The Bloodline System

Chapter 14 - Compensation

Chapter 14: Compensation

Author's note: Read the author's note below for the explanation on the differences between speed and agility.



[Host has completed the Hidden quest]

"Huh? what's this?"

Gustav paused his steps as he saw the notification.

-"Get out of the way kid!"

His stopping in the middle of the walkway caused some people to voice out in dissatisfaction.

Gustav only moved to the side and found a sidewalk bench to sit on.

This sidewalk bench was about a hundred meters away from the next teleportation circle which Gustav was supposed to travel through.

Gustav stared at the notification as he sat.


[Host has completed hidden quest]

[Hidden quest details: (Three people have shown malicious intent towards you! Kill/Inflict serious injuries on them!]

[Quest rewards]

<1000 exp>

<+2 additional attributes point added to all stats>

<Genetic transformation Bloodline upgrade>

<Dash level up>


Gustav stared at the system with a surprised look.

"Turns out dealing with them brought multiple rewards," Gustav said with a smile.

Gustav didn't regret one bit of what he did. If he was given the chance to do it again he would even make the experience worse for those three since he knew he would be punished either way.

Gustav opened the system interface to check his current stats.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Oslov

-Level: 3

-Class: ?

-Exp: 1500/2000

-Hp: 150/150

-Energy: 20/50


»Strength - 15

»Perception - 13

»Agility - 12

»Speed - 14

»Bravery - 7

»Intelligence - 14

»Charm - null

{Attributes point - 0}


He had checked bravery when he was being judged in the disciplinary committee and was surprised to see the amount. At that time his bravery went straight up to five. It didn't start with one like the other stats.

Gustav could really feel the improvement within his body. It had been almost two weeks since he got the system. Seeing the speed of his transformation made him believe that in the next six months he would have gotten to the Zulu rank.

Gustav decided to check the skills and abilities panel.


{Skills and Abilities]

»Dash - Level 2

»Regeneration - Level 1

»Morph - Level 1

»Toxin immunity - Level 1

»Recreation - Level 1

»Bloodline acquisition level 1


His eyes focused on dash for a few seconds before a piece of information popped up beneath it.


»Dash - level 2

(Ability to increase current speed by 25 for ten seconds)


'This means the power of dash has increased by 25%' Gustav calculated.

His current speed without dash, gave him the ability to travel up to five feet in a single movement.

His full speed right now without using dash is comparable to earth's fastest man in the past. In fact, he was slightly faster than him.

If he decided to use dash now, twenty five points would be added to his speed.

Gustav had a feeling of excitement just thinking about it but he couldn't use it right now since his energy was low.

Using dash earlier consumed 20 energy points. He was sure that the consumption rate would have increased now that dash leveled up.

Gustav decided to open the bloodline panel to check his bloodline upgrade.



<Genetic Transformation Bloodline>

Grade: F

<Abilities tied to bloodline: Morph>


Gustav smiled as he noticed the grade which was always null earlier had now changed to F.

'This means my bloodline can keep increasing in grade,' Gustav had this suspicion earlier but now that he was seeing it with his eyes, he was now totally convinced.

Last week when he checked out the Bloodline category he saw »Genetic Transformation Bloodline«

The name made him feel confused but after some time he understood that this was the name of his current useless bloodline. This name was something he had never encountered before in all his years of reading about the different types of bloodlines.

Not only was it unknown, but it was also considered to be below F-grade until he got the system.

When he checked it earlier, null but now it was F-grade.

Gustav wondered what this upgrade had improved within him but he didn't notice any differences.

After checking for a while, he shrugged his shoulders, 'Maybe I won't see it just yet,' he thought.

"I wonder if when I steal a bloodline I will also be able to upgrade it with this system?" Gustav wondered out loud.

There was no one to answer the ton of questions he had now regarding this new power but he believed that with time he would slowly come to understand how things work.

Gustav decided to head home at this point so he could complete his daily task.

He was lucky not to find anyone at home again but this time he started wondering why Endric and his mother had been coming late.

After thinking for a while he decided not to sweat it and started lifting the couch.

This time Gustav was able to lift the entire couch together. The two-seaters in his left hand and the three-seater in his right hand.

"Hnn!" "Hnn!" "Hnn!" "Hnn!" "Hnn!" "Hnn!"

There was no trace of discomfort on his face as he lifted them up. It looked almost natural and to him, the sofas felt light.

After lifting them up and down for a few minutes a notification rang in his mind.

[Daily task completed (3/3): carry a total of 1750 kilograms✓]

Gustav did the usual, distributing the attributes points evenly.

He changed out of his school uniform into a tight brown singlet and short green boxers.

He brought out a small button from his pants pocket as he sat inside his tub.

The button was blue. It looked like a regular button for clothes especially T-shirts but when Gustav tapped on the surface twice, it emitted a two feet tall projection.

"This truly brought me more rewards than punishment," He stared at the projection with stars in his eyes.

"I've never seen so much money in my entire life," Gustav said in excitement.

"Oh wait... I've never actually held money before, " He said while holding his chin.

On the projection, there was a bundle of green and white notes, a weird square-shaped silvery board, and a triangular-shaped mirror-like device.

Gustav tapped the bundle of green notes displayed within the projection and something magical happened.


The bundle of notes appeared in physical form within his tub.

Gustav stretched out his hand and picked up a bundle.

This button was a technological storage device that every VIP student within the school had access to.

It was able to keep things inside it for easy movement and transportation.

Gustav didn't own one but his brother did. Extra fees were paid before the school would grant one to the student.

His parents considered it a waste for him to receive one so they didn't pay extra fees for VIP.

This particular one he was holding onto belonged to Hung Jo. He took it off Hung Jo after breaking all his limbs.

Just as he expected of a billionaire son, there was a lot of money inside.

"So... this is how money feels like?" Gustav rubbed the notes within his palms repeatedly.

He kneaded, squeezed, and bent them in different angles.

If the bundle of notes was a female it would have shouted out... "HARASSMENT!"

After a while, Gustav stopped, "There's nothing special about it really... Apart from power this also controls the world yet it's just an ordinary piece of paper..." Gustav was having a hard time comprehending this.

He decided to put it at the back of his mind, "Well it is still very useful... I will accept this as part of the compensation for destroying my lunch and all those many years of bullying," Gustav said as he picked up the money and moved them back to the projection.

When the money made contact with the projection, it was sucked in.

Gustav sighed as he wondered how the next two months were gonna be because of the punishment but in the next second he scoffed at it.

"Is it not to clean and cook? I shall learn!"

Gustav was confident that he would be able to pull through just fine, no matter how it went.

He decided to stop worrying and go to sleep.


-In a dark study

Kom! Kom! Kom! Kom!

The sound of a male shoe heel colliding against the floor could be heard.

A man in a blue business suit walked amid large shelves that were stacked with books.

The study hallway was more than five hundred feet long. The number of shelves placed on both sides was numbering in the fifties and they were very tall.

At the front of the study, another man could be seen sitting on a reading chair.

The man had silver-colored spiky hair and a long pointy dark horn beneath his jaw.

In front of the reading chair was a study table and a book was wide open on top of it.

The sound of page flipping was heard as the man used his finger to brush against the bottom of the large book.

"Why do you disturb my reading Yung!" The man spoke with an aged but powerful tone.

"Father, why did you withdraw the agent I sent out to investigate that issue?"

The man in a blue business suit paused his steps and questioned as he stood several feet behind the man with the spiky silver hair.

"Hmm, is that why you have come here?"

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