The Bloodline System

Chapter 42 - Cops Arrival

Chapter 42: Cops Arrival


The weight of the bloodwolf caused the tree to come crashing down.


Gustav purposely attacked its head first because he knew the elasticity of its skin would make it harder to defeat the mixed-breed creature quickly.

Gustav dashed towards the bloodwolf again.

The bloodwolf eyes were still woozy from the attacks but it quickly stood up before Gustav's next attack could arrive.

"Awooo!" It howled again as it dashed towards Gustav.

Slash! Slash!

The bloodwolf threw out several consecutive slashes towards Gustav.

Gustav was able to dodge them with ease but the wolf seemed to be protecting its head against Gustav so he wouldn't get the opportunity to attack it again.

Gustav had to settle for attacking its body for the time being.

Bam! Bam!

Gustav slapped the right paw of the bloodwolf to his left causing it to spread it's arm apart.

It's right chest was opened for a split second.

Gustav wasted no time in sending out his palm toward its chest after creating an opening.

[Palm strike activated]


Gustav's palm slammed into the chest of the bloodwolf causing it to cave in as it was sent flying three meters backward.


It slammed into another tree causing the stem to blast into smithereens.

Gustav only had three fingers due to the transformation but it was enough to beat the crap out of the bloodwolf.

Gustav leaped out again. His body traveled in mid-air towards the position of the bull as his right foot stomped out.


A small cloud of dust was formed as the bloodwolf's head was stomped several inches into the ground with blood flying out of its face in all directions.

Gustav lifted his blood-soaked foot from the head of the wolf who had its face smashed in.

Gustav stared at it for a while. 'That should have done it,' He thought internally.

Surprisingly the bloodwolf suddenly jumped up and ran in the opposite direction.

Its speed was so quick that it shocked even Gustav.

'Isn't it supposed to be dead?' Gustav wondered as he chased from behind.

The bloodwolf's face that was bloody initially started to go back to normal as the blood smeared all over, retracted back into the injuries. It was healing up at a visible rate.

It's left chest area that caved in due to Gustav's palm strike had regained its initial appearance.

Gustav was catching up with it but he had noticed that the bloodwolf was regenerating.

'It can regenerate?' He was surprised since he had no information whatsoever on Mixedbreeds.

'I can't let it get away... what if it affects my quest,' Gustav increased his running speed while activated dash.

[Dash has been activated]


Gustav's increase in speed made him arrive in front of the bloodwolf in a few seconds but just as he wanted to attack it again the bloodwolf howled once more.


Its eyes turned from dark red to crimson and started glowing very bright. The darkness further enhanced its fierceness.

Its fur turned from brown to red.

The creature looked intimidating but Gustav couldn't sense any threat from it even with its transformation.

He didn't want to waste dash which only had about eight seconds left so he quickly moved forward and threw his fist towards its chest.


The first collision made Gustav understand what change the bloodwolf's transformation brought about to its body.

It was like he was hitting steel but Gustav didn't pause because right now he was still very much quicker and stronger than the bloodwolf and with his increase in speed his punches carried more weight than before.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Gustav didn't hold on for even a second as his punches tossed the bloodwolf around like a rag doll.

Chest, face, abdomen, left rib area, right rib area, e.t.c.

Gustav's fist danced around the body of the bloodwolf.

[1 second]

Just as dash got to one second Gustav poured strength into his left arm and swung it out at full force.


His fist slammed heavily into the face of the bloodwolf causing its fangs to break into two as it was sent flying backwards.

A skull-cracking sound rang out as blood jetted out from a tiny hole on its head.


Its body collapsed on the ground again but this time Gustav didn't want to be fooled by it again.

He dashed towards its body on the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of collision echoed in the dark of night.


Back in the neighborhood, the cops had arrived and Angy was leading them towards the direction of the sparse forest behind the residential area.

An ambulance had arrived and the people living inside that apartment had been rushed to the hospital.

A married couple that stayed in that apartment.

Both of them had their limbs and parts of their body bitten off by the blood wolf but they were still alive.

This was because they were mixed-bloods but it was obvious that they were on the weak side.

They only survived because mixed-bloods were tenacious enough to stay alive for longer periods unless their head was torn off.

