The Bloodline System

Chapter 107 Repeated Defeat

Lim's expression of disbelief became visible after she removed her helmet.

Gustav pulled off his helmet too. A small grin could be seen on his face.

"Thanks for going easy on me," Gustav said with a look of appreciation.

"Cut the bullshit, how did you do that?" Lim asked.

"So vulgar for a young lady," Gustav said with a smile.

The girls behind chuckled upon hearing that and seeing Lim swell up due to frustration.

"It's really very simple, just study the patterns of the superclusters and Pleiades properly so you know which parts of space are weaker and more likely to collapse due to Intensely powerful blasts," Gustav explained with a profound look.

Three minutes ago when he started playing with her, Gustav didn't try to battle her head-on.

When it came to direct battle, he knew he'd probably not be her match since he was still inexperienced when playing the game unlike her so he decided to lead her around.

She knew he was leading her around but she had no idea why or what reason he would have for shooting at different places in the open space like he didn't know how to aim properly since none of the shots he fired made contact or came close to making contact with her spacecraft.

Also, he used the most powerful shots the spacecraft could offer which would consume power and fuel crazily.

Although she was experienced in playing the game, she didn't really have knowledge about space but Gustav was very knowledgeable when it came to a lot of things, and space was included.

The cannons of spacecraft in this age had been built to be very powerful that it was possible for consecutive blasts to destroy an entire star.

There was another thing that those consecutive blasts could do, which was to cause space to collapse against itself and create a black hole.

Gustav studied the patterns of space and knew exactly where to fire to easily cause space around a particular part to collapse.

Spacecrafts of this age could escape wormholes and blackholes but when they appeared in multiples, they wouldn't be able to escape in one piece or they might not be able to escape at all.

Generally, black holes were more powerful than wormholes so when fifty black holes appeared around Lim's spacecraft she didn't know how to proceed.

Her spacecraft was caught in between the blackholes while Gustav had navigated his spacecraft away from the AOC.

Her spacecraft was torn apart by the multiple blackholes and Gustav won.

"Your knowledge led to my defeat," Lim couldn't really understand everything about the way Gustav won but she knew it was attributed to his intelligence and knowledge.

(Author's note: Some readers will wonder how that has got to do with intelligence so I'll explain in the author's note below. I put this here because a lot of you don't read the author's note below and end up missing explanations sometimes)

"Let's go again," Lim stated with a decisive look.

"Are you gonna offer something else if you lose again?" Gustav asked with a smirk.

Lim's eyes widened in realization, "I lost to you just now which means... He gets to date me," She said voiced out.

Everyone's eyes widened upon hearing this.

"Da-te?" Angy voiced out with a look of indignation.

"Lim... You..." Angy pointed at Lim with a look of speechlessness.

"Haha, calm down I don't have plans of dating you or anyone else for that matter... I'll just ask for something else instead," Gustav said to clear up the weird atmosphere.

Upon hearing that the tension in the atmosphere reduced just as Gustav expected but Lim couldn't understand why she suddenly felt down when Gustav said he didn't have plans of dating her.

'Such blatant rejection... When did I lose my charm?' She sighed internally.

If anyone who knew Lim was to find out that Gustav had rejected her, they would think he was kicked in the head by a donkey.

Lim was well known to be the number one beauty who came from a family that owned a fashion company.

She only attended black rock school because it was owned by her great maternal grandmother.

Every guy wanted to date her and Gustav just threw that chance away.

"Let's go again... If I win your previous win will be canceled," Lim said with a look of unwillingness.

"What happens if you lose?" Gustav asked.

"Well if I lose you can make a request and I will grant it," Lim stated with a fierce look however she still added, "but I won't lose,"

"Alright then let's have another round," Gustav chuckled softly after replying.

-Three minutes later


This was displayed on the large screen above.

Lim grounded her teeth in frustration after removing the helmet, "Let's go again!" She voiced out.

-Two minutes later


Once again Gustav won and Lim demanded a rematch.

This went on till after they had rematched more than ten times.

The girls noticed that whenever Gustav defeated her, he would spend a shorter time to defeat her the next time they had a rematch. The next time would always be shorter than the last and he defeated her within thirty seconds in their last rematch.

They had lost count of how many times they opened their mouths in disbelief.

Lim who couldn't be defeated by any of their peers was getting trashed by Gustav quite easily.

After losing once again Lim finally lost any hope of defeating Gustav.

She noticed that with every round Gustav would get better and better.

It was as if he was using their battles to improve even further.

Her thought was correct. Gustav was using their battles to improve himself on aerial warfare.

Although the kind of spacecrafts they were using to battle in the VR was a smaller version of an original spacecraft and only needed a single person to pilot it, there were still a lot of similarities between both.

Learning how to pilot a spacecraft within this VR was very possible most especially because of the fact that it fully immersed the players into the game like they were in an original spacecraft.

"Lim, do you wanna go again?" Gustav asked after removing his helmet.

Lim stared at him for a few seconds before turning to look in another direction "What's the point? You've broken my confidence..." She sighed with a look of defeat

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