The Bloodline System

Chapter 35 - Getting An Apartment

Chapter 35: Getting An Apartment

Gustav was still staring at her with a dumbfounded look.

"I'm not asking you to be friends with them, you can just be some sort of accomplice or acquaintance to them and use them when you find yourself in a sticky situation that power might not be able to solve. Sometimes connections are useful, remember this," Miss Aimee said and proceeded to stand up. ​​

"We're leaving?" Gustav questioned after noticing miss Aimee's action.

"Do you want to order another round?" Miss Aimee questioned.

"Ah no I'm alright," Gustav replied as he stared at his tummy before proceeding to stand up.

After miss Aimee settled the bill and they left the restaurant and afterwards the large building.

Miss Aimee dropped Gustav at home with her hoverbike.

The eventful day ended this way.


Gustav woke up the next morning and opened the system interface.


[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop]


He wasted no time before calling out host attributes.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Oslov

-Level: 4

-Class: ?

-Exp: 260/9500

-Hp: 170/170

-Energy: 80/80


»Strength: 32

»Perception: 30

»Mental Fortitude: 28

»Agility: 28

»Speed: 30

»Bravery: 28

»Intelligence: 31

»Charm: null

{Attributes point - 36}


Ever since when Gustav raised mental Fortitude to be almost as high as the others, had been saving up attribute points for emergencies. Every week, he would only add four to each of the attributes while saving the rest.

His other reason for saving up attributes points was so that when he unlocked charm, he would be able to raise it to reach the points of other attributes.

Gustav didn't check the system interface the day before when he became a Zulu ranked. Now that he was checking it, he noticed that the stats for his strength didn't go up even though he had undergone a tremendous increase in strength.

'Does the system only record the stats it gives to me? It seems this is the case,' Gustav pondered internally.

If the system was to record the stats based on his increase in strength, it should be double what was there right now.

'I wonder what requirements I need to unlock charm?' Gustav was starting to get worried after not being able to unlock charm for two months.

He was thinking about the requirement. A part of him felt he would maybe have to pull a big one with a large audience another part of him felt maybe he would need to get a girlfriend or something.

He knew the latter part was stupid thinking but this has been bugging him for a while.

He remembered when bravery was unlocked, it was also in front of a large audience but charm wasn't unlocked along with it so he was pretty confused but he felt to unlock charm, the requirement might be something that won't let him remain low-key.

Gustav had a slight headache thinking about it.

'Maybe I'll just ask miss Aimee what her definition of charm is,' Gustav concluded internally and proceeded to opened abilities.


{Skills and Abilities]

»Dash - Level 3

»Sprint - Level 2

»Regeneration - Level 2

»Morph - Level 2

»Joint movement - Level 2

»Toxin immunity - Level 2

»Recreation - Level 2

»Bloodline acquisition - Level 2

»Chopping - Level 5

»Palm strike - Level 3

»Frying - Level 7


Gustav had a wry smile whenever he saw the cooking skills underneath. The most shameful aspect was, the cooking skills had higher levels than his fighting skills.

"Maybe I should just take boss Danzo's offer and become his successor," Gustav said with a sigh.

He had been going to the kitchen more often than using his fighting abilities which was what caused the growth of his cooking skills to increase.

The good side to it was when he found out that he could use some of the cooking skills in an actual fight.

He tried using chop one time when he and miss Aimee were sparring and it worked as a perfect counter to her attack at that moment.

What Gustav felt he was lacking now was experience and he was still trying to figure out how to garner more experience before the start MBO entrance test.

He wanted to increase the level of bloodline acquisition so he would be able to steal higher graded bloodlines but it felt he might have to steal a lot of lower grade bloodlines before he would be able to level up to that extent because he had realized that leveling up came with more usage of a specific skill or ability.

Gustav stood up from his tub and went to prepare for school.

In a few minutes, he was done.

"I have to look for an apartment today," Gustav muttered as he walked out of the house quietly.


