The Bloodline System

Chapter 30 - Gauging Strength

Chapter 30: Gauging Strength

A patch of grasses and flowers could be seen planted in the environment.

The ceiling was constructed in such a way that a person would think they were outside the building.


The ceiling looked like the blue skies.

Small bungalow like buildings made of wood could be seen around

These bungalow houses had white sliding doors with black lines plastered on them, forming rows and columns.

This place was larger than ten stadiums joined together so it was able to house other structures. Nevertheless, it was surprising to see that structures like this could be built in a business building.

The environment gave off an ancient vibe to Gustav. When he first arrived here he was very shocked but he also found it to his liking.

Even though it looked ancient, there were still some technological types of equipment put in place.

There was a Bloodline grading device standing at a corner. There was also a power output device and some other pieces of equipment out in the open.

The sounds that they heard when they arrived here were coming from the small bungalow structures constructed with wood.

This place was Gami Dojo. A prestigious place for training mixed-bloods in the city. It was also very expensive.

Teachers usually rented one of the buildings to teach their students here extra time.

Teachers who did this also charged the parents of the kids but miss Aimee paid for everything herself.

Most of the kids that came here were also spoiled brats so Gustav had never associated with them since he started coming here.

The environment was conducive for teaching mixbloods and enabling them to learn faster.

Equipments, materials, and other different things were provided here to also help the students train well.

Master mixed-blood trainers existed within this building.

Miss Aimee and Gustav headed towards the stairs.

They always had their sessions on the last floor so that was where they were headed.

Anytime a person saw miss Aimee they would greet her by saying, "Good day young miss,"

This sounded like a casual greeting but they would also give a standing bow while greeting.

This made Gustav more suspicious of miss Aimee's background which she never revealed to him.

He figured she must have been coming here for a long time.

After climbing the stairs for a few minutes, they arrived at the top floor.

Unlike the second and third to the last floors, this floor wasn't crowded or packed with many of those bungalow buildings.

They were only about ten in number and the atmosphere gave off a soothing feeling.

The three floors were built using some energy crystals. The energy crystals helped mixedbloods in meditation especially to channel their bloodline faster. The higher the floor the better the service.

Miss Aimee and Gustav went towards the dojo on the east side.

The design was pretty luxurious and beautiful flowers could be seen surrounding it.

They slid the doors to the side and walked in.

The interior was just like how a dojo would look.

But it was mixed with both modern and ancient types of equipment.

It had a weapon rack at the side where katanas, sabers, and some combination of a sword and gun could be seen.

The floors looked wooden but the truth is, they are harder than titanium yet still soft to the feet.

Miss Aimee went into the changing room.

Gustav walked up to the front where some weights could be seen.

There were blue-colored steel weight lifting plates placed on both sides of the rods also some other steel weight lifting plates stacked upon each other by the side.

They were in different sizes but Gustav moved closer to one carrying about six weight plates on both sides.

"Hmm," Gustav held his chin as he thought of something.

"I haven't completed today's task," Gustav muttered and proceeded to squat.

He placed his right hand on the metallic rod holding the weight plates and lifted it.

Gustav lifted it with ease, carrying it above his head.

The last time he came here he couldn't lift this weight because it weighed more than one thousand kilograms.

He opened the system interface as he did this to check his progress




-Today's task (1/3):

.Travel 120km (Status: 116/120km)

.Climb to a height of 806 meters (Status: 806/806m✓)

.Carry a total of 2450 kilograms (Status: 1200/2450kg)


Gustav purposely didn't lift anything today just so he could figure out how much this weighed so he could use it to calculate his current strength.

'Hmm, one thousand two hundred kilograms... I don't feel sore but also I can tell that if I add more plates to this it would only struggle to lift it after some time,'

Gustav lowered it.

"Let me see how fluid I can be with this,"

Instead of lifting it normally, Gustav held it like a baseball bat. The only difference was, he was still holding it with one hand.

Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing!

He swung the weight several times casually.

After doing it more than ten times, he stopped.

"Hmm, I can probably go fifty more times before my stamina runs out,"

Gustav's reason for doing this was to properly gauge his current level of strength.

[Daily task completed (2/3): Carry a total of 2450kg ✓]

As he was dropping the weight back to the ground, miss Aimee walked out of the changing room.

She was dressed in a butter color and red yukata. Butter color for the top and red for the bottom reaching her feet.

Her aloof expression added a certain kind of charm to her current look, also her cleavage was partly exposed proving that miss Aimee wasn't small in any way.

She stared at Gustav dropping the weight.

"Oh, you can lift that now? Did you already channel your bloodline through the fourth point?" Miss Aimee figured it out immediately.

Gustav nodded in affirmation.

"That's quite a big leap in strength," Miss Aimee stated with a contemplative gaze.

"I doubt there's a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood that could easily lift that without having a kind of strength-related bloodline," Miss Aimee added.

"I'll take that as a compliment miss Aimee," Gustav smiled as he replied.

"Strength isn't everything though, always remember a well-skilled mixed-blood can easily deal with a mixed-blood who doesn't know how to use their strength properly," Miss Aimee stated before turning around.

"Do not fear the man who has practiced a thousand techniques only once... fear the man who has practiced one technique a thousand times,"

"Miss Aimee's method of complementing me is really weird," Gustav sighed after hearing miss Aimee's speech even though he knew it was right.

"I have been training you on your areas of weakness... highly predictable attacks and movements, leaving too many openings after completing an attack! If you want my compliment, let me see the fruits of your training today! Go get dressed," Miss Aimee said as she walked towards the door.

Gustav nodded and walked to the dressing room.

In about two minutes he came out wearing the same clothes as miss Aimee.

The both of them walked towards the west side of the floor where a large stage that was half the size of a basketball pitch could be seen.

Some people stood around the stage area, mostly young people who seemed to be around Gustav's age.

Two buff men wearing green yukatas also stood at the right.

A man and a young female stood on the stage.

He and the female were dressed in a yellow and red striped yukata.

The female was sporting green back-length hair. She was a 5'3 beauty but her gaze was laced with pride.

The man started smiling once he saw miss Aimee approaching. This was the same man that they met at the first elevator, John Brown.

The female was his student, Aurora Bright.

-"Is that him?"

-"He looks pretty weak to me,"

-"I heard he's F-grade so this will duel will be finished in no time,"

The voices of other students within the vicinity drifted into the ears of Gustav as he walked towards the stage with Miss Aimee.

His look was indifferent, almost like he didn't hear them speak.

They arrived before the stage and walked up.

"Oh good thing you didn't run but you can still accept that date proposal before Aurora puts him in the hospital," John Brown smiled sheepishly as he spoke.

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