The Bloodline System

Chapter 41 - Beast Transformation Strength

Chapter 41: Beast Transformation Strength

Angy turned around immediately, in her eyes was a look of dread.

Swwoosshh! ​​

She dashed towards the Blood wolf and the man who were about hundred feet away from her position.

But immediately she dashed out the blood wolf had already raised its paws and was already slashing his claws down towards the body of the man.

Even though Angy speed was great, she could only cover about forty feet in a second which meant it would take her close to three seconds to cross hundred feet but the Blood wolf only needed a second for his attack to make contact with the man.

Gustav who happened to be closer to Angy's side finally moved.

'If he harms even one of them, it means I will fail the quest,' Gustav said internally.

[Sprint has been activated]

[-20 EP]

"Fuu!" Gustav sucked in air into his lungs as he slightly crouched.

The entire scene had turned quiet again and even with Angy's great speed, her movement was like a tortoise to Gustav right now.

The claws of the Blood wolf were slowly descending upon the man's head and were only a few inches away from making contact.

The people in the neighborhood had their mouths opened in fright as their lips slowly circulated, proving that they were speaking but in slow motion.


Gustav dashed towards the Bloodwolf.

He passed Angy's side and arrived at the left side of the wolf whose claws were already close to the neck of the man.

Gustav was like a dwarf before the Bloodwolf. He threw a fierce jab towards its side.


His fist made contact with the bloodwolf left rib area.

The wolf whimpered in pain as the force lifted its entire body weight and launched it towards the building three meters to the side.


It slammed heavily into the wall.

Angy who was running towards the Bloodwolf with as much speed as she could muster, only saw a silhouette streak past her, causing a small breeze to blow her hair upwards.

Before she knew what was happening a loud collision rang out and the Bloodwolf was sent crashing into the building by the right side.

She paused her movement in bewilderment and stared at the person responsible for the incident.

"Gustav!" She exclaimed with a shocked look while staring at him standing with his right arm outstretched.

The man who thought his death was certain only saw Gustav appear in front of him like a phantom.

His eyes were still widened in shock.

-"Oh my, isn't that our new neighbor?"

-"Yes the one who attends Echelon Academy,"

-"Wow he is a mixed-blood like Angy chan,"

-"But he seems stronger,"

The neighbors in the area were pleasantly surprised, not only at the revelation but at the fact that a single attack could blow the Blood wolf away.

The wolf's weight caused cracks across the wall.

It stood up with a look of pain and anguish while staring at Gustav.

[Sprint has been deactivated]

Gustav deactivated sprint immediately he landed the hit.

He didn't want to use up his energy completely since he might still need it for emergencies that may arise. He was just being cautious.

'So it only got slightly injured even though the force of my punch was multiplied by two,' Gustav analyzed as he stared at the bloodwolf.

He felt his fist didn't penetrate deep enough. It was like there was an elastic force on the body of the Bloodwolf that absorbed a part of the force.

The wolf dashed towards Gustav with a crazed look, slashing at him with Rage.

The neighbors were already started to have hope after seeing that another mixed-blood was here but Gustav next action shocked them.

He turned around and fled.

"Uh? Why is he running away?" This was the question in everyone's mind.

"Angy stay here with everyone!" Gustav shouted out as he ran towards the end of the street with the wolf chasing after him.

Angy couldn't even follow if she wanted to because not only was their speed fast, her stamina was also running out.

Although she was worried about Gustav.

Gustav's normal speed was faster than that of the Bloodwolf so he was able to lead it past the street repeatedly.

Gustav had already attracted its agro so it wasn't ready to give up chase yet.

Also sometimes Gustav would slow down so the bloodwolf would think it was catching up, only for him to speed off again.

This game of tag continued until they left the residential area and started transversing through the sparse forest behind.

swoosh! swoooshhh!

They dashed past several trees on the side.

They got farther ahead to where the trees were starting to increase in number.

After a few more seconds Gustav suddenly stopped running.


Due to the sudden pause, Gustav slid a few inches forward but he used that to turn around.

The Bloodwolf also paused. In its mind, it wondered why its prey would suddenly stop running.

It had a look of delight as it felt Gustav was probably tired of escaping and had decided to accept his death.

The Bloodwolf licked its lips as it moved slowly towards Gustav.

All of a sudden it saw Gustav smiling at it which baffled it.

"Finally I can test this out... thank you for being my first test subject," Gustav said with a wide grin plastered on his face.

The bloodwolf couldn't understand what Gustav was saying but its senses were telling it that this person in front was dangerous but looking at Gustav from head to toe he could only see him as a weak-looking person until it heard Gustav mutter something.

"Beast Transformation Bloodline,"

Right before its very eyes, the bloodwolf watched Gustav's body start expanding.

[Partial Mutated Bull Transformation has been activated]

Gustav saw the notification appear in his line of sight as his muscles bugled tearing open his sweater.

His back became broader as his skin started turning red and two elongated horns grew out from the sides of his skull

It only took about three seconds before he transformed completely.

He was now close to two meters in height. His sweater had expanded to the point that some parts had torn apart.

Bulging muscles.

Broad chest like that of a gorilla.

Seven inches tusks!

Two horns!

Gustav looked extremely intimidating right now even though he wasn't as tall as the bloodwolf.

The bloodwolf stared at him with a wary look but at the same time, it wasn't ready to back down.

"I've been wanting to couple this with my current strength and see how strong I would become... you're the perfect test subject," Gustav stated with a thick voice as he walked forward.

Gustav knew that without the use of sprint or any speed-related ability it would be almost impossible to defeat the Bloodwolf so he decided to lead it to an empty place so he would finally be able to test out the beast Transformation Bloodline away from the eyes of others. Also if he kept using sprint, his energy would be spent in four seconds.


The bloodwolf howled with unwillingness, the arrogant look in Gustav's eyes had angered it.


Both of them dashed towards one another.

Gustav could feel the increase of his strength and his speed and he was enjoying it.

He leaped four meters into the air and threw his fist out as he descended.

The bloodwolf reacted by swinging its paws upwards to meet Gustav's blow.

Gustav twisted his body sideways in mid-air, dodging the claws of the bloodwolf as his fist descended upon its head.


The entire body of the bloodwolf slammed onto the ground. Gustav's fist was still resting on its head after descending, pinning its jaw to the ground.

The bloodwolf grunted in pain as blood dripped down its face from the top of its head. It was feeling woozy after Gustav hit its head.

Gustav pulled the head of the bloodwolf and lifted its body off the ground.

"Ugh!" Gustav groaned as he carried the full bodyweight of the bloodwolf which weighed more than seven thousand kilograms.

Gustav flung its body towards a small tree on the right side.


The body of the bloodwolf slammed into the tree, causing it to snap in half.

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