The Bloodline System

Chapter 34 - Dinner Date

Chapter 34: Dinner Date

"It's alright if you don't want to say..." Miss Aimee added with a look of understanding.

"I plan to be independent!" Gustav stated after a few seconds of silence. ​​

Miss Aimee turned to the side to stare at him.

"Independence?" She questioned.

"Yes miss Aimee, I don't want to keep staying in a place where I'm not wanted," Gustav replied.

"Hmm," Miss Aimee had a contemplative look on her face after hearing Gustav's reply.

"So where do you plan on going?" Miss Aimee asked.

"I've made my research and now that I won this duel I have enough money to rent an apartment," Gustav answered with a look of anticipation.

"That's not a bad idea since you're already of legal age but it might also be a waste to rent an apartment right now," Miss Aimee said as they came to a pause in front of their dojo.

In this time and age, the legal age for humans, Slarkovs and mixed-bloods, was sixteen years.

At sixteen years a person would be considered to be an adult and right now Gustav was already seventeen.

"What do you mean, miss Aimee?" Gustav questioned with a confused look.

"In the next four months, the MBO entrance test will be holding. If you can pass and get picked to enter the MBO training camp, you won't require accommodation or feeding since the government will provide this for you," Miss Aimee explained.

She could understand where Gustav was coming from with his decision but she felt it might be a waste for him to rent an apartment, only to leave it after four months.

Rents were expensive around here and mostly only worked with annual payments.

"You should be saving up for other things instead, like supplies you may need during your days at the MBO camp... I can tell you that it won't be easy to survive there without having supplies that differ from military provisions," Miss Aimee said with a slightly worried look.

'Miss Aimee sounds sure of what she's saying... If that's the case I will just have to receive more compensations,' Gustav thought.

"Thank you, Miss Aimee, but it would be better if I just move out now, about the issue of saving I plan to do that by taking... ahem I mean, making even more money," Gustav bowed slightly to miss Aimee with a smile.

"Hmm, Alright just make sure you plan well enough because I can tell you that having only power might not be enough... wealth is also an attribute!" Miss Aimee added before climbing up the three stairs positioned in front of their dojo.

She suddenly paused and turned around to stare at Gustav.

"Since you won the challenge today, you and I will go on that date instead," Miss Aimee stated and turned back around to walk in.

"Eh? Date?" Gustav had a confused look on his face after hearing that.

"Come in and change back into your casual outfit," Miss Aimee shouted from inside the dojo.

Gustav was still confused by miss Aimee's sudden statement but still proceeded to walk into the dojo.


Twenty minutes later miss Aimee and Gustav were sitting inside a large restaurant.

A ton of food was placed on the table in front of them.

Beef turkey, mutated gigantic prawns, fried tiger fish, black rice, fried crabs on a stick, e.t.c.

The table was packed with exotic foods of different kinds.

Gustav's eyes shone excitement and he gulped down saliva while staring at the feast before them.

'Who knew miss Aimee was also a foodie?' Gustav was surprised after miss Aimee ordered all these.

They were currently in a well-known restaurant on the six hundredth and thirty-fourth floor of the building.

Miss Aimee decided to take Gustav out on a treat to reward him for his performance today.

She reckoned that since she would have to go on a date with John Brown had Gustav lost, then she should give that reward to Gustav instead since he won.

This was supposed to be a date, instead, it was more like a food treat.

Gustav was the first to order when they arrived at the restaurant. Miss Aimee had told him at that time not to be modest and order whatever he wished but still, he decided not to order much. He was surprised when he saw the amount of food miss Aimee ordered.

The entire table was stacked with different types of dishes right now.

The people on other tables were staring at them with a weird look but both of them were not bothered in the slightest.

The restaurant was a lavish one. It was obvious from the internal designs. The tables and seats were so dark, shiny, and smooth that it could be mistaken for a mirror from the visible reflections on their surfaces.

The entire floor was tiled with a type of technological building material that shone clouds.

Walking on the floors made it look like you were walking on the clouds.

The air smelled so yummy that you could taste it.

"What are you waiting for, an invitation?" Miss Aimee who was currently holding onto a red prawn called out to Gustav after noticing that he hadn't started eating.

"Dig in already," Miss Aimee added before opening her mouth and stuffing a body part of the prawn into her mouth.

Gustav smiled as he was only thinking about which dish to try out first.

'Let's go with the mutated prawns first,' Gustav thought and proceeded to grab onto red prawn on the table. He could tell that the prawn was already dipped in hot sauce which was why it was entirely red.

There were about five of them on the table and each one was thrice the size of a palm

Gustav broke one of them into two halves and quickly shoved it into his mouth.

Half of it was still larger than a human palm, yet Gustav was able to put the entire thing in his mouth.

His cheeks bloated up as he smiled in delight, "It's de-li-cious," Due to his mouth being full he couldn't speak properly.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

As Gustav chewed on the mutated prawn, there was a mixture of flavors that he could detect. The salt at first crunch tasted a bit strong but after that, he could detect, spices mixed in. A bit peppery with a tone of chicken-like flavor, mixed with small juicy tastes like cranberry and flowery lavender-like taste. Sea smell was also present giving off an amazing feel.

Everything came together to create a pleasant kind of taste in his mouth, that was both sharp and mild.

Gustav wasted no time in grabbing the second half before downing it in one go.

Gustav's hands and mouth didn't stop moving until there was nothing left on the table.

In a few minutes, everything had been downed by him and Miss Aimee.

Gustav rested his back on the chair after the feast and sighed in relief.

'Ah, it seems I'm going to be pregnant for a while,' Gustav thought while staring at his tummy that was bloated.

He looked up to stare at miss Aimee who also had a look of satisfaction.

Gustav stared at Miss Aimee's tummy region and was shocked.

'Where did all that food go?' He could see that there wasn't a bump. Not even the slightest sign could be seen that she just had a huge feast.

He calculated in his mind that miss Aimee ate at least sixty percent of the food on the table.

'Who knew miss Aimee was such a monster,' Seeing the way her tummy was as flat as ever, he couldn't imagine having a food competition with miss Aimee.

"By the way Gustav, why didn't you accept Masuba's friendship?" Miss Aimee decided to ask this as it had been bugging her for a while.

"Hmm," Gustav sat up upon hearing that and stared at nothing for a few seconds before answering, "Miss Aimee, at this point in my life, I have decided not to accept friendships that will be nothing but fake! That Masuba was one of them who called me trash but after beating his ass, he decided to make friends... I would never be able to trust people like that to have my back when I'm in a vulnerable state... what happens if one day I'm unable to use my strength or become trash again would someone like that remain my friend? If power is the only reason for the bond we share then there might as well not be any bond in the first place! Since the friendship is gonna be based on power then it's fake and I don't want it! I don't know if I'm going to be able to ever establish real bonds with people but I will try to and when I do, it won't be based on power or selfish interests..." Gustav explained lengthily.

Miss Aimee stared at him for a few seconds before replying, "I understand your point but it's also idiotic to think that way,"

"Uh?" Gustav was surprised by miss Aimee's response. 'If she understands then why does she still say it's idiotic?' Gustav wondered.

"It's idiotic because you might not know when you need to use such people for specific purposes," Miss Aimee stated.

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