The Bloodline System

Chapter 236 Cosmic Superiority?

"Erm... Because you're a sub-parallel being, and we can't go against you," The large creature answered again.

"What does that even mean?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

"It means you're a SUB-PARALLEL BEING!" He answered once again.

Gustav had the urge to facepalm, 'Am I speaking to another idiot?' He wondered internally.

"Can we talk over at my house?" The large creature proposed while politely gesturing for Gustav to head over.

'How is that even a house?' Gustav said internally as he stared at the poorly built structure.

'Well, I can't blame them. This is a prison after all,'

Gustav started walking towards the house.

The others also turned around to walk towards there as Gustav reached their position.

Gustav still had his guard up just in case. As he entered the house with three of these creatures, the rest remained outside.

The interior of the house wasn't bad, but it also wasn't anything special.

Some clothes were spread on the ground.

There were no seats except for a small round rock placed in the center of the place.

The largest amongst them walked towards the rock, lifted it, and dropped it in front of Gustav.

"Please, sit," He requested.

Gustav proceeded to sit on the rock while the rest of them sat on the ground in front of him.

"I am known as Guuara, and these are my subordinates," Guuara first introduced himself.

Gustav nodded in response but didn't tell them his name.

"Oh, great sub-parallel being, what brings you here? How are you among the little ones that were sent here?" He asked.

"First, tell me what a sub-parallel being is?" Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow up.

The three seated in front of him stared at each other with looks of confusion on their faces.

"As you wish, great one," He replied.

Gustav felt he was going to get a headache from the way they turned respectful.

He felt really uncomfortable hearing their manner of speaking. Still, he decided to perk his ears up and listen for the time being.

"All across galaxies, there are five stages that are known as cosmic superiority," Guuara started with this.

"These five stages can only be achieved by special beings all across galaxies that are destined to be powerful... Only one in a trillion beings manage to reach any of these stages. Even if a being worked hard to gain strength and eventually becomes very powerful, they still might not unlock any of these stages since they are only randomly unlocked,"

"These five stages are Sub Parallel, Parallel, Transdimension, Polarinterdimension and lastly and also the most powerful, Interomniscience," When he got to this point, he paused for a bit.

"Sub parallel is the weakest... However, there are feats that being a person who has achieved cosmic superiority grants you when journeying across the universe," Guuara continued.

"Beings that have achieved cosmic superiority have a certain kind of ability called YARKI. This ability grants them the power to make beings within a certain range of strength submit to them!" Guuara explained.

"Even when I used to be the great and notorious Guuara known across numerous planets for my strength and feats, I never achieved cosmic superiority... I guess it never chose me, haha," He laughed gently with a ridiculing expression.

"Even though we have been weakened because we tried messing with the wrong planets, we're still more powerful than you are physically... However, if you were to use your YARKI, we will be unable to touch a single hair on your head," Guuara stopped explaining at this point.

Gustav had a look of contemplation as he digested everything Guuara had said.

'So, it turns out that this was the case... Cosmic superiority... But how do I make use of this Yarki he mentioned... The system never gave me a hint. The class was only unlocked once I reached level 20... Also, I need to know what level of power will be affected by Sub Parallel beings Yarki. However, I'm sure their power level system is different from that of mixedbloods, so how do I compare them?' Gustav's mind was plagued with these thoughts.

"This Yarki, how do I activate it?" Gustav asked.

"No idea... I have not achieved cosmic superiority, so there's no way for me to know... Wait, how come you don't know how to activate your own power?" Guuara asked.

"Maybe you're mistaken, and I have not achieved cosmic superiority," Gustav decided to say this and observe the way they'd react.

"Impossible... I can never mistake the energy of one... Because I once fell in battle to a sub-parallel being like you," Guuara's face shown pain as he voiced out.

Even though he didn't have a mouth nor a nose, Gustav could still figure out that there was pain in his voice when he mentioned that a while ago.

The other two beside him also had their head down when he mentioned this.

"Since I don't know how to make use of the power, why aren't you attacking me," Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow again.

"Haha, because we know better than to piss off a being that has achieved cosmic superiority... At such a young age, you have already achieved this, which is unheard of. The possibility of your cosmic stage increasing in the future is very high. Only a stupid person wouldn't want to make connections with you," Guuara mouthed off while making the face of an ass kisser.

"By the way, we never intended to kill you... According to those enforcers in your planets who came the other day, we were just to ruffle up anyone who approached this place to stop them from getting their hands on the stones placed in different spots around here. If we did that, our sentences would be reduced. However, we don't care about that anymore after meeting someone like you," Guuara added.

"Enforcers? Stones?" Gustav instantly came to a realisation.

'He's referring to the MBO... Looks like they made deals with the inmates,'

"Where are these stones that you mentioned?" Gustav asked with a look of interest.

"Oh, follow me. I'll show you," Guuara replied while standing up.

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