The Bloodline System

Chapter 12 - Bravery Achieved!

Chapter 12: Bravery Achieved!

"You bastard!" Paul quickly punched out towards Gustav's head from the right side.

While Ben who was on the left also punched out.


Gustav standing in their midst saw the two fists coming towards him from both sides and moved backwards with speed.


The fists missed him by a hair length and almost ended up colliding with one another.

As Gustav managed to dodge their first attack, Paul and Ben thought it was due to luck and turned around to attack again.

Paul threw out his right fist towards Gustav again.

"How dare you lay your hands on young master, Hung?" Paul shouted out with his fist in motion.

Gustav moved to the right side, dodging once again. Immediately he dodged it Ben's fist was already coming towards his face from the right.

Gustav dodged once again.

'I can see it... no I can sense it,'

Gustav was only a bit faster than they were yet he was able to dodge their attacks in a timely manner.

'Is this because of perception?' Gustav felt like he could calculate their attack trajectory before they sent it out and also sense an attack that was coming from his blind spot.

Ben's fist was coming towards him again from the front.

This time Gustav was tired of dodging and finally decided to be on the aggressive side.

As Ben's fist travelled towards his face he moved slightly to the left.


Ben's outstretched fist missed Gustav's face by a few centimeters and continued travelling forward due to the force behind it.

Gustav who had moved to the side to dodge didn't stop there.

'I have never been in a fight before but I know one thing... to pour out my anger and pain upon these people who have caused me nothing but suffering all I need to do is to tighten my fist,' As Gustav thought of that he clenched his right hand tightly. The bone popping sounds from the intense clench were so loud, it was almost like it was conveying his message of anguish and that he had reached his limit.

'And throw it at the people I detest the most,'

As Gustav came to this conclusion he raised his clenched fist and threw it forward at Ben who just finished punching out.

Ben hadn't retrieved his fist yet so he was surprised to see Gustav's fist heading towards him with intensity.

He would have liked to counter but the fist was just too fast for him to react on time.

Ben felt his vision turn blurry as a sound of collision rang out.


Gustav's fist slammed heavily onto Ben's jaw from below.

The sound of teeth breaking could be heard as Ben was thrown two meters into the air before falling on his back and sliding across the cafeteria floors.

Three pieces of broken teeth surrounded by some drops of blood could be seen on the floor beside his head.


The entire Cafeteria gasped in shock, after witnessing the unbelievable scene that had just played out before them.

Ben had passed out from receiving a single punch, from a person that had been deemed as trash by the entire school.

Hung Jo who was seated on the ground, clenching his right hand in pain, had a look of disbelief on his face.

'How did this trash manage to do that?'

Paul was also shocked and stood in the same position without trying to attack for many seconds.

Gustav just still had his clenched fist outstretched as he breathed in and out profusely.

'I did it! I did it! I did it! I finally fought back!' Gustav's mind was in a state of excitement as he remembered the feeling of his fist colliding with Ben's jaw. There was this sense of gratification and relief when he finally threw the punch. He felt he would have regretted it, had he not stood up for himself at this point...

And he was right. Had Gustav not fought for himself, Hung Jo would have broken his arms, legs, and spine to make sure Gustav is unable to walk.

This kind of injury can easily be healed nowadays but he knew Gustav didn't have the money to buy what was necessary for healing and he also knew that no one gave a damn about Gustav so he might end up remaining a cripple for life.

[Host has achieved bravery]

Gustav stared at the notification that popped up in his line of sight with a slight smile.

'So this was what I needed?'

"You bastard! What are you laughing at! I will kill you!" Paul shouted out and ran towards Gustav with his body morphing.

Paul's body transformed into a large, half man and half bull figure.

He grew to a height of seven feet. Two thick brown tusks could be seen protruding from both sides of his mouth.

He sent out another fist towards Gustav again.

Gustav could sense the significant increase in strength. Earlier, Gustav gauged their strengths to be significantly below his but now, Paul was close to his current strength.

Close but not as strong.

The fist carried power and speed as it closed in on Gustav.

'I think it's high time I tested this... activate dash!'

[Dash has been activated]

[Twenty points will be added to host current speed for the next ten seconds]

[-20 energy]

Gustav squinted his eyes as everything and everywhere became kind of silent.

He felt extremely light at the moment, almost like a gust of wind would be able to blow him across the cafeteria.

The punch that was moving at an extremely fast pace earlier was now slow to the extent that it looked like he was watching a tortoise run.

[Time left before dash deactivates: 10]


Gustav saw the countdown and decided to move.

'I have to make use of this before time runs out,'

Immediately Gustav moved, he found himself on the other side behind Paul.

Paul was surprised to see his fist suddenly miss and Gustav, no longer in front of him.

The students in the Cafeteria saw Gustav's fast movement that was similar to that of a phantom's and wondered how he was able to move that fast.

Paul noticed Gustav's current position and turned around to throw several more fists at him.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Gustav dodged them with ease and dashed forward.

Gustav threw his right fist towards Paul's stomach.


Paul felt the intense pain coming from his gut area and bent slightly due to the power of the punch.


The instant he bent, Gustav's left fist slammed into his jaw, causing his feet to slide backwards with blood oozing from his mouth.

"Ho-w da-re yo-u bast-ard?" Paul held onto his jaw which was slightly shifted.

Gustav didn't even waste time before dashing forward with incredible speed and punching out severally.

Pah! Pah Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

His fist traveled from right to left on Paul's body and from up to down.

Gustav just kept punching Paul. His eyes, his nose, his mouth, his chest, his stomach, e.t.c.

Paul was unable to follow Gustav's speed and remained on the brutal receiving end of Gustav's furious punches.

'This is for everything you people have done to me,' Gustav's eyes shone craziness as he swung his fist towards Paul's left cheek.


This time the punch was extremely heavy that Paul's huge body was thrown towards the side.

Paul slammed onto the ground and transformed back into his normal form.

He was bleeding from almost every part of his upper body. His eyes and lips were bloodied and swollen.


[Dash has been deactivated]

Even though dash was deactivated, Gustav could feel an unknown rush of excitement coursing through his body.

'Is this how it feels to take revenge?' Gustav wondered as he clenched his right fist which was soaked in blood.

It wasn't his blood... it was Paul's.

For someone who had never seen anyone's blood except that of himself, Gustav was surprisingly calm and didn't freak out.

He suddenly swerved to the side as he felt something.


A light florescent beam passed by his left and slammed into the table where four students were seated.


"Kyyarrh!" Screams were heard as the entire table crashed and a huge scorched hole could be seen in the middle.

Gustav turned around and noticed the beam was fired by Hung Jo.

When Gustav was dealing with Ben earlier, Hung Jo had used a healing solution.

Healing solutions were small bottled medicines that healed physical injuries immediately upon consumption.

It was expensive but since Hung Jo' had an influential background, he could purchase it with ease.

Hung Jo had drunk one of these a while ago, causing his broken hand to heal back.


A bright fluorescent light covered Hung Jo's outstretched hand.

It could be seen that light rays were currently gathering from every part of the cafeteria and converging towards Hung Jo's outstretched arm.

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