The Bloodline System

Chapter 11 - Cafeteria Incident

Chapter 11: Cafeteria Incident

He quickly went in.

It was crowded with students from different blocks.


Noisy discussions were coming from every nook and cranny of the place.

-"Jennifer Brown nude pics have been leaked!"

-"What? oh my God! Tell me the site name, I need to check!"

-"Her body is so hot!"

-"Bo Ran Industries are involved in some kind of scandal now!"

Most of them had their devices out, checking different kinds of things on the net.

Chatting, checking the trends online, e.t.c.

Unfortunately, Gustav never had the privilege to own a device so he never understood what was fun about all this anytime he saw their looks of excitement.

The top floor was where Mixedblood usually gathered to eat their lunch but Gustav had not approached there since his last encounter when he was still in class 1.

He was beaten up and thrown down.

Ever since that time, he would only come here to get free food then go to the back of the cafeteria to eat in solitude.

This was his usual style. The back of the cafeteria was silent and empty, that was where he always ate.

Gustav got the free lunch from the counter which was located at the far end. Hardly was anyone seen, taking food from here.

The students within the cafeteria would give him different kinds of glares but he was used to this so he wasn't even bothered.

He took the lunch which was two palm-sized bread and a cup of water.

The person serving just stared at him with an expressionless look. Gustav's face was not new around here after all.

Gustav carried his tray of food and was currently walking towards the back.

While he was walking he noticed three male students coming towards him from the right.

He recognized the three and so did the rest of the students inside the cafeteria.

-"Hey isn't that Hung Jo, Ben Rao, and Paul Miguel?"

-"Oh my goodness what are there doing here in the lower cafeteria?"

-"Hung Jo is still as beautiful as ever!"

-"My dream guy,"

Some of the male and female students exclaimed in excitement.

The one in the middle was the Hung Jo, they were referring to.

He was about five foot seven in height and had a cute-looking boyish face with short green hair. The two on his right and his left were his henchmen. Ben Rao and Paul Miguel. These two always followed him wherever he went. Ben and Paul were up to six feet tall so they looked like bodyguards as they followed Hung Jo.

Ben was fairly dark in skin color and had a broad body while Paul looked like a handsome playboy with his lanky figure.

Gustav saw them but pretended not to and started walking faster.

The three were struggling to keep up once Gustav started walking faster.

The one in the middle suddenly stopped walking and said to the other two.

"Bring him to me!" Immediately he said that both of them dashed to the front of Gustav.

Gustav had to pause his footsteps.

He slid a few centimeters forward due to the sudden pause and nearly ended up slamming into one of them.

His food tray was only a few centimeters away from touching the school uniform of the Ben Rao who was in front of him.

"What do you wa..." Before Gustav could complete his statement Ben Rao suddenly slapped the tray away from Gustav's hands.


The tray flew several feet in the air before slamming onto the ground towards the left.

Gustav stared at the bread and cup of water sprawled on the floor with a dark look.

He wanted to walk towards the bread and pick them up but before he could, Paul stepped on the first bread.


The bread was completely squished under his foot but he didn't let it end there.

He lifted his foot again and shifted it to the left before bringing it down with force.


The second bread was squished by Paul's foot.

Gustav felt like his heart was being torn open as he watched the gruesome scene of his lunch being murdered.

'I haven't eaten a single meal since yesterday,' Gustav's mind was in a hurtful state.

Once food had been gotten from the free counter, it was impossible to get another till the next day.

Gustav felt like crying as he looked up to stare at Paul.

"Wh..." Before he could complete the word, Ben grabbed him by the collar and dragged him towards Hung Jo who was waiting for them behind.

-"That trash is really in trouble now."

-"Did he piss Hung Jo off?"

-"He's done for!"

They watched as Gustav was dragged towards Hung Jo.


Ben pulled Gustav downward, making him kneel in front of Hung Jo.

Hung Jo stared at Gustav who currently had a lifeless look.