Gustav arrived at school in a few minutes of running and went to the school kitchen as usual.

The way he worked now was three hours in the school kitchen before heading towards class for the day's activities.

Even though he only needed to work three hours, he was still getting five thousand rad every month.

At this point what no one knew was Gustav had over two hundred and fifty thousand rad.

Although this wasn't a huge sum in the eyes of millionaires and the likes, Gustav was still considered pretty rich. He still remembered that his father earned around twenty thousand every month from energy mining while his mother earned around fifteen thousand from being a sub-assistant lab scientist.

So he could be considered pretty rich even though he stole... received the money from rich brats.

The day pretty much ended uneventfully. It hadn't been revealed yet that Gustav was already a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood, if not it would have caused a huge uproar.

It was well known that it is very hard for an F-grade mixed-bloods found it hard to reach the Zulu rank since that was the lowest grade for bloodlines.

The grade of a bloodline determined how far a mixed-blood would reach in the bloodline ranking.

Everyone had seen Gustav as a mixed-blood who would never get to the Zulu rank due to his bloodline grade being lower than F.

Gustav left the school premises after closing hours. He was currently headed towards the northeast part of Plankton city.

Miss Aimee had given him today off for training since he decided to go look for an apartment to stay.

He was currently heading towards the edge of the city there since that was the cheapest place to rent a house according to his research.

Gustav had enough money to use public transport but he was still contemplating whether he should or not. After all, he was already used to trekking.

After a brief moment of thinking, he decided to make use of public transport.

He boarded a hover bus at the nearest park.

The hover buses around here, just like the others floated few inches above the ground and the movement was very smooth.

No bumpiness of any kind also, there were spatial rings positioned in different parts of the roads. This was only for vehicles to get to their destinations faster.

A spatial ring was big enough to fit in ten huge trucks at the same time and it was always active on the roads.

It was able to teleport bigger masses and farther than the teleportation circle for pedestrians. The only issue was, a person couldn't enter the spatial ring. If a normal person tried entering the spatial ring, their bodies would be ripped to shreds before they could arrive on the other side which was why the teleportation circle was for individuals.

The hover bus began its movement and it only took about five minutes before it arrived at Gustav's destination.

Gustav didn't even have enough time to enjoy the inside scenery of the bus or the sight of the beautiful female student sitting beside him.

He never expected the journey to be this short.

Immediately Gustav got down what appeared in his line of sight were small buildings of thirty stories and the likes.

Unlike the main part of the city, this place was more like a town.

Gustav walked towards a particular building on his right which happened to be a coffee shop.

He walked into the small coffee shop and arrived in front of a small table at the window side.

A man in a green business suit was sitting there waiting for him.

"Good day," Gustav greeted him.

"Good day, can I help you?" The man asked politely.

"I am supposed to meet, a certain, Mr. Kalu here," Gustav replied.

"That's me, and you are...?" The man replied and also asked again.

"Gustav," Gustav replied with his name.

"Oh, Mr. Gustav, nice to meet you," The man stood up and reached out his hand to shake Gustav.

Gustav returned the handshake with a slightly surprised expression, 'I had expected he would freak out upon finding out that it was a kid,' Gustav thought and proceeded to sit in front after the exchange of pleasantries.

This man happened to be an agent Gustav contacted earlier on through miss Aimee.

He was the one who would help Gustav get an apartment around here.

Gustav had expected some kind of attitude when the agent met him but he was surprised, to meet such a polite person who didn't even flinch after finding out that he was meeting up with a kid.

The both of them started discussions on the kind of apartment Gustav would like to rent.

After Gustav mentioned his preferences, Mr. Kalu brought out a device that projected the looks of different apartments.

Gustav only needed to touch the projection to zoom in on a particular apartment.

After checking through several of them Gustav finally made a choice.

'I think I'd like this one," Gustav said while pointing at the apartment displayed on the projection.

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