The Bloodline System

Chapter 44 - Collection Plans

Chapter 44: Collection Plans

The neighborhood later found out that Gustav killed the bloodwolf and we're pleasantly surprised. They treated Gustav with more respect after hearing that.

The cops had questioned people about the incident, including Gustav and Angy. ​​

It wasn't till around eleven p.m before people started entering their apartments.

Gustav was invited by Angy parents for dinner that night. He wanted to decline initially but he couldn't refuse Angy's persuasion.

Even though he found it annoying, it was a trait he still admired about her.

It was Gustav's first time entering their apartment so obviously, he looked around the living room.

He noticed that it was no different from his in size it also looked quite humble unlike his that had a lot of expensive gadgets and the likes.

The meal was ready in no time which Gustav was grateful about because Angy wouldn't stop talking.

They proceeded to the dining and started feasting on the meal after a small family prayer was done.

All this was still very new to Gustav, he never even knew that family prayer was said before a meal since he couldn't remember the last time he had one of those.

Seeing everyone around him dig in; Angy, her mother, father, and brother, gave Gustav a kind of weird feeling but not in a bad way.

He also joined in.

"Gustav what about your parents? Why do you live alone?" Their father who happened to be a very outspoken person was the first to ask this question while they were having dinner.

"I don't have parents," Gustav answered and proceeded to place another spoonful of food in his mouth.

The dining area became silent for a while but Gustav didn't seem bothered as he was still eating his food without a look of worry.

"Sorry about that," Angy's father said with a look of concern. They all wondered how he was living alone, how he was able to afford an apartment and living expenses but they felt they might intrude on his privacy even more so no further questions were asked.

"There's no need for apologies," Gustav waved his hand to dismiss the weird atmosphere.

'He really isn't bothered?' Angy stared at Gustav's face for a while before looking down to focus on her food. She didn't know why but she felt Gustav seemed quite pitiful.

In a few minutes dinner ended but Angy's father still wanted to talk to Gustav about something.


Gustav later went back to his apartment around midnight.

The last night's event opened his eyes more to the nature of the world.

He wondered if he would have truly try to save people if the system hadn't given him the quest or if he was powerful enough, after joining the MBO would he also ignore such things happening?

He knew for sure that he would have helped Angy but what of the others? Gustav felt his state of mind had been kind of messed up since he killed Paul.

The conscience and human emotions he used to feel towards people were slowly becoming distant. There were only two people he mostly showed his warm side to which were Miss Aimee and Boss Danzo. Also he was slowly starting to warm up to Angy.

He didn't know if it would continue like this or not but he had decided not to overthink. He would figure everything out with time.

His main goal right now was to become powerful enough so no one would control his fate or how his life is supposed to be.

He wanted his life to go in the direction he willed. If someone was going to piss him off, he didn't want to have to hide anymore, the sufferings he had gone through in the past, he had promised to never let it happened again.


The next morning Gustav and Angy went to school together again.

Angy has memorized the exact time he left the house and made sure to bump into him every morning so they would leave together.

Angy noticed that Gustav seemed to look more attractive to her than yesterday but she just couldn't figure out why. What she didn't know was, she wasn't the only one who had such thoughts. Even when they were walking through the streets anyone who noticed Gustav could not stop staring at him. Even if they took their face away, they would still secretly stare in his direction after he had passed.

Gustav was starting to enjoy Angy's company even he still found her annoying since she always went out of her way to help others.

There was a time he got to school late because she decided to chase a pickpocket who stole from a grandma. She always wanted to help even when it wasn't needed.

Gustav's daily activities resumed as usual.

The kitchen was the first place he visited as expected. After that were classes.

The classes today seemed to lack life since none of them were that of miss Aimee's.

Gustav had lost interest in normal classes except for science. He still found science interesting especially since he's been having some thoughts lately.

He's been thinking of turning the second empty room into a kind of small science lab.

Last night when he killed the bloodwolf, that was where he placed the body.

He couldn't help but smile after remembering the bountiful rewards he received as his mind went back to yesterday's events.


Gustav stood in front of the body of the bloodwolf. His fists were dripping with blood and he was still in the mutated bull form.

The bloodwolf had stopped regenerating and it was on its last breath.

'I knew there was going to be a limit,' Gustav was studying the regeneration of the bloodwolf since he also had regeneration.

He had cut himself before to test out his regeneration and noticed that based on his energy points, he could regenerate infinitely. The problem was his regeneration was slower which meant it wouldn't be able to keep up in a fierce battle if he was receiving serious injuries at a fast pace.

He knew this was because regeneration was still at level 3 which made him hopeful about future levels bringing faster regeneration.

Gustav walked forward, raised his right foot with intensity, and stomped down on the neck of the bloodwolf with force.

Bam! Splurt!

Blood splattered in all directions as the bloodwolf's head was almost completely uprooted from its neck. Even though it wasn't completely uprooted, the wolf was already dead since it couldn't regenerate from this.


[Emergency Quest Complete]


<5000 EXP>

<+2 Attributes points added to all attributes>

<level up for all skills and abilities>

<Recreation ability now operational>

[Host has leveled up]


Gustav was wowed by the rewards but before he could even start to check them another notification popped up.


<You killed a Bloodwolf Mixedbreed>

<5000 additional EXP>


The last notification was the one that shocked him greatly.


[Another Beast Transformation Bloodline Found]

[Does host wish to add Mutated Bloodwolf Transformation to beast Transformation Bloodline]



Gustav noticed his foot was still on the blood and gory mess, the bloodwolf's neck had turned to.

He lifted his foot and the last system notifications disappeared. When he placed his foot back there the system notification appeared again.

'This means I can also add mixed-breeds to the beast bloodline I collected from Paul,' Gustav was very excited when he figured this out at that time.

'Yes,' He quickly called out in his mind.

[Extracting Mutated Bloodwolf]

<Extraction process: 1%>


<Extraction process: 50%>

Gustav watched as the bar went up till it got to a hundred percent.

[Mutated Bloodwolf has been successfully added to Beast Transformation Bloodline]

After the completion, he put the bloodwolf's corpse in his storage device and started heading back.


Finding out about being able to add mixed-breeds to his beast transformation bloodline made Gustav feel a rush of excitement run through his body.

He had done extensive research on mixedbreeds the night before and now he had another goal in mind.

'This neighborhood might actually be a blessing in disguise,' Gustav thought with a wide grin on his face.

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