The Bloodline System

Chapter 32 - Second Challenger

Chapter 32: Second Challenger

The attack passed under him bringing about small winds that caused his yukata to blow up slightly.

Gustav somersaulted in the air as he was landing, his left leg was heading for Aurora's body. ​​

Suddenly streams of water appeared out of thin air as he was close to making contact with her.

The streams of water were like tentacles.

They were about twelve of them that shot out at the same time.

They all traveled towards Gustav's body that was still dropping towards the ground.

Three each were headed for his right and left arm; while the remaining six headed for his right and left legs respectively.

Everyone felt It would be impossible for him to dodge this attack since he was still in mid-air and the tentacles were close to making contact.

To their surprise again Gustav suddenly retracted every one of his limbs.

And tightened them to his body while folding himself in mid-air. He was practically curled up in a ball-like format as the tentacles passed by his sides missing him by a hair length.

Using this method not only enabled Gustav to dodge the attack but also made him descend faster than the water tentacles could turn back around to attack him again.


Gustav landed back on the stage in a squatting format.

Aurora's eyes widened as she quickly called back the tentacles to attack Gustav.

Immediately Gustav landed he wasted no time in swinging out his arm towards Aurora's chest.


His attack was extremely faster than she could call back the tentacles but just as Gustav's hand was close to hitting her chest, 'She's a female, it would be wrong to touch her there... instead, I'll...' In less than a millisecond he concluded and changed the trajectory of his palm.

Aurora who had already conjured a small barrier of water in front of her chest was shocked to see Gustav's palm swing upwards.


A loud slap resounded in the environment as Gustav's hand collided with Aurora's left cheek.

'Hmm, this is more like it!' Gustav said in his mind with a sadistic grin as his palm pushed against Aurora's cheek.

He could feel some of her teeth forcefully removing from her gum.

The heaviness of the slap caused Aurora's cheek to ripple as her entire body was lifted off the ground in a rotating motion.

'Ugh! Su-ch in-tense stre-ngth... I - lo-st? These were the thoughts that drifted into her mind as her body was currently falling to the stage with her legs up and her head traveling down.

The left side of her face had five bloody fingers imprinted on it.


Her head slammed heavily onto the stage and she felt her vision fading.

A speck of blood coated her head area on the stage.


"Aurora!" John Brown ran from his position with a panicky look towards Aurora who was lying on the stage with a bloodied face and swollen head.

-"How is this possible?"

-"An F-grade winning a B-grade mixed-blood!"

-"Is he truly an F-grade!"

Chatters could be heard coming from the students surrounding the stage as they stared at Gustav in disbelief.

"The winner has been decided!" Samsuma spoke with an authoritative voice.

"This duel is officially over! Teacher Aimee student has won!" He added with a voice of authority.

John Brown who was currently squatting in front of Aurora glared at Gustav with a look of hate.

He brought out an orange pill and placed it in her mouth. Aurora who had a red face earlier on slowly started to regain her former look.

Her swollen head that slammed onto the stage started to reduce.

The bloodiness on her cheek slowly started to return to its normal color.

She could feel her teeth that were uprooted from her gum due to the intense slap slowly grow out once again.

In a few seconds, she was healed completely. She opened her eyes properly as she recalled everything that happened a while ago.

She was feeling an intense amount of humiliation right now.

"There's no way I could lose to trash like you! You're just an F-grade!" She shouted out with a look of hate as she glared at Gustav who was currently standing on the stage.

"Pitiful!" Gustav uttered these words before turning around to leave the stage.

"You low life fight me again!" She shouted out as she stood up and ran towards Gustav.

"Teacher Brown control your student!" The man with the bald head spoke.

John Brown quickly held her back before she could move further than three feet.

"You're just asking for another round of humiliation... frankly you're not worth my time since I can't do that..."

Gustav's voice streamed into her ears filling her with intense frustration but John Brown held her back firmly.

'Ah... if only I could steal a B-grade bloodline, maybe I would have indulged you a little bit more,' Gustav sighed in his mind as he walked off the stage.

"Now, in accordance to the terms before this duel commenced, Teacher John is not meant to come closer than ten feet to Teacher Aimee... Failure to hold up to the end of this bargain will result in a permanent ban from entering Gami Dojo!" Bola spoked with an authoritative look.

-"How could this be?"

-"It's a shame to high graded mixed-blood Ptoi!"

The dissatisfied voices of the students could be heard around the stage.

"You did well," Miss Aimee said with a smile as Gustav walked towards her.

Gustav smiled back and stood in front of her.

'Such level of strength from a first step Zulu ranked is unheard of,' Even miss Aimee was shocked.

She had expected Gustav to win but this was far too easier than she expected.

'Looks like the MBO entrance test will have a monster participating,' Miss Aimee thought as she stared at Gustav.

"Miss Aimee, can we leave now?" Gustav questioned after noticing that Miss Aimee didn't say anything else after speaking the first time.

"Yes let's go," She turned around while Gustav moved to her right side.

"Wait!" One of the students shouted out.

"Hmm?" Miss Aimee and Gustav turned around to see who spoke.

It was a young male sporting green hair with a slim and slightly tall figure.

"Supervisor Samsuna, Supervisor Bola please allow me to take back our pride as B-grade mixed-bloods!" The male spoke before shouting out, "Gustav I challenge you to a duel!"

-"Oh my, Masuba can't seem to hold back!"

-"Gustav's humiliation is certain, now that Masuba has challenged him!"

-"Trashy F-grade needs to be put in their place!"

The chatters of the students could be heard again.

"Masuba, a duel cannot happen without agreement from both sides," Samsuna spoke.

"Gustav accept my challenge if you dare!" Masuba shouted out after hearing the words of Samsuna.

Gustav stared at him for a little while before turning around once again.

"I refuse!" Gustav said and proceeded to keep walking away with miss Aimee.

Everyone was dumbstruck. They had expected Gustav to agree to it immediately since boys of their ages tend to get provoked easily.

"You coward! Do you not have any shame! accept my challenge!" Masuba shouted out to Gustav who was walking away with miss Aimee.

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