The Bloodline System

Chapter 22 - Bolin Group Construction Site 7

Chapter 22: Bolin Group Construction Site 7

Gustav had left the scene several minutes ago, he got the cleaning equipment from the cleaning lounge and was currently heading towards one of the sporting facilities for mixed bloods.

Today he had about seven different locations to clean before he would be done for the day. He also wanted to return the history books he lent the other day in miss Aimee's name so he would check if they were other volumes.


He reckoned that it would be late in the evening before he was done with the activities for the day.

Gustav didn't use dash since students were still all over the place. Dash had increased in power so much now that if he was seen using it, they would think he had awakened another bloodline so he decided to keep it on the low for now.

His normal speed was fast enough to cause small gusts of wind around him.

Even with the large cleaning equipment in his hand he still kept running.

Two hours later Gustav had cleaned six out of seven places and was currently headed towards the seventh.

He had goosebumps as he thought about the building he was currently headed to.

Teachers Block C.

This was the same place he cleaned the other day and also the same place where miss Aimee's office was located.

'I hope she doesn't find out about the books,' This was Gustav's train of thoughts as he arrived in front of the familiar cream-colored two-story building.

He walked in immediately to begin his work. He purposely picked this as the last place to visit hoping he wouldn't come into contact with miss Aimee. He wanted to avoid her totally.

Gustav started from the bottom as usual. Visiting each teacher's office one after the other and performing the clean-up duty.

It only took Gustav another thirty minutes to finish cleaning every office within the building except for that of miss Aimee's.

He was currently in the corridor that led to her office. He had just finished cleaning the teacher's office that was beside hers.

He turned left to stare in the position of miss Aimee's office door for a few seconds before turning around to leave.

'She has probably left for home but just in case she's around I have to leave this vicinity as fast as possible,' Gustav had these thoughts as he quickened his pace and left the building through the stairs that he was already used to.

Upon exiting the building Gustav started running towards the cleaners lounge to go drop the cleaning equipment.

What he didn't know was inside the teacher's building in block c, a pair of beautiful eyes with azure-colored pupils stared at his departing figure from the blinds positioned on the wall.


Several minutes later Gustav had dropped the equipment and was ready to leave.

He bolted across the school grounds with his regular speed headed towards the main entrance of the school.

'It's high time I finally tried that,'

This was Gustav's train of thoughts as he departed from the school premises.

It was already past six in the evening at this time.

The building Gustav and Paul were supposed to meet was located about seven miles southeast of the school on the city map.

Gustav only had to enter one teleportation circle and travel for about five minutes more on foot before he got there.

It was in-between a business class area and a residential area in the city. What appeared in Gustav's line of sight when he arrived there were both tall and short buildings.

The place they had picked for their battle was a construction site that had been abandoned for a while.

The buildings within the premises were all incompleted. They hadn't been built finish.

There were small electric fences that were in form of blue lines barricading the entire surrounding.

These blue lines were about seven feet high.

If a person made contact with it, they would be electrocuted and be paralyzed for about three hours. Also, the cops would be alerted which means the person would be caught.

Gustav walked towards the back of the construction site. He wanted to enter from that side so he wouldn't be spotted.

Gustav stared at his surroundings properly checking for the people within the area.

Luckily for Gustav, this area was sparsely populated.

After a few more seconds he squatted for a bit before jumping.


He leapt more than ten feet in the air crossing over the blue lines fences.


He landed within the construction premises and started walking towards the nearest incompleted building.

There were about five tall incompleted buildings positioned close to one another.

The building in the middle was the tallest, from the looks of things it was around a hundred storeys high and was as wide as an entire street.

Only God knows what they were trying to build but it was pretty large.

Construction materials could be seen within the premises with some unknown machines scattered all over the place. most of them had humanoid looks.

As Gustav walked towards the building in the middle he could see a silhouette standing in the distance very close to the incompleted building in the middle.

On closer inspection, they were actually three silhouettes.

Gustav could see, Hung Jo, Paul Miguel, and Ben Rao standing side by side.

Just as usual Hung Jo was standing in the middle with his usual haughty attitude.

He saw Gustav approaching and glared at him with hate.

'Looks like he's in good health... so the reason he was away from school all this time was because of humiliation?' Gustav came to this realisation.

He now understood that these three were a bunch of hypocrites. They had been humiliating him all his life, yet they were scared of being humiliated themselves.

He made a promise in his heart to rightfully give them punishments today.

Last time he was being lenient but this time, he understood that these kinds of people never learnt their lesson.

'I have to be careful, there's no one within the vicinity... who knows what they have planned,'

Gustav had a resolute look as he arrived before them.

"Are we doing it here?" He asked with a cool tone.

'I hate the tone of confidence this bastard uses when speaking,' Hung Jo glared at Gustav with hate filled look.

"No, we're heading to the top!" Paul stated as turned around and pointed at the building behind.

"Alright," Gustav stared at the building and agreed. He already knew that this was going to be the case since Paul mentioned the top floor earlier in school.

Gustav didn't wait for them to enter before he did. He went into the building first.

This wasn't because he was stupid or anything, on the contrary, immediately he entered he activated dash.

The three entered into the incompleted building and didn't see him, at first they thought he had turn tails and ran until they heard loud tapping sounds coming from the stairways that led up.

The three didn't even have plans of climbing. They just went to the elevator stand and used the elevator to travel to the top floor.

Although the building was incompleted it still had stairs and an elevator.

Gustav moved with speed to the top floor while checking for irregularities along the way. This was the reason he entered before them, he wanted to use dash to check out the environment just in case of danger.

Immediately the dash ended Gustav got to the top floor.

The top floor was vast. It was neatly tiled except for the small debris that could be seen in several parts. There were also some machines in several positions and building materials.

A few moments after Gustav arrived, the three arrived too.

They came walking towards him with a circular device floating in mid-air.

Gustav recognized this device to be a recorder.

"Your shame will be recorded here and we shall regain our reputation after posting the video of us defeating you on the net!" Hung Jo shouted out with a crazy look as he pointed at Gustav.

Gustav just stared at him with an indifferent look.

"Can we just do this? I don't want to waste time talking to trash who call others trash," Gustav retorted.

"You bastard what did you call me?" Hung Jo wanted to rush forward when Paul and Ben held him from both sides.

"Young master remember he uses enhancement drugs... let Paul take care of him," Ben said from the left side while Paul nodded slightly in agreement.

"Oh, why did you stop him? Maybe the last ass whooping wasn't enough for him, hmm, Hung Jo must be a masochist since he seems to like pain... maybe after taking more money from him I'll break more of his bones..." Gustav retorted vulgarly. His look now was not one of a scholar who liked to read books instead it was one of mischief.

Hung Jo's forehead twitched repeatedly in anger as he heard Gustav's words.

"You bastard I'll kill you!" Hung Jo shouted out and dashed forward while pulling himself out of the both of them grasp.

Gustav smiled in response as he watched Hung Jo dashed towards him while his arm emitted a fluorescent glow.

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