The Bloodline System

Chapter 31 - The Duel

Chapter 31: The Duel

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"We don't have time to waste here so let's get to the point... Samsuma, Bola, my student is ready for the duel," Miss Aimee turned to the two men clad in green yakuta while speaking.

"Hmm, Alright we have heard the terms of the duel and we will make sure that whoever fails between the students keeps up their end of the bargain," The man on the left with a bald head spoke. He was very slim but he had a deep voice.

"According to the terms, injuries are allowed... the teacher is meant to take care of the medical condition of their student if they end up receiving any form of injury also no form of bullying shall be tolerated by a teacher once their student losses!" The other go see spoke. He had white hair and looked fairly tanned with a stout body.

Both teachers nodded in understanding.

"Aurora, go easy on him, he's just an F-grade after all, hahaha," John Brown ridiculed before turning around to leave the stage.

"Gustav, you know what to do," Miss Aimee said with a low voice before leaving the stage.

Gustav and Aurora who were several feet away from one another exchanged glances.

"Humph, trash that doesn't know his place! I will send you to the hospital today," The female said before standing in a battle pose.

Gustav didn't even bother replying to her remark. He stood in position and stared at her.

'A female once crushed me... never again!' Gustav squinted his eyes as he stared at her.

"Let the duel begin!"

Immediately those words were uttered from the side Gustav saw Aurora's body suddenly glow up.


In a split second, blue patterns that formed arrows appeared all over the visible part of her body.

She stretched out her right hand.


Small winds started gathering around it. The small swirling winds were transforming into water.

Aurora was turning the air into water and the water into a long blade but before she could complete it she saw Gustav suddenly dash forward.

'He's fast,' She thought in her mind as she speedily transformed the water into a two feet blade and swung it towards the incoming Gustav.


Gustav who dashed out the moment Aurora started conjuring her attack saw the blade swinging towards his neck from the left.

Gustav who happened to be faster than Aurora pushed out his right palm towards Aurora's wrist which was still swinging towards him.


Gustav's palm slammed into her wrist changing the course of the attack but he didn't stop there.

Immediately Aurora lost her balance after her hand was slapped away, Gustav rotated and swung his left elbow towards her face.

She was extremely shocked to see Gustav's elbow headed towards her face after he countered her attack.

'How is he so fast?' She wondered because she could already tell that Gustav was faster than she was from his movements.

She was still able to react on time by raising her left arm in front of her face.


Gustav's elbow collided with her arm.

"Ugh!" She exclaimed in pain as the force sent her sliding backward by seven feet.


Her arm was still held up after the force pushed her back but it was trembling slightly.

'Such insane physical strength! How is this possible when he hasn't even activated his bloodline? Isn't he just an F-rank?' She stared at Gustav with a wary and disbelieving. expression as she tried sending more power into her numb left arm.

-"What is wrong with Aurora?"

-"She just got thrown off by a common F-rank!"

-"So lousy she should be winning in an instant what's she doing standing around?"

The other young-looking students here chatted among themselves after seeing the first exchange.

There were about sixteen students who looked to be around Gustav's age gathered here.

Even John Brown had a baffled expression on his face.

"Come on, didn't you say you will send me to the hospital? what are you waiting for? I'm right here!" Gustav questioned with a ridiculing expression while staring at her.

"Hmph, don't get cocky!" Aurora shouted this out and proceeded to wave her right arm forward.

As she swung out the blade made of water towards Gustav, a wave of water was shot out in an arc towards him.


Gustav dodged to the right causing the attack to pass by his left side.

Aurora didn't stop there, she kept swinging the water blade severally causing more water attacks to appear out of thin air while flying towards Gustav.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Even though the speed of the attacks was almost twice as fast as earth's former fastest man, Gustav was still able to dodge every one of them.

The speed of each swing was fiercer than the former and Gustav knew he couldn't keep dodging for long without using a speed-related skill so he started using footwork to slowly move forward as he dodged the attacks.

Aurora was currently gritting her teeth in frustration after noticing that her attacks didn't connect, even after all the strength she put into it.

Bam! Bam!

Two of her water attacks slammed into the stage several feet behind Gustav.

Even with the toughness of the stage, a three inches deep line was cut across it.

The patterns on Aurora's body suddenly glowed brighter again as the blade in her hand grew to a length of over fifteen feet long.

It turned into a large scythe.

Gustav could already sense that this attack was a much more powerful attack than before but due to the size he felt she wouldn't be able to swing it as fast.

This was his opportunity to close in the gap.

Gustav ran forward just as she swung the scythe made of water towards his left side.

To his surprise, the movement of her attack was faster than his movement.

Before Gustav could close in the gap between them the scythe had already arrived before him.


A bone popping sound rang out as an unimaginable scene played out in front of them.

Gustav's body suddenly bent towards the front. His knees allowed him to bend in such a way that his body resembled a pistol that was standing on the ground.

Due to this action, he was able to dodge the swing without activating dash.

His knee could be seen bending at an unbelievable angle that made his body look like a pistol. The hinge joint could be seen popping from underneath the skin behind his knee.

-"That looks disgusting!"

-"What in the world...?"

-"Is that the ability of his bloodline?"

They were shocked to see the way Gustav was bent.

'What in the world is that?' Aurora was also having a shocked look as the scythe started reducing in size.


Gustav stood up back as his legs returned to normal.

Gustav had just activated joint movement causing his knee joint to reverse its functions. At that moment his ability to or kneel was reversed. Instead of his leg being able to bend towards his butt, it was capable of bending towards in the other direction.

He used the force from his dash coupled with that to dodge the attack.

Immediately Gustav's body went back to normal, Aurora was already sending out another attack towards him.

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