The Bloodline System

Chapter 33 - Instant Defeat!

Chapter 33: Instant Defeat!

"Trying to use such unintelligible means to provoke me won't work since, not only would I easily defeat you, I would also get nothing out of it. I have better things to do with my time!" Gustav stated from ahead without even turning his back to look.

Masuba gritted his teeth in annoyance after hearing that.


"What if you could get something out of it? Can we make a wager?" Masuba shouted out.

This time Gustav finally paused his footsteps.

'Hmm, although I can't steal his bloodline, there are things I still need and he can provide them,' Gustav smiled as he turned around.

"A wager sounds good to me," Gustav answered and started walking towards them once again.


After a few minutes, Gustav and Masuba stood opposite one another on the stage.

'Since I don't want to waste time, I might as well end this as soon as possible,' Gustav thought internally as he waited for supervisor Samsuna to give the go-ahead for the duel to start.

Masuba stared at Gustav with a wary look. After the fight earlier he could tell that Gustav wasn't one to be trifled with yet he couldn't bear the thought of an F-grade winning against a B-grade.

'He must have a high amount of strength... if that's the case, I shall not let him get close to me,' Masuba analyzed and came to a quick conclusion after replaying the last duel in his mind.

What he didn't know was Gustav wasn't putting everything into winning because he decided not to use any speed-related skill earlier.

'Which is the best to use in this situation? Dash is slower than sprint but sprint takes more energy points... Only if I don't end the duel on time so sprint it is,' Gustav came to this conclusion immediately Supervisor Bola decided to speak.

"Let the duel begin!"

'Sprint Activate!' Gustav called out in his mind.

[Sprint has been activated]

[Host speed will be multiplied by two]

[Twenty energy points will be expended for every second Sprint is activated]

[-20 ep]

Immediately Gustav activated it everything slowed down around him including Masuba that was currently trying to conjure an attack with his abilities.

Gustav smiled and dashed forward.


In an instant, Gustav had closed in the gap between them and arrived in front of Masuba while throwing out his fist.

'You're not a female so I have no qualms with hitting you on the chest!' Gustav thought as his arm traveled with intense force towards Masuba chest.

Masuba only saw a blurry figure appear before him with an outstretched fist.

He had not even conjured his attack. The duel only started a second ago and yet he could only watch as the fist made contact with his chest.


Gustav's fist collided with Masuba's chest causing a loud bone cracking sound to ring out.


Masuba vomited out a trail of blood as his body travel in mid-air with his back arched out due to the force of the punch.

'How... How... How do-es an F-gra-de ha-ve th-is mu-ch stren-gth?' This was Masuba's thought process before landing on his back just a few centimeters outside the stage area in front.


Masuba's eyes rolled to the back as he fell unconscious. He kept vomiting out blood even after fainting.

'Deactivate sprint!' Gustav called out in his mind.

[Sprint has been deactivated]


There was total silence as everyone stared at the stage area with their jaws hanging loosely from their mouths.

What they had just witnessed was something unbelievable. Something that no one would believe if they didn't see it with their very own eyes.

An F-grade defeated two B-grade mixed-bloods in less than thirty minutes! The second mixed-blood did not even last for up to a second before the battle ended in his loss.

Everyone couldn't process their thoughts. Even miss Aimee had a shocked look on her usually expressionless face.

'That outburst of speed is not something a Zulu ranked should not be able to achieve!' Miss Aimee stared at Gustav with a look of suspicion.

Gustav stood on the stage with a look of contemplation.

'I haven't used it before but it is very satisfying... except for the amount of energy it consumes,' Gustav thought.

Originally his punch wouldn't send a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood flying more than three to seven feet away but after coupling it with his speed multiplied by two, the punch packed twice as much force.

Masuba ribs and sternum were currently fractured due to the punch.

"Gustav wins this duel!"

After many seconds had passed Supervisor Bola finally broke the silence.

Everyone came out of their reverie but still stared at Gustav with a look of astonishment.

-"How did he manage to defeat Masuba in a single second?"

-"Maybe he's a step four Zulu ranked in disguise?"

-"How is this possible when he's just F-grade?"

The students could not wrap their heads around what had just happened.

Aurora had widened eyes as she watched Gustav walk down the stage, 'Doesn't this mean he was holding back when he fought me?'

It was hard to believe for everyone but they had no choice since they had seen it happen before their very eyes.

Supervisor Samsuna walked towards Masuba that was on the ground and raised his head before putting an orange pill in his mouth.

Masuba who had a pale face earlier began to heal up back little by little.

Mixed bloods could have battles like this because they were tenacious enough to survive even though they received a fatal injury. If this was a normal person, Gustav's one-punch would have ended their life in an instant.

Masuba slowly opened his eyes after his bones were put back in place and his broken ribs joined together.

"Ugh!" He blurted out with pain after another broken bone got joined together again.

After a few more seconds he stood up.

"Remember our wager... Now hand it over!" Gustav shouted out from the other end of the stage.

Masuba had a dejected look as he took out a small blue cube and walked towards Gustav.

"Here," He handed the cube over to Gustav.

Gustav collected it with a smirk on his face.

"Your donation is appreciated," Gustav said after collecting the cube.

He turned around to leave with miss Aimee.

"Hey," Masuba called out to Gustav with a hesitant look.

"Hmm?" Gustav paused in his steps as he turned his head to the side to stare at Masuba.

"Can we put everything behind us and become friends," Masuba proposed.


The rest of the students gasped in surprise even though they understood what Masuba was aiming at.

"Friends?" Gustav questioned with a confused look.

"Yes friends, my father is chief of..." Before Masuba could complete his statement Gustav cut him short.

"You want to be friends with an F-grade trash?" Gustav questioned him with a ridiculing look.

"No- I mean Yes- I mean no you're not trash but yes I want to be friends with you," Masuba stuttered while answering the question.

"No thanks, trash doesn't want to be friends with you," Gustav turned him down and immediately turned around to continue walking.

Everyone was surprised once again.

'Did he just turn Masuba down again?' Everyone knew how Masuba's father was the chief of police in Plankton city. There was no one who wouldn't want to befriend him, yet he was turned down by an F-grade.

Masuba had a look of humiliation as he watched Gustav leave with miss Aimee.

'Friends? Hahaha, who needs that,' This was Gustav thought process as he walked towards their training room alongside miss Aimee.

He stared at the blue cube in his hands with looks of greed visible all over his face.

"Gustav, what do you plan to do with such an amount of money?" Miss Aimee questioned.

In the duel earlier the wager was fifty thousand rad would be given to Gustav by Masuba if he won while if he lost, Masuba demanded that Gustav bowed to him whenever they crossed paths.

"Hmm? Miss Aimee wants some money maybe?" Gustav said with a playful tone.

"You cheeky little brat you're becoming arrogant after winning eh?" Miss Aimee said and proceeded to knock Gustav's head.

"Ouch," Gustav held his head as he exclaimed in pain.

"It's alright if you don't want to say..." Miss Aimee added with a look of understanding.

"I plan to be independent!" Gustav stated after a few seconds of silence.

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