The Bloodline System

Chapter 237 Thirty Five Years Sentence

"Where are these stones that you mentioned?" Gustav asked with a look of interest.

"Oh, follow me. I'll show you," Guuara replied while standing up.

They moved out of the small structure and headed for different corners of the area.

After about ten minutes had gone by, Gustav had about ten orange-colored, pinky-sized stones in his possession.

They had a particular glowing dot at their center. They were so smooth that grabbing hold of them to uproot them from the walls was not an easy task. The Archinades even had to break a piece of walls in some areas just to remove the stones.

Gustav proceeded to keep the grand stones within his storage device and stared at the path ahead, leading to a passageway behind this area.

"Hmm, you guys said the MBO made a deal with you all to ruffle up anyone who approached this area and stop them from getting the stones for your sentence here to be reduced?" Gustav asked for confirmation.

Guuara and the others behind nodded in confirmation.

"Then, how long is your sentence?" Gustav asked.

"Well, we've been here for about twenty years already… so, we still got around twenty to thirty… ugh, I'm bad with calculations, Orrua," Guuara called out to his second in command, who was the second biggest after him.

"Uh, my lord, we have been here for thirty years, and we have only five years left," Orrua replied.

"We've been here for that long? Wait… we only have five years left? Then why the hell didn't you stop me from accepting those bastards' proposal. What gain would we get from helping them hold back those youngsters?" Guuara voiced out with a tone of annoyance.

"Uh, my lord, we did tell yo…." Guuara interrupted Orrua before he could complete his statement.

"Shut up, you idiots!"

"I'm the only one speaking my l…."

Death Glare!

Orrua quickly kept quiet the instant he noticed Guuara's glare from the front.

"What exactly did y'all do to get a thirty-five years sentence?" Gustav was quite surprised that they had been here for that long and hadn't lost their sanity.

It had been about three hours since he arrived here with the others, and he was already starting to feel weird. He couldn't imagine staying underground without being able to leave for up to a year. Despite that, these bunch had been here for thirty years already.

"Haha, well, we tried stealing something of great importance to your planet," Guuara laughed lightly as he explained.

"If we had succeeded, we could have sold it to another planet and lived the rest of our lives in wealth and prosperity. However, us succeeding would have left your planet defenseless, giving other planets the opportunity of finally launching an attack against your planet. Without that thing, the chances of other planets successfully invading the earth would be increased. Haha, we're lucky we didn't get the life imprisonment sentence," Guuara explained and concluded with another light laughter.

'I wonder what that thing is… With that level of importance, they should truly have been imprisoned for longer since their success would have jeopardized the entire earth. I wonder why they received a lighter punishment,' Gustav wondered, forgetting that just a while ago, he mentioned that their sentence was too high.

Guuara seemed to have guessed what Gustav was thinking about and proceeded to say, "Those bastards look down on us. They knew we never stood a chance, so they're giving us such a small sentence knowing that we're harmless and even if we tried it again, we wouldn't succeed,"

Gustav could sense the annoyance in his tone when speaking. He could already tell that he was referring to the MBO.

"I see so five more years….' Gustav figured that they must have learned the human language before coming to earth for their operation,

"How did you guys manage to live for thirty years underneath this hole without losing your sanity?" Gustav asked.

"Haha, as long as I have my subordinates, I can stay in this hole for up to a hundred years," Guuara replied with a burst of light laughter.

'Companions, eh?' Gustav said internally while giving a low sigh.

"Our sentence is nothing compared to those who have been doomed to spend eternity in this hole due to their heinous crimes," Guuara said with a depressed look.

"It was nice chatting with y'all. I'm leaving now," Gustav said while turning around to leave.

"Hold on, great sub-parallel being," Guuara called out to Gustav, who responded by turning around to listen.

"You have to be careful out there. As you're leaving our territory, you'll be meeting some other inmates who have been here longer than we have… Some of them have already lost their minds. So, even though they have been given the offer to ruffle you, youngsters, up and prevent you from securing more stones for their sentences to be reduced, due to their twisted minds, they will attack with the intention to kill," Guuara warned.

Gustav didn't need to be told this. He already knew that he'd be encountering crazy folks here and was prepared for it.

'Good thing the MBO did not plant cameras everywhere. I might finally be able to go all out,' For reasons unknown, Gustav could feel a rush of excitement from within when thinking about this.

Although the Archinades were truly stronger than he was, physically, they had no idea that he had multiple bloodlines.

Gustav suddenly remembered something Guuara had just mentioned, "Did you say territories?"

"Yes, this is we, the Archinades territory, and we would fight a bitter battle to the death with any other species that try to trespass. Other creatures here also have their territories which I am sure are places you need to visit to get more of those stones," Guuara explained.

"After leaving here, you'll arrive in the territory of another. There are also many passageways that lead to different places that are inhabited, so finding the places where the stones are kept without a map might get you lost," Guuara added.

"A map… true," Gustav's face shown realization as he remembered that he a backpack had been strapped to his back all this time.

'I didn't even remember to check,' Gustav said internally as he unhooked the bag from his back.

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