The Bloodline System

Chapter 43 - Charm Achieved

Chapter 43: Charm Achieved


The battered corpse of the bloodwolf appeared with a flash of blue light.



Everyone stared at the body of the bloodwolf with looks of bewilderment.

The head of the bloodwolf was only hanging to its neck by a small thread-like red tissue. Holes the size of a fist could be seen all over its body and fresh blood still dripped out of them. Its face was extremely sunken. It was obvious that the bloodwolf had taken one hell of a beating before its death.

Everyone still stared at Gustav with surprise.

'He must be a step three Zulu ranked or maybe a step four,' They had come to this conclusion after seeing the body of the bloodwolf.

The cop who was speaking beforehand became dead silent after seeing the proof appear before them.

Every rank had four steps and those steps need to be passed through before progressing to the next rank. Right now Gustav was a step one Zulu ranked but these cops had mistaken him for a step 3.

This really surprised them because they felt only kids with high-graded Bloodlines would be able to reach step four so fast and this part of the city was more on the rural side. It was impossible to find a mixed-blood with a very high graded bloodline here.

Angy was only C-grade in the entire area. The reason she was able to go against the bloodwolf even though she wasn't at Zulu rank yet was due to her bloodline ability being speed-related. When Angy was first born she had one horn but later she grew another and when that happened she became faster in speed. She wasn't even Zulu ranked mixed-blood, yet her speed was close to that of Gustav's.

'That device in his hand,' The woman who happened to the leader noticed the storage button.

"You attend Echelon Academy?" The woman inquired.

"Yes, any problem with that?" Gustav replied while putting the body of the wolf back in his storage device with a slight scoff escaping his mouth.

'That makes sense now,' She thought internally.

Echelon Academy has always been known to be the best in raising mixed-bloods and also having high graded ones. If it was another school within the city she would still be in disbelief but Echelon Academy was said to have the best students with potential.

She had no idea that Gustav was just an E+ grade right now.

The other officers too thought it made sense.

"I am officer Betty and these are my subordinates," The woman finally introduced herself and reached out her hand to shake Gustav.

Gustav returned the handshake and turned to the side to leave.

"Let's go, Angy," He said as he walked forward.

"Please wait, would you like to give us the corpse of the bloodwolf for inspection?" Officer Betty asked.

"No!" Gustav answered without looking back.

Angy followed beside him and stared at the side of his face occasionally.

She could sense that Gustav didn't like being around people and it bothered her but she didn't want to intrude, so she decided not to ask for now.

"Such arrogant bastard, that's the way they all are," One of the men voiced out from the side as watched Gustav leave with Angy.

This made them further believe that Gustav was truly a student of Echelon Academy as it has been said to be a school where arrogant brats attend.

"Well we can't do anything about it, he did kill it himself," Officer Betty said.

"I wish I was that powerful without having to use these tools," One of the men sighed in dissatisfaction and adoration as he stared at the departing Gustav.

"What is going on with these creatures nowadays chief? I wonder how they keep getting in," The man with the thin frame spoke.

"No one knows. HQ won't send us more troops to work with and conduct a proper investigation since this place happens to be on the more local side. Also, this should be the work of the MBO but those bastards won't bother showing up for things like this," Officer Betty brought out a cigarette and lit it as she spoke.


Her look of frustration calmed a bit as she blew out a small cloud of smoke from her mouth and nostrils.

"Chief we're still on duty," One of the men reminded her.

"Shut up," She said and threw the cigarette to the floor.

"We still need to write down a report so, Sam, Brian, and Mika go ask the neighbors about the incident... Fred and Rain, scout this area," Officer Betty gave out those set of instructions and started walking in the direction of Gustav and Angy.


The police force was different from the MBO. They had different duties. MBO dealt with anything related to bloodline while the police force was equipped to deal with normal crimes.

What happened in this neighborhood was supposed to be dealt with by the MBO but the neighborhood didn't think of calling the MBO because it would be a waste of time.

The MBO detested this part of the city and when it came to weak monsters like a level two mixed-breed, they would ignore it feeling it was beneath them to bother themselves with such weak creatures.

Most of the officers in the police force were low-ranked mixbloods. A lot of them didn't surpass the Zulu rank including the bunch that arrived here, some of them never even got to channeled their bloodline past the third point but their equipment and technological arms made up for that. Still, the police force was seen as low due to this factor and most failed mixed-bloods tend to go for it rather than trying to join the MBO.

Gustav and Angy discussed the incident on the way back to the neighborhood and Gustav realized that this wasn't the first time this was happening.

It had been happening for a while now. Occasionally mixed-breeds would find a way to cross the border and this part of the city always suffered from that. She even added that residents around this area had lost their lives to such incidents in the past.

This had Gustav wondering how such a situation had been happening but was unknown to the general public. Was never broadcasted by any news channel, neither was it seen on any media platforms.

"Did they not complain to the authorities? How did such situations get swept under the rugs?" Gustav couldn't understand how and why the situation hadn't been rectified.

Angy explained to him that the situation only occurred occasionally and since the mixed-breeds never infiltrated past the edge of the city, the government were alright with it even though one or two people died it wasn't a big deal for them.

Gustav had always known that society was shitty so he wasn't all too surprised by this.

They later arrived in the neighborhood and everywhere became chaotic again after the neighbors saw that Gustav was alright.

Right now up to fifty people within the neighborhood had gathered around their building.

People started thanking Gustav for leading the bloodwolf away.

The man whose life Gustav saved was in tears thanking Gustav.

Gustav was new to this kind of situation so he didn't know how to respond. He only smiled and nodded at them.

A lot of other young people his age flocked around him and praised him with reverence.

[Host has achieved charm]

Gustav finally saw a notification he had been waiting on for the past two months appear in his line of sight.

He couldn't express the way he felt at this time but it wasn't a bad feeling in any way.

It till around ten p.m in the evening before things settled down.

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