The Bloodline System

Chapter 235 Archinade Species

"What a time to be alive. I will enjoy myself to the fullest," The silhouette turned towards the left and starting moving in the direction of the last group that came in.

In an unknown part of the ruins, several weird-looking creatures that didn't look like mixedbreeds started appearing out of the woodworks after sensing the presence of intruders in their domain. Some looked humanoid while others were nothing like humans.


A loud, sharp sound echoed in a dark place where a rock was positioned within a large hole on a massive wall.

"This may finally be my chance to get out of this place!" A voice responded from the circular rock.

In another part of the ruins, Gustav arrived at a place where small housing structures constructed from rocks could be seen.

This was an open area where walls and passageways could not be seen.

Only the ceiling area had pointy rocks protruding from them and some pillar-like rocks that extended from the top to bottom.

Apart from that, the area was pretty cleared up, unlike the places he had been passing through.

Overall, the area was still dimly lit. However, due to the spaciousness, it was a little bit brighter than other areas.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

'Seven small houses built from the rock fragments were underneath the ruins,' As Gustav moved forward slowly, he noticed that some of three small houses were built on the wall surface at the far edges of the area.

It was as if the usual many pointy rocks that extended from the ceiling to the ground had been cleared up to build these structures.

"Hmm?" Gustav sensed movement thousands of feet away from where the first small house could be seen.

[God Eyes Have Been Activated]

'Just as expected, the houses belong to convicts,' Gustav instantly became on the alert moment he saw through the house in front.

"Hiya, one of them has arrived," A loud masculine voice was heard coming from the house in front.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

Gustav had already paused his footsteps after noticing this figure, so the sound of footsteps was coming from this particular figure.

It sounded heavier than Gustav's footsteps.


The leaves covering the entrance shifted, and a large humanoid figure came through it.

This person was so large that he was as tall as the house he stayed in.

He had a triangular-shaped green head with one large black eye. He had no mouth, neither did he have a nose. His body resembled that of an ape with whitish furs.

Gustav's current height was approximately half of his. Not only was he tall, but his figure was huge.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

His steps were extremely loud and got louder as he approached Gustav.

'He isn't a mixedblood,' Gustav could see the difference between his energy and that of mixedbloods since God Eyes were still activated.

'Since he also isn't a mixedbreed, that means he's an alien,' Gustav instantly came to a realisation as his guard was raised up once again.

[Host has made contact with Archinade species]

[Language translation isn't needed since species is currently using a language that Host can understand]

The system notifications that popped up in his line of sight further confirmed his speculation.

'I have no idea how the power levels of aliens are... I literally have no knowledge of them, and I don't know what to expect... I should prepare to use all my strength just in case,'

Just as Gustav was preparing himself for a fight, he sensed movement from up ahead again.

Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step!

Creatures similar to the one walking towards Gustav walked out of other similar houses.

They were shorter than the one closest to Gustav and also had different body proportions; however, they literally looked the same.

They moved towards the largest and stood on his sides and behind him.

Seven of them were now walking towards Gustav.

'This doesn't look good... Once I trade blows with them, I'll know if I can win... If I can't, I'll have to combine Dash and Sprint to get out of here,' Gustav's body started transforming as he made this decision in his mind.

In the process of channeling his genetic Transformation, Energy Container, and Atomic disintegration bloodlines, the seven creatures in front of him paused in their tracks.

"Did you guys sense that?" The largest creature in their midst spoke.

"Lord Guuara, are you talking about the energy coming from that kid?" One of them asked for the side.

"What else do you think I'm talking about, idiot!" He answered with a slightly annoyed tone.

Gustav, who was still channeling his bloodlines, wondered why they had stopped moving. Nevertheless, he still kept channeling his bloodlines.

His body had bloated, becoming more than seven feet in height.

Three inches tusks grew out of his thighs as they became very muscular. Long, sharp claws and tusks grew out of his toes and his right arm. His left arm became red in color with long sharp claws coated in silver-colored energy.

But even with his current height, he was still shorter than they were.

"Oh, wait, great SUB PARALLEL BEING! We do not wish to go against you!" The largest creature in their midst voiced out before Gustav could charge into them.

"Wait... what?" The instant that statement was mentioned, Gustav's mind went back to what he always saw on the system panel.

'Sub parallel being... My class,' Gustav instantly remembered this as the words in front of the class when the system displayed his stats.

"What do you mean?" Gustav asked while slowly transforming back into his usual self.

He could sense that their hostility instantly disappeared after witnessing his transformation.

"We do not wish to fight against you," The creature replied again.

"Why? What made you change your minds, and why did you mention the words... SUB PARALLEL BEING!" Gustav asked in quick succession.

"Erm... Because you're a sub-parallel being, and we can't go against you," The large creature answered again.

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