The Bloodline System

Chapter 51 - Uncompleted Daily Task

Chapter 51: Uncompleted Daily Task

He had been researching on mixed-breeds since the night before. He still wondered how such creatures existed on earth and he was only coming across one after sixteen years of his life.

He had found out that the mixed-breed he defeated was a level 2 Mixedbreed which was comparable to a step three Zulu rank.


Gustav had figured out that not all mixed-breeds were the mindless type that attacked human civilizations. He also discovered that some mixed-breeds were mixed-bloods whose Bloodlines went haywire when awakening them, turning them into beasts. Some mixed-breeds looked entirely different from any animal that used to exist on earth while others looked similar but quite monstrous.

"Wait, it's possible to exchange the bodies of mixed-breeds for money?* Gustav was currently staring at an article on the web that displayed this information.

It read that; the body of mixed-breeds could be exchanged for money in laboratories.

Laboratories made a lot of research in that aspect.

Depending on the type of mixed-breeds and their level it could sell for good money.

Gustav carried on with his research glancing from projection to projection before a knock was heard on his door.

Kom! Kom!

Gustav stood up and went to check it out.

To his surprise, it was Angy.

She was clad in a short green gown. The gown had blue floral patterns making her look especially cute. Her beautiful silver-colored pupils with a shade of pink added a kind of uniqueness to her looks especially with the warm smile on her face.

"Hello Gustav," Angy waved immediately after Gustav opened the door.

"Hey, do you need something?" Gustav asked immediately after noticing she was the one.

He didn't want to waste time so he could go back to his research.

"Well, my mom asked me to invite you to dinner," Angy said while using her right index finger to twirl her hair with an obvious shy expression.

"Dinner?" Gustav had a look of confusion on his face before slamming the door on Angy while entering his apartment.

Angy; "???"

She was confused as to why Gustav would suddenly slam the door shut in her face.

"I guess it's a no then," Angy muttered with a dejected expression while turning around to leave.

Inside his apartment, Gustav checked the time and was surprised to find out that it was nine-thirty pm at night already

"Damn, I haven't completed today's task," Gustav exclaimed.

He had lost himself in researching mixed breeds so he didn't notice that it was already late in the night.

He quickly picked up his red hoodie jacket and wore it before dashing out of his apartment.

By the time he arrived at the corridor, Angy had gone back to her apartment but Gustav didn't even take notice of this.

His mind was currently preoccupied with completing today's task before the time ran out.

He opened the system interface to check.




-Today's task (1/3):

.Travel 140km (Status: 0.02/140km)

.Climb to a height of 900 meters (Status: 0.1/900m)

.Carry a total of 2750 kilograms (Status: 0/2750kg)


He had been cooped up in his apartment all day so he hadn't completed a single task.

He analyzed the task and noticed that the only tasking one among them would be lifting the required amount of weight.

He could easily lift this amount of weight but the problem was getting a particular item that weighed enough to be counted by the system.

Right now the system only calculated the weight of items he carried in hundreds of kilograms. If the item wasn't up to a hundred kilograms, the system wouldn't count it.

In his apartment, there was not a single item that weighed up to a hundred kilograms.

Gustav only thought about it for a few seconds before he came up with an alternative.

As for the traveling and climbing, he could easily get these two done. For traveling, he could board a hover bus to take him anywhere while for the climbing, he could use the stairways repeatedly.

Gustav dashed down the stairway and got reached the bottom of the building in a few seconds.

There were still people in the neighborhood so Gustav decided to activate silent advancement along with dash to increase his speed and also make his ascent as silent as possible.

[Dash has been activated]

[Silent Advancement has been activated]


Gustav immediately dashed up the stairs once again.

No tapping sounds were made when he ran up the stairs even with that amount of speed. The small waves of wind he used to generate were now mild and almost completely silent.

This was the first time Gustav was using silent advancement but he was liking the ability. Not even a single person noticed him in the environment and he bet he could sneak up on someone like this without their knowledge.

He got to the top and descended once again before running back up.

He repeated this severally before finally seeing a notification appear in his line of sight.

[Daily task completed (1/3): Climb to a height of 900 meters√]

Gustav descended again after seeing this notification.

He used dash once and completed this in less than twenty seconds.

Gustav didn't waste time before heading towards the nearest bus stop and boarding a hover bus.

He calculated on the city map the closest place he could travel to, for the traveling task to be completed.

He decided to head towards a particular part of the city that was close to Echelon Academy but still some miles away. 

In about five minutes he received the notification for completing the traveling quest but now he had gotten to the destination he picked so he had to get down from the bus.

If he wanted to head back he would have to pick another.

Immediately he got down from the bus the familiar area appeared in his line of sight.

The area between the residential and business class buildings.

He walked a bit further ahead and noticed an uncompleted building in the distance.

To be precise they were five uncompleted buildings but the one in the middle particularly stood out.

'Bolin construction site 7' Gustav said inwardly as memories of that day began flooding into his mind again.

He walked closer and closer to the place staring at the building in the middle where his first bloodline stealing adventure began.

He remembered almost dying at Paul's hand here. This was also the same place he decided to stop being a wimp and where he first took a person's life. That was something he never thought he would do.


A scream brought him back to reality.

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