The Bloodline System

Chapter 23 - Bloodline Enhancement Pills

Chapter 23: Bloodline Enhancement Pills

Paul and Ben had widened eyes as they didn't expect Hung Jo to suddenly escape their grasp and run towards Gustav.

"You're dead!" Hung Jo shouted as he arched his right arm back.


light gathered around it forming a small blade above his fingertips.

He quickly stabbed his fingertips forward, towards Gustav's neck upon reaching his front.

'Unlike before where I've been dodging and pulling back... this time I shall be the one to land the first hit!'

As Gustav came to this conclusion he raised his hand with speed and swung it towards the incoming Hung Jo.

Hung Jo only saw a blurry hand movement and before he could stab out completely Gustav's palm had appeared in front of his face.

His left cheek to be precise. Before he could react contact was made.


The crisp sound of palm colliding with flesh rang out.

Hung Jo felt a force equivalent to a moving vehicle slam into his right cheek sending him several feet above the air while puking blood and teeth.

Hung Jo spiraled twice in the air before slamming onto the ground about four meters away from Gustav's location.

"Young Master!"

Both Paul and Ben shouted out at the same time as they ran towards Hung Jo who was sprawled on the floor like a dead rat.

The left side of his face was swollen and bruised.

Ben and Paul bent down to help him help before putting a small round orange pill in his mouth.

Hung Jo who had several of his teeth removed and his face swollen started healing.

The swollen left side of his face and eyes slowly went back to normal same with his teeth.

Gustav stared at his right hand that he just finished using.

'That felt pretty exciting,' Gustav liked the way he felt when his hand connected with Hung Jo's face. Especially the way his cheeks rippled like waves. It was a feeling Gustav couldn't get enough of and he secretly wished Hung Jo would stupidly dash towards him again.

"You bastard how dare you hit me on the face?" When Hung was finally healed completely, these were the words that came out of his mouth.

"There is more where that came from... I don't mind feeding you what you feed me all these years," Gustav stated with a look of confidence as he smiled at Hung Jo's angry face.

"Young master leave him to me! After I'm done with him, he will be on his knees begging as he receives judgement from you!" Paul snorted as he dashed out.

Gustav already pretty much understood the situation and knew only Paul would be able to go against him since he was already a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood.

As Paul dashed out, the upper part of his body transformed into that of a large bull.

His arms became extra thick as he increased to about seven feet in height.

His eyes glowed crimson along with his fist.

Compared to his transformation in the cafeteria, Paul looked more fierce this time.

"Grrhhh!" He Growled in a deep voice as he punched towards Gustav's head.

The increase in strength and power was very evident.

Gustav reacted by also throwing out his fist towards Paul.

His reason for going head-on against Paul like this was to gauge his strength with that of a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood.


The two fists collided with intensity and both of them were pushed back.

Paul slid back by six feet while Gustav slid back by about three feet.

From the first clash, the stronger person was already evident.

Paul didn't waste time before furiously running towards Gustav again with another fist outstretched.

Their speeds were now on the same level but Gustav was still a bit stronger than him even though Paul's bloodline was the power type.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

The sounds of clashing rang across the air as Gustav and Paul went at it violently.

Gustav squatted a little dodging the swing of Paul's right arm before throwing his upwards in a bid to successfully land an uppercut.

Paul reacted in time by quickly pushing his left hand down to block Gustav's punch, yet he was still pushed back a bit as his beastly palm trembled from the force behind the punch.

Before Gustav could retract his arm Paul swung his left leg out towards Gustav's left rib area.

Immediately the leg was swung out Gustav already sensed it and reacted by jumping two meters in the air while doing a backflip.

The leg missed him after he jumped backwards.

Both of them closed in on each other again by dashing forward.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

They clashed again repeatedly moving from place to place across the rooftop of the uncompleted building.

But as the fight progressed, it was obvious that Paul was on the losing side which shocked him greatly along with, Hung Jo and Ben.

'How could he still be stronger than Paul?'

'Paul is now a Zulu ranked mixed-blood for goodness sake,'

They both had these thoughts as they witnessed the fight.

They didn't want to believe it but now they were starting to realize that they might have stepped on a landmine because no enchantment drug was able to make a zero-ranked mixed-blood stronger than a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood. Especially if that mixed-blood was supposed to have a bloodline lower than F grade.

'Impossible! impossible!' Hung Jo watched with a look of craziness as Paul got pushed back again and again.

'How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How did this trash become more powerful than me? How? Where does he get this strength from?'

Hung Jo was nearly running mad as he rambled on internally with disbelief written all over his face.


Gustav finally landed a solid hit on Paul's left rib area.


Cracking sounds rang out the force pushed Paul several feet backward.

Gustav who had already gotten the advantage over him didn't relent and dashed forward again brandishing his fist.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

The last fist landed on his abdomen catapulting him backwards again.


Paul held his abdomen as he puked out small drops of blood.

He had used the force of Gustav's last fist to push himself backwards, leaving about a twenty feet space in between Him and Gustav. This way he could react on time if Gustav wanted to dash out again.

His chest was heaving up and down as he stared at Gustav like he was looking at a monster.

Gustav was still breathing steadily which shone he wasn't worn out in the slightest.

He stretched out his right arm and made a waving motion.

"Come now, don't tell me you're having cold feet... are you scared of this trash now?" Gustav questioned with a slight smile.

"Paul use it now!" Hung Jo suddenly shouted out.

"Uh?" Gustav didn't understand what they were getting at until he saw a blue rounded pill appear in Paul's hand.


Paul quickly threw the pill into his mouth and swallowed it down.

Gustav felt wary upon seeing the action of Paul as his instincts told him, that wasn't a healing pill.

Just as he thought it truly wasn't a healing pill.


Paul growled in pain as his skin became red hot. The tusks protruding from both sides of his mouth became longer as he grew taller in size.

'That should be one of the enhancement pills they have been mentioning,' Gustav could sense the increase in power that Paul's transformation was bringing him.

"Now this will truly be your end! Kill him, Paul! Make sure he doesn't survive!" Hung Jo shouted with a look of madness.


Paul growled as he stared at Gustav's face with his crimson eyes.


Paul bolted forward with speed while swinging out his left arm towards Gustav.

Gustav who had already sensed the attack before Paul closed in quickly moved to the left as his body slanted to dodge the attack.

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