The Bloodline System

Chapter 21 - The Challenge

Chapter 21: The Challenge

"I will deal with him myself!"

A loud voice was heard coming from the left. ​​

Everyone turned to the side to stare at the person who had just arrived.

Gustav who was walking forward earlier heard the voice and felt it sounded familiar.

He stopped and turned around to look at spectating students move aside for a male student to pass through their midst.

Gustav recognized the face of the brown skin bulky male approaching.

He was a large

-"Oh my goodness isn't that Paul Miguel?"

-"It is him!"

-"But I don't see Ben and Hung Jo anywhere around,"

Some of the students exclaimed as Paul walked towards Gustav.

"Oh, it's you... I don't have time to waste with someone I have already defeated," Gustav stated and turned around to continue walking.

"You bastard where do you think you're going? I will make sure I crush you here and take back my pride!" Paul exclaimed with a look of rage while increasing his walking speed.

"Maybe you should call the remaining two to join you before approaching me!" Gustav said as kept walking.

"This time won't be like the last, trash! No matter what drugs you use it will still be to your loss, I am sending you to the hospital this time!" Paul stated fiercely.

Gustav turned back around at this point to stare at Paul.

'This confidence is because...' Gustav scrutinized Paul from head to toe as he spoke.

"This time I will show the entire school that trash can only remain as trash!" Paul added as he suddenly dashed towards Gustav.

The explosive outburst of speed shocked Gustav greatly because Paul wasn't as fast as this in their earlier battle.

Gustav quickly reacted by swerving to the right to dodge Paul.

Paul almost made contact with him due to the suddenness but he was able to dodge it nevertheless.

'It seems he managed to channel his bloodline through the fourth point... that means, he's now a Zulu ranked mixed-blood...' Gustav analyzed with a slightly surprised look.

This was where Paul's confidence came from. He, Hung Jo, and Ben Rao all stayed away from school since the cafeteria incident happened.

They dreaded coming to school since Gustav made their reputation go down the drain. They couldn't bear to imagine the kind of embarrassing ordeal they'll have to go through with students pointing at them and laughing while also making fun of them behind their backs.

The trio had been diligently training and trying to channel their energy past the fourth point so they could come back and deal with him.

When a Mixedblood finally managed to become a Zulu ranked, the strength of the said mixed-blood along with their abilities will increase.

The three of them believed when they got to this rank, they would have the strength to defeat ten of Gustav even if he was using enhancement drugs.

Paul was the first to achieve this which was why he was in school today.

"Don't run you, bastard! Fight!" Paul said as he dashed towards Gustav once again.

Gustav managed to swerve to the side once again dodging Paul by a few centimeters.

Their speeds were nearly the same. Gustav's normal speed was only higher than Paul's by a notch.

"As much as I would love to have a go with I can't get into any fights until after my punishment so you should stop embarrassing yourself before you end up like these monkeys!"

Gustav didn't even need to point before everyone understood who he was referring to.

The faces of the seven that tried to attack him earlier burnt with embarrassment and anguish.

"You bastard you just want to wriggle your way out of beating! I will not let you!" Paul stated and dashed out once again.

"It's not like you can catch me anyways," Gustav swerved towards the side.

"I haven't activated my Bloodline yet! when I do you'll be sorry!" Paul stated.

'And I haven't activated my dash yet! when I do you'll never be able to touch me,' Gustav said internally but then he remembered something.

'The last time there was a hidden quest when I got into a fight with those three... what if the system has issued another one?' Gustav pondered as he recollected the last encounter.


Paul suddenly heard Gustav speak after pausing his steps.

Paul didn't know why but he decided to wait just as Gustav had demanded.

"You want to redeem yourself then I will battle with you but not here," Gustav decided to compromise.

"Let us fight outside of the school premises after I finish my work for today," Gustav proposed.

"Huh? Why would I want to fight you outside? I want to crush you right in front of everyone!" Paul had a look of strong disagreement as he spoke with hate.

"It's obvious you only want to beat me right now because I can't fight back! Is that how you're gonna get your dignity back? By beating up a person who can't fight back!" Gustav emphasized with a look of disappointment.

Paul wanted to retort when he heard the voices of the students surrounding them speaking.

-"He doesn't even want to duel on proper terms!"

-"Now he wants to fight the trash when the trash will not be able to fight back due to school punishment,"

The students gave him disappointed glares as they murmured amongst themselves.

Paul had an embarrassed look as he heard their statements.

Gustav decided to play it this way so he could drill it into the minds of everyone that if they battled here he wouldn't fight back which would spell an easy win for Paul. Paul's win would be a shameful one since it would be acclaimed to winning without Gustav putting up a fight.

Normally Paul would not give a damn but he was trying to win back his dignity and this wouldn't be the best way to go about it.

"Fine, we can battle outside of the school premises... our battle will be recorded and uploaded on the net for everyone to see but how can I be assured that you will show up! For all I know you might just turn tails and run after you're done with your work for today!" Paul agreed but wasn't quite trusting that Gustav would show up.

"I will show up!" Gustav said with confidence.

"Even if I don't, you can come back tomorrow to beat me up within the school premises," Gustav added.

Paul squinted his eyes as he stared at Gustav with suspicion.

"Bolin Group constructions site 7!" Paul spoke as he turned around to walk away.

"Meet me on the top floor by six pm!" Paul added.

Paul decided to compromise because if Gustav decided not to show up after his work was over, he wouldn't have any excuses to give the next day if Paul decided to come and trouble him again. If Gustav decided to give the same excuse after failing to show up, Paul could decide not to listen and just beat him up regardless of whether he fought back or not.

Gustav stared at Paul who was walking in the opposite direction.

'I hope the three of them will be there together... it will make it easy for me to push my plans forward,'

After these thoughts finished playing in Gustav's mind, he turned around to start heading towards his initial destination.

The crowd dispersed with chatters as they discussed how the fight was going to be.

A lot of them speculated that Gustav would use whatever drugs he had used earlier on to battle but when they remembered the confident look on Paul's face they guessed he had something up his sleeves.

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