The Bloodline System

Chapter 13 - Partial Judgement

Chapter 13: Partial Judgement

"You will pay for breaking my hand you trash!" Hung Jo looked like he was really mad as he shot out a large florescent beam towards Gustav's position.

'Activate dash,' Gustav called out in his mind. ​​

The sounds in the air reduced. The feeling of lightness circulated around his insides, making him feel refreshed.

The beam headed towards him was quite fast, yet it was no match for dash.


Gustav dodged to the side and dashed forward with speed.

Twoosh! Twoosh!

The students could barely catch a glimpse of his figure as he dodged Hung Jo's repeated attacks.


A loud striking sound resounded across the cafeteria again as Gustav's fist collided with Hung Jo's stomach.


Hung Jo vomited out blood, with his eyes widening in pain, as his figure was sent flying across the cafeteria in the form of an arc.


Hung Jo landed on a Cafeteria table that was empty and ended up causing it to collapse.

He was the strongest among the three yet he was defeated so easily. Apart from the indescribable pain he was feeling in his tummy region, he felt like his reputation had also gone down the drain.

Gustav stood in place while staring at his fist.

'This feeling... I can't get enough of it... I want to make them suffer more... I want to snuff them out of existence with my hands...' These were Gustav's dark thoughts but he quickly cast them aside.

'I must learn how to control myself... I will not lose my humanity in the process of becoming powerful but... I will still make sure I teach them an unforgettable lesson...'

Gustav started walking towards where Hung Jo landed.

Step! Step! Step!

The students stared at him with a disbelieving expression.

'He just defeated the three of them with ease,'

They felt like they couldn't recognize the person in front of them as they watched Gustav walk towards Hung Jo.

Hung Jo had a scared look as he saw Gustav standing before him.

He remembered the fierce punch that almost tore through his belly.

"How... how did... you..trash..." He didn't complete the words before Gustav interrupted.

"You still have the guts to call me trash! Trash just defeated you so what should you be called?" Gustav questioned with a dark look.

"I am not done with you yet!" Hung Jo shouted out as he tried to stand up.

His legs wobbled and blood oozed out the side of his mouth as he tried standing up.

Just as he was about to fall again he heard Gustav speak, "Let me help you..."

Gustav reached out to grab Hung Jo's right hand and help in lifting him.

Hung Jo wasn't expecting that and was about to say something when he felt Gustav's hand tightening around his hand.



Hung Jo screamed out as his hand got broken again and he fell to the floor.

"Ahhhh!! My hand!! Giiiarrhh!!!" Snot was flowing out of his nose as he felt tremendous pain than he felt earlier.

'Since I started this already... Even if there will be consequences... I will enjoy every second before it comes to an end...'

"Hung Jo... your legs look like they need some help also..." Gustav had an innocent look as he stared at the screaming Hung Jo.

Hung Jo kept holding onto his hand as he stared at Gustav wondering what he meant by that but in the next second another scream rang out from his mouth.


Gustav's right foot stomped on Hung Jo's left leg causing it to bend to another angle.

"I think my leg slipped..."


Gustav left school almost in the evening on this day. The disciplinary committee office was where he spent the remaining half of the day.


-"Gustav, How could you harm your classmates!"

"It was self-defense!"

-"Self-defense you say... why were all his fingers and limbs broken when we found him?"

-"You must be severely punished for this!"

-"If you weren't the sibling of the best middle school student, you would have been expelled!

-"From henceforth you are not permitted to be anywhere within a hundred feet from Hung Jo!"

-"You are to tender an apology to him in front of the entire school while being on your knees!"

-"You must work in the cooking lounge school kitchen for the next two months as part of your punishment!"

-"Also you must join the cleaners in keeping the school clean!"

-"Fighting with anyone during your punishment period is punishable by expulsion!"


Gustav gritted his teeth in anger as he remembered the conversation with the four disciplinary teachers.

"Where were they when I was being bullied repeatedly? When Hung Jo broke my fingers when Yuhiko nearly crushed me to death... Where were they to judge the accident?"

Gustav was feeling very angered right now.

Just when he felt he could finally come out of his shell after gaining this power, these people were trying to force him back into it.

"They all deserve to suffer..."

Gustav remembered when he was brought into the office by some teachers who later arrived in the Cafeteria, the four disciplinary teachers asked him repeatedly how he did it.

They suspected he used an enhancement drug but enhancement drugs that could make a useless mixed-blood defeat a group of three mixed blood was unheard of.

Especially when one of them was a c-grade and the remaining two were d-grades.

They kept asking with smiles on their faces where Gustav got it from. They felt he came into possession of some by mistake maybe and wanted to see if they could extort some from him.

Such products were not cheap and would cost at least half a million, so they were thinking of selling if he confessed and relinquished the items to them.

Unfortunately, Gustav told them he didn't own such drugs and that he had been training.

This was the truth but they felt he was bullshitting and passed down judgment upon him.

"Bunch of corrupt..." Gustav wanted to curse but he held it in.

He had expected that there would be consequences after unleashing his anger, yet he was still incredibly stirred up by the punishments.

'It's only for now... I just have to endure a little bit more...'

He was powerless to stop their judgments and he still needed to graduate from the school if he wished to join the MBO.

One of his reason for wanting to join the MBO was, he had always wanted to be a hero of mankind from small. Now he was starting to doubt if the earth deserved to have a hero. Whether they even deserved to be protected.

Still, that wouldn't stop him from wanting to join the MBO.

As Gustav was running home a new notification popped up in his line of sight.

[Host has completed the Hidden quest]

"Huh? what's this?"

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