The Bloodline System

Chapter 29 - The Upcoming Duel

Chapter 29: The Upcoming Duel

The interior of the building was well designed.

There were counters on the north and east sides of the ground floor. Female receptionists could be seen at the counters. ​​

The ceiling was designed with blue and margarita-colored tile that blended well together. Small circular white glows were lined up in rows across the ceiling.

A holographic projection of a female in a green business suit was placed in the middle.

The female faced beamed with smiles as she welcomed the arrival of people into the building.

Miss Aimee and Gustav headed towards the corridor at the northeast corner of the first floor.

They walked through it before arriving at the elevators.

The transparent doors slid open and both of them walked in along with three other people.

Just when the doors were about to close up a man clad in a red and black striped jacket used his hands to stop it from closing up.

The man stared at Miss Aimee with a smile as he walked into the elevator.

He was sporting shoulder length black hair and putting on a pair of yellow sunglasses. He had a slightly large build and a tough look but the way he smiled at miss Aimee was creepy.

"Haa, Aimee what a pleasure to see you didn't back down to challenge," He had a wide grin on his face as he pushed the people standing in front to the side with his body.

They all glared at him but didn't have the guts to say anything.

He walked towards miss Aimee who didn't even bother to spare him another glance after seeing who it was.


He used his body to shove Gustav towards the side so he could stand in their midst.

Gustav was now standing close to the transparent glass walls on the left side.

After forcefully putting himself in their midst the man turned to the side to stare at Gustav with a threatening look.

"Brat, prepare to lose today!" He said to Gustav before turning back to face miss Aimee on the left.

"When he loses remember our bargain," He grinned as he moved his face close to miss Aimee's cheek.

Miss Aimee who didn't speak a word since his entry finally muttered something as her nose twitched.

"Such foul breath,"

The man's face twisted upon hearing that but before he could retort miss Aimee walked towards the front.

"Let's go, Gustav, we're gonna use the other one," She said and tapped on a button which caused the elevator to open up.

Gustav nodded and walked towards the glass doors.

"He can't win!" The man in sunglasses shouted out as they walked out of the elevator.

"This foul breath will be what your lips will taste soon," The man sunglasses stated with a confident look.

"We shall see about that," Miss Aimee didn't even bother turning around as she spoke.

She and Gustav left the elevator to enter the other one beside it.

The man in the other elevator gritted his teeth with annoyance.

"That brat! I will make sure he is dealt with so I don't see him around you anymore," He spat as the elevator glowed up.

A circular blue light descended from above and surrounded them.

In a blink of an eye, everyone disappeared.

The elevators within these buildings weren't ordinary. They were teleportation elevators that would beam them to their desired floor.

Anything that had to do with spatial travel was very expensive, that even a lot of weathy people couldn't afford it.

This proved just how high class the building was even though the teleportation elevator was not comparable to teleportation circles.

Gustav and miss Aimee entered into the next one. They didn't speak about what happened a minute ago because it was nothing new to them.

Gustav reminisced about the last month when he arrived in miss Aimee's office just as she demanded.


"You are the reason for Hung Jo and Ben's condition aren't you? also... you killed Paul didn't you?"

Gustav's eyes widened in fear after hearing her questions upon his arrival. His palms started sweating as he racked his brain for excuses.

"Don't worry, there's no cause for alarm... I already knew," She stated with her usual indifferent look.

"Besides they deserved the punishment they received! You stood up for yourself which is a right everyone should possess but this world is full of discrimination... without power, you will always be at the bottom of the food chain... oppression, depression..." Miss Aimee said with a disappointed look.

"Miss Aimee even with that, I still committed a crime... why would you help me?" Gustav questioned with a baffled look.

"Because... you finally stood up! You fought back! If you had left them to keep doing to you as they pleased, I would never have stretched forth my hand to assist you! I hate weak-minded people! Being physically weak is understandable but being mentally weak means you can never be truly powerful!"

Miss Aimee's words kept ringing in his ear, mind, and heart.

"You took the first step to become powerful! I don't know what luck you have received recently that could have helped you to achieve what you did but it's alright for you to keep it a secret... after all, everyone has a secret or two,"

Gustav finally calmed down after hearing miss Aimee's explanation and point of view.

"I will train you and make sure you learn how to use your abilities properly," Miss Aimee concluded with that.

"Miss Aimee, I understand now and I'm filled with gratitude but I also understand that nothing comes for free... what would you want in return?" Gustav questioned with a slightly tensed look. He had read enough books to understand the concept of the world.

"Oh, it seems you are really hell bent on repaying me! what I want in return, hehe," Miss Aimee smiled as she spoke.

Gustav's heart rate increase on seeing her smile, 'Miss Aimee has never smiled before... I hope she doesn't plan to turn me into her slave,'

"When the time is right I will ask. For now, nothing comes to mind," Miss Aimee replied as her facial expression went back to normal.

"Huh?" Gustav was surprised at this reply but he decided to keep an open mind.

'Even if she wants me to become her slave or make an unreasonable request later, I will become powerful enough to stop that from happening,'

Gustav was grateful for her help but he also didn't want to be manipulated.

Since that day miss Aimee had been training Gustav. His usage of strength, speed, and fight skills had improved during the past month.

Of course, he didn't let her know that he had other bloodlines within him, he only revealed that his Genetic Transformation Bloodline could increase in grade which shocked miss Aimee greatly.

She told him never to reveal it to anyone if not he'd be turned into a lab rat. Gustav figured he shouldn't have mentioned it after seeing her reaction but miss Aimee had done enough for him to give her the benefit of the doubt.

When miss Aimee first brought him to Gami Dojo, they ran into the man they just met at the elevator a while ago.

John Brown!

He was a well-known powerful mixed-blood trainer around here.

He was also one of miss Aimee's suitors.

According to miss Aimee, he had been bugging her like a fly to go out with him for some time. She always turned him down.

When he saw miss Aimee bringing Gustav he approached them again and found out that Gustav was miss Aimee's student.

When he questioned Gustav about his bloodline grade he was shocked that Gustav was an F-grade mixed-blood. He never expected Miss Aimee to personally train an F-grade mixed-blood.

Since then he had been trying to separate miss Aimee from Gustav. He hated seeing Gustav move around with her and also act casual with her.

This man happened to also have a female student that he trained in the dojo.

He issued a challenge to miss Aimee two weeks ago, that both students would duel one another. He proposed that if his student won, miss Aimee would get rid of Gustav and go on a date with her.

Miss Aimee agreed after bringing forth her proposal, "When Gustav wins, don't ever come closer than ten feet around me,"

The kind of confidence she had in Gustav was really surprising.

This was why Gustav made sure he channeled his bloodline through the fourth point today.

He also wasn't fond of John Brown and his female student. Since they both treated him with contempt, he would like nothing more than to slap both their faces today by winning the duel.


Gustav and miss Aimee arrived at the third to the last floor which was where the teleportation elevator could take them to.

There were only two more floors above this one. To go up a person would have to climb actual stairs because there was no elevator to get to the last floor.





Upon exiting the elevator these were the sounds that entered into their eardrums.

It was like they had arrived at a different place entirely.

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