Normally they would just be given a healing pill to help regrow their limbs but due to the late arrival of the health department, they had already lost too much blood and energy so some health procedures needed to be put in place first before they could give them the pill.

Luckily no one lost their life. The gathering of everyone outside of the apartment was what grabbed the attention of the bloodwolf and caused it to come out.

The cops were dressed in some black armored-looking suits, carrying some technological looking weapons with them.

The suit had blue lines all over the body that glowed in the dark of the night as they transversed towards the sparse forest region.

They had a sci-fi-like helmet covering their heads.

"That person must be dead already chief why are we bothering to do this, and he lead the Mixedbreed away, there's no way we're going to find it!" One of the male cops voiced out

"He's not dead! he's a mixed-blood so I'm sure he cannot die easily," Angy voiced out with a dissatisfied look as glared at the male cops with a thin frame.

"It doesn't matter if he's a mixed-blood... That's a level two mixed-breed! Only a step three Zulu ranked mixed-blood can defeat it! Is he a step four? From your description, he's just a kid around your age. He's definitely..." Before the male could complete his statement the cop at the front interrupted.

"I can sense a person up ahead, approximately at our ten o'clock seventy-eight meters away," It was a female voice.

The rest of them had looks of bafflement because they didn't hear her say animal, they heard her say, person.

At this point, they were already transversing through the forest of sparse trees.

'It has to be Gustav,' Angy prayed internally because she was starting to get scared after hearing the statement of the cop. She could already tell that Gustav was a Zulu ranked which shocked her greatly but she didn't think he would be step 3.

"Subject is approaching! I repeat subject is approaching!" The female in front was the one with the scanner, reading the environment around them.

After a few more minutes of running, they could see a silhouette coming towards their direction up ahead.

In a few more seconds they could finally see the figure of the person clearly who happened to be a teenage boy with dirty blond hair and torn blue sweater stained with blood.

"Gustav!" Angy shouted out as she ran with a face full of smiles.

The cops wanted to stop her at first since they were supposed to inspect him first but she was too fast for them.

She arrived before Gustav and locked him in a tight embrace.

Gustav's eyes widened as received an embrace from the opposite sex, for the first time in his life.

Her arms were wrapped around his back and her chest pressed tightly to his with his face only a few centimeters away from the side of her neck.

The warmth and her body fragrance were nothing like he had ever felt before.

It was sending such electricity to his brains that he forgot to return the embrace and for that short moment his mind was disconnected from the world.

"Hey, are you alright?" Angy moved back and held his shoulders as she questioned with a look of concern.

Gustav finally snapped out of his reverie and nodded slightly.

"Hey boy, how are you still alive?" The same man who was speaking earlier questioned but just as he did he received a punch from one of the cops in front.

"Be polite," Another feminine voice was heard as one of them walked forward while removing the helmet on her head.

A beautiful feminine face was revealed.

"Chief, why did you hit me?" The man grunted out in pain as he held his chest.

"Shut up," She said as she walked towards Gustav and Angy.

"Are you alright?" She questioned.

Gustav stared at the beautiful female who sported red hair with white strands.

"I'm good," He answered.

"You're not hurt anywhere? Or do we have to call medic?" She questioned again.

"I said I'm fine," Gustav answered with a slightly pissed-off look.

"Good, where did the Mixedbreed escape to? Tell us the direction so we can go after it!" She demanded.

They felt the Mixedbreed must have fled after sensing them approaching since mixed-breeds had good senses.

"Escaped?" Gustav questioned.

"Yes in which direction did it escape to?" She repeated her question.

"It didn't escape, I killed it!" Gustav answered with an aloof expression.


Everyone stared at him with disbelieving expressions as if he had just spouted out nonsense.

"Hey boy are you having some kind of brain malfunction or something? You're wasting our time, In which direction did it head to?" The same man shouted out from the background again.

"I just told you that I killed it!" Gustav spoke while bringing out the storage button in his pocket.


He tapped on it twice and also tapped a part of the holographic projection that appeared above it.


The battered corpse of the bloodwolf appeared with a flash of blue light.


Everyone stared at the body of the bloodwolf with a look of bewilderment.

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