop up beneath them so he could check out the information on recreation.

In three seconds information appeared under every skill and ability explaining their usage.

Gustav had seen the rest before so his eyes traveled down the list to where recreation was positioned.

"What?" Gustav's eyes widened in shock as he read the information beneath recreation internally.

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