The Bloodline System

Chapter 234 Future Comrades?


The mixedbreed got sucked in and appeared right in front of Gustav again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav threw out punches consecutively towards the body of the mixedbreed again.

Different parts of its body got blasted open as Gustav's punches sent it flying again.

Gustav turned to stare at the afro-haired kid and nodded.

The kid understood and did the same thing again.

Trrhhiikk! Swooomnn!

The mixedbreed was sucked in and appeared in front of Gustav again, only to receive another round of punches.

This action played out repeatedly for more than three minutes before the mixedbreed finally breathed its last.


Its body landed on the ground fifty feet away this time since no vortex was opened up.

From the start till finish, the mixedbreed could not touch a single hair on their body due to the duo's perfect coordination.

Even though it went berserk and its strength increased, it was still unable to fight against them properly.

[You have killed a level 10 Abominable Mammoth Mixedbreed]

[+20,000 EXP]

"Good job, I'm taking the body," Gustav voiced out and walked towards the corpse of the mixedbreed after seeing the system notification.

He was glad this kid was around; if not, it wouldn't have been easy to deal with the mixedbreed after it went berserk. Incapacitating it and letting it receive beatings without it being able to fight back was what made it easier to deal with.

"Uhm, no problem," The dark-skinned afro-haired kid replied and stared at Gustav as he approached the corpse.

Gustav brought out a button from underneath his sleeves and extended it towards the corpse.


The corpse of the Mixedbreed disappeared with a flash of bright blue light.

"I'm E.E," The afro-haired kid introduced himself as he approached Gustav.

"What about you?" He asked while standing behind him.

"Gustav," Gustav answered while turning around.

"Can we work together?" E.E proposed.

"No, I'm not a fan of moving in groups," Gustav responded bluntly while turning around to leave.

E.E's face showed a disappointed look after hearing that, but he didn't want to push it.

"Hmm... Alright, but if we do meet somewhere again within the ruins, let's collaborate again just like we did here," E.E smiled while walking towards Gustav. Gustav paused his footsteps ahead and turned around once again.

'His ability would be a very good one to steal, but he seems genuine, so I won't do that... Too bad I can't tell him to come with me since he'll end up seeing things he's not supposed to,' Gustav said internally while scrutinizing him.

"Hmm, alright," Gustav answered.

E.E smiled and stretched out his hand, "Then It's a deal," he proposed.

Gustav also reached out his hand and shook that of E.E before turning around and dashing forward.


In a few seconds, he had disappeared far into the dimly lit passageway ahead.

Just as Gustav left, the participants on the other side had already slain the mixedbreed.

The girl with indigo-colored hair had golden colored blood all over her body as she held onto the fox-like head of the Mixedbreed.

Even though the head was the size of half her body, she was able to lift it with just a single hand.

"Hahahahaha!" She laughed like a crazed maniac and threw the head forward.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

The head rolled down the stairs, and blood oozed out of it, causing a long trail of blood to be formed on the stairs.

She turned to look behind her and noticed the other participants panting heavily.

Some of them even had injuries on their bodies.

About twenty of them had assisted in killing the mixedbreed. Still, she was the one who landed the final attack that decapitated the beast.

Even though the rest had tried, they were unable to cause so much damage like she did.

"You're all weaklings! Hahaha! So long, losers!" She voiced out while staring at them before turning back around and dashing down the rest of the stairs.

"Those two went that way! Hmph!" She voiced out with a disgruntled look and turned to head left.


She was also moving quickly and had covered over a hundred feet in a second.

She arrived at the spot where the battle between Gustav, E.E, and the mixedbreed had taken place.

"Hmm?" She noticed the green bloodstains on the ground.

"Looks like they had a battle here," She muttered.

She noticed no red bloodstains, and they instantly realized that they must have defeated the mixedbreed they came into contact with.

"Those two are definitely strong being able to handle a level ten mixedbreed on their own! But I'm stronger!" Her hair floated upwards as she spoke.

"Now which way to follow," She could see different passageways ways on the right, left in front of her, separated by the rock-like walls.

She turned towards her left and dashed into the second passageway on the left side.


Other participants at the moment were arriving at the bottom of the stairs and started separating into different directions.

Some went right, some left, and others moved forward. There were hundreds of passageways on every side and no one knew where they led to.

After about an hour had gone by, every single participant had managed to make it into the underground ruins and was currently exploring for the grand stones.

Battles occurred in random locations, but the participants were able to deal with the mixedbreeds they encountered at the moment because most of them were moving in groups.

Back at the stairway area where all the participants passed through, a silhouette phased out of a pillar-like rock in front of the stairways.

"Hehehe, so many fresh meat,"

A slurping sound reverberated across the place as an eerie voice rang out.

"What a time to be alive. I will enjoy myself to the fullest," The silhouette turned towards the left and starting moving in the direction of the last group that came in.

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