"You have the guts to show up in this academy again after I told you to commit suicide!" Hung Jo stated.

"You really want me to do it for you eh?" Hung Jo said as he joined his right fist and left palm together.

'My food...' Gustav was listening but at the same time, he was thinking about how he was going to feed for the day.

"You also had the guts to put your name down for the MBO entrance test! You trash... you don't know your place!" Hung Jo said with a snort as he grabbed Gustav's hair.

"This trash wants to be on the same test grounds with me... That is very insulting! Do you believe I cannot kill you right now?" Hung Jo's voice became low but very solemn.

Hung Jo was the son of an Industrialist Billionaire who specializes in crafting armor for the MBO.

Hung Jo had always been a bully to the extent that he bullied even Mixedbloods.

Gustav had been on the receiving end since they were in junior high.

When Gustav proclaimed love to the most beautiful girl in the school and was nearly crushed to death, this same Hung Jo would come to bully him, day in and day out.

Gustav would leave school with a swollen and bruised face yet when he got home, his parents would never show any concern or try to treat his injuries.

When they were promoted to senior high, they ended up in different classes.

Gustav was in 1c while Hung Jo was in 1a.

This was how Gustav was able to avoid him, most of the time till they got to class 3.

Even though he tried to avoid Hung Jo, there were times when they would still bump into each other unexpectedly. When that happened, Gustav would go through another round of bullying.

After the visit of the MBO inspectors, Hung Jo was pissed off by the fact that he failed the special test and had to participate in the normal test to get into the MBO.

After finding out that Gustav also put his name down for participating in the test, his rage was ignited again and he decided to teach Gustav a lesson.

His plan now was to give Gustav serious injuries so he would end up in the hospital longer than six months. He was angered by the fact that a trash mixed-blood would share the same stage with him.

Hung Jo pulled Gustav's hair to stare at his eyes.

"After I'm done with you today, you will question your current pitiful existence,"


Immediately he finished saying that he smacked Gustav on his right cheek.

The force of the slap caused Gustav to slide across the floor as his cheeks became blood red.

When his body came to a stop, Paul and Ben walked towards him and pulled his body up.

They dragged him towards Hung Jo again.

"I will break every bone in your body!"


This time Hung Jo punched Gustav's chest.

"I will make sure you can never walk again!"


"You trash! You will know your place!"


With every statement, Hung Jo would send out a punch towards Gustav.

His face, his chest, his stomach, his nose, e.t.c. His uniform was already bloodied from receiving heavy punches.

The whole cafeteria just watched from the side. No one bothered to even come out and try to stop the beating.

Gustav was held by Paul on the right and Ben on the left.

As he received the painful punches his mind wandered to a lot of things.

'Is this how I will remain pathetic!'

'Why am I scared of fighting for myself!'

'Is it because of the consequences I might face?'

'No! I am just being a wimp!'

'Why should I care about some stupid consequences after everything I have faced from the onset!'

[Regeneration has activated]

'Always being treated like I was worth nothing since the start!

'I have been on the receiving end since my first year!'

'And since it's better to give than to receive... it's high time I started paying them back in kind!'

[Host injuries has been healed completely]

Hung Jo who just finished giving Gustav another punch was ready to throw a new one.

"I will make you wish you weren't born!"

He shouted out as he threw his fist out towards Gustav's nose.

"As if you haven't done that already!

Immediately Gustav spoke he pulled his right arm forcefully from Paul's grip and grabbed Hung Jo's fist.


Immediately Gustav grabbed Hung Jo's fist, everyone's eyes widened but the next thing they saw made them doubt their vision.

Gustav grabbed the fist and clenched it tight.


A loud cracking sound rang out and what came next was a scream.


Hung Jo fell to the ground as he used his left hand to hold onto his right.

"My hand!!!!!" He screamed in pain.

Currently, his right hand was bent at an unimaginable angle and he could feel indescribable pain from it.

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