The Bloodline System

Chapter 45 - Attracting Everyone's Attention

Chapter 45: Attracting Everyone's Attention

'This neighborhood might actually be a blessing in disguise,' Gustav thought with a wide grin on his face.

- ​​

At the end of the day, Gustav was walking towards miss Aimee's office as usual.

On his way, he received a lot of glares from different students as usual but this time, it was a different kind of gaze.

The females glanced at him with subconscious desire while the males glanced at him with a slight look of envy.

Everyone couldn't help but wonder, 'Why does he look so attractive today?'

What Gustav didn't know was, his method of walking, the way he stared with a look of focus, the aloof expression, everything action performed by him had improved into an attractive kind of way that made others notice him even if they didn't want to.

His style of walking now was very graceful. His dirty blonde hair had a certain glow to it. Its silkiness stood out. It was smoothly packed to the back with some strands falling in front of his face.

Gustav's blonde hair was previously the falling type, that almost reached his shoulder. He woke up this morning and decided to style it this way instead.

Gustav passed by the side of a female in smooth black long hair. Her face was so beautiful that it could be mistaken for a doll. Her skin was pale white and her face was the heart-shaped type with a pointed nose. Her looks were not short of perfect. She was about 5'4 and her body seemed to have matured completely at first glance due to the massive peaks in front of her chests.

"Uh?" She turned to the side to stare at Gustav who had just passed.

She was dazed for a few seconds seeing his elegance but she quickly came back to normal.

'What's wrong with me? I already turned him down in the past!' She pursed her lips and turned around to face where she was headed.

'But did he not see me at all? He didn't even spare me a glance!' She turned to the side to stare at Gustav who kept walking forward without turning to stare at anyone.

'Hmph! I refuse to believe that this trash will not stare at me even once!' As she walked forward she kept staring at the side waiting for Gustav to turnaround and stare at her but to her disappointment, Gustav kept walking forward without doing that.

She found it strange and still kept staring at Gustav's back for a few seconds before a loud shout was heard.

"Hey, Yuhiko!" A female student sporting chestnut-colored hair called out from ahead while waving her hand.

"I'm coming," She replied and turned back around to start walking towards the other female student.

"What are you looking at?" The other female student questioned after noticing Yuhiko's weird state of turning around occasionally.

"Nothing Mara, let's head to the dojo," Yuhiko replied and focused her sight forward.

"Alright, remember you still have to duel with that Masuba and you have to defeat him or you'll go on a date with him," Mara said with a frown.

"I don't date idiots! especially one who lost to an F-grade" Yuhiko said in disgust.

"Hmm, I still wonder who that F-grade is... They say his physical strength is higher than a normal mixed-blood and he was able to defeat Masuba in a second! The only problem is he is always on the last floor and doesn't like to associate with anyone so there is no way to figure out whether this is true or not," Mara analyzed with an intrigued look.

"It doesn't matter because it doesn't change the fact that a B-grade lost to an F-grade! Do you think I would also lose to whoever that person is?" Yuhiko had an intense look as she questioned Mara.

"Of course not, whether he has an insane physical strength or not, battling is not all about strength, after all, I'm sure you would win," Mara said with a smile.

"Hmph! That Masuba is a disgrace yet still flaunts and has the guts to ask me on a date... I will make sure I crush him today!" Yuhiko said with a look of disgust.


Gustav got to miss Aimee's office after a few minutes. On his way, he had been thinking of how to use atomic manipulation bloodline in a battle so he wasn't so focused on his environment.

He knew he passed by the side of Yuhiko who was hailed as the most beautiful girl in the entire school. Also, the same girl who crushed him three years back but he was too busy with his thoughts to even care about glancing at her.

Yuhiko was surprised since there had never been a time when Gustav saw her that he wouldn't stare at her with adoration. His eyes would be full of praise until she was out of sight. She found it a bit bothersome but she enjoyed being worshipped so inwardly she would smile while totally ignoring Gustav.

She had expected this to happen again today.

Miss Aimee and Gustav headed to the Dojo afterward.


Two hours after getting to the Dojo, Gustav was about to finish training for the day. He had already sparred with miss Aimee which of course ended in his loss.

Miss Aimee was always merciless when training Gustav and Gustav's speed didn't come close to hers in any way. Even if he was to use sprint, he still wouldn't be able to touch miss Aimee. He would receive barrages of kicks and punches that always made him feel like he was hit by a moving train.

Miss Aimee would say after defeating him, "I'm not even using up to twenty percent of my full strength, you weakling!"

Gustav was always amazed by her strength. The most absurd part was, Gustav had never seen miss Aimee use her bloodline abilities. Whenever they sparred she would always dodge his attacks as if she could predict them. She only trained Gustav in combat but she allowed him to make use of his abilities which she still didn't understand till now.

Gustav only sparred for one hour with miss Aimee and he used the rest to train solo.

He was currently attacking a robotic-looking machine. This was a similar battle Android to the one Endric battled against when the inspectors arrived close to three months back.

He had been using disintegration ability repeatedly. He wanted to train it well enough to use in combat but it was proving impossible.

This was the ability tied to the bloodline he got from Ben. The day he extracted this ability, he found out that it was very slow and impractical to use in combat.

It was a very good ability but it slow. The day he killed Paul he used this ability to disintegrate billions of Hung Jo and Ben's brain cells.

The ability was able to make anything it came into contact with, disappear. Gustav had been testing it out repeatedly. It was very slow in causing disintegrations from an atomic level, luckily Gustav only focused on the cerebrum when he was using it which made it faster.

When he tried disintegrating something larger, it would take time before he could completely make it disappear.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Gustav's hand glowed a milky light that only he could see as his palm struck the two-meter-tall Android.

It was barely visible but whenever he struck a part of it, that part would reduce a bit. It would compress slightly but it wasn't due to his strength, it was due to the disintegration ability.

Gustav squatted as he dodged the swung-out left arm of the Android and threw out his palm towards its side.


Contact was made again, this time the left side of the metallic Android sunk in by an inch.

'It's improving but...' Gustav was in his thoughts and was about to throw out another attack when he heard voices coming from outside.

He paused his attack and moved backward.

"Activate sleep mode!" Gustav said.

"Going into sleep mode!" A robotic voice was heard as the Android shut down.


-"Yes, this is the dojo,"

-"Just call him out already,"

-"You call him out, isn't that why you're here?"

Gustav could hear the voices of some people coming from outside.

Young masculine and feminine voices could be heard in some sort of argument.

'Looks like they finally grew some balls,' Gustav turned around and started walking towards the door.

'Time to collect more compensations,' A wide grin could be seen on Gustav's face as he got to the door of the dojo and slid it to the side.

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