The Bloodline System

Chapter 108 Duel Commencement

"I don't mind being yours now since you've totally dominated me," Lim said with her face becoming red.

"Lim... you what are you saying?" Angy said while staring at Lim.

"He defeated me severally Angy, he has gained the right to not only go on a date with me but have me," Lim said with her face turning red.

"How can you just decide to let him have you like that?" Angy pointed at Lim with a wolf-like fierce face as she spoke.

"It was a challenge and he won... He deserves his reward," Lim said replied.

"No he definitely doesn't want a reward," Angy said with an unwilling look.

Arianna and Elle watched from the side with a look of confusion wondering how things suddenly became heated.

"I do want a reward," Gustav finally spoke.

Every one of them turned to stare at Gustav after hearing that.

"A reward? Then you want her?" Angy asked with a crestfallen look.

"Don't misunderstand... I mentioned earlier that I would ask for something else," Gustav said.

Angy sighed in relief after hearing that but she still wanted to know what Gustav wanted.

"You lost to me fifteen times so you will have to grant fifteen of my requests," Gustav announced.

"Fifteen?" The girls were surprised but what they heard next surprised them even more.

"I accept," Lim stated.

'She accepted just like that?' They expected her to still show unwillingness or make sure Gustav reduced the number of requests but to their surprise, she accepted just like that.

"But don't go overboard with your requests," Lim added.

Gustav stared at her for a brief while before replying, "Overboard eh? I guess we shall see,"

"By the way what would you like to request for?" She asked.

"Nothing comes to mind for now... I'll ask when I think of something," Gustav replied.

With this, the tension in the atmosphere disappeared completely.

Angy was still staring at Lim with a suspicious expression while Lim was staring at Gustav with a contemplative expression.

"How are you so good?" Lim finally decided to ask Gustav what was on her mind.

It wasn't till around ten in the night before everyone returned to their rooms.

The evening had been very interesting and Gustav played a few more games with the rest of the girls.

He got to know them better through this.

Angy kept dragging him from place to place and he noticed that she wouldn't let him complete a conversation with Lim before interrupting.

Nevertheless, he was able to figure out the background of the girls.

Elle who was the most mature girl in terms of thought and looks was the daughter of a famous international movie director.

Arianna the playful one was from a well-off family of martial artists.

Lim as mentioned earlier was from a very prestigious family and she happened to be the fiercest out of the three.

Angy was the only one whose family background didn't really fit into this group yet the four of them were best of friends.

They never cared about family background, they always cared for and protected one other.

Gustav now understood why Angy wasn't tainted like he was. He now understood why she was able to remain innocent and caring.

It was all attributed to her group of friends who always watched her back.

It would be impossible for anyone to bully her and go scot-free since she had friends that she could count on.

He wondered if he would have also remained caring if he had friends that would stand up for him and have his back as they had hers.

On one hand, he was a little conflicted while on the other he was glad that he became like this because he felt Angy was just too naive.

There was no way such friends would be there to protect her every time.

Gustav worried that if she remained this way and ended up getting broken by the world she might end up being worse than he is right now.

He felt she'd probably turn completely dark and heartless because anyone who was extremely good, nice, and caring had the potential to be extremely evil, vicious, and inhumane.

Although it bothered him, Gustav felt this was unlikely to happen if Angy decided to live a casual life.

Gustav decided not to sweat it and went to sleep after arriving in his room.

The next morning, everyone had woken up at the appropriate time and done all their necessary morning routines.

Today was the third day of the exchange event.

The students were taken to Atrihea city high school again for the duel.

When they arrived there, as expected, they were taken to the third training ground in the school.

The training ground was like a stadium with spectators seats and the battleground was in the middle.

The difference between the training ground and a stadium was, it was at least seven times bigger.

It was constructed this big so residual attacks from mixed-bloods won't make contact with the audience by mistake.

The students participating were called out to the battleground a few minutes after everyone arrived.

The duel would be in teams. A team consisting of seven students representing each school.

There were some rectangular glowing outlines on the battleground.

The rectangular glowing outlines on the battleground were spaced several hundred feet away from one another and there were up to six of them.

According to the rules, two schools would battle with their teams inside one of the rectangular outlines each

Seven students from a school against seven others inside the rectangular outline.

A person would be disqualified if they were thrown out of the rectangle.

The students were laced in tight bodysuits of different colors.

The seven students of Echelon Academy were laced in red bodysuits which depicted which team they belonged to.

Every school participant had theirs.

The principal started announcing the schools that would be going against one another.

Every school would be dueling with another at the same time.

That was the reason for having several rectangular rings so every school would have their match at the same time.

"Atrihea city high school vs Cheryl high school! Both their participants should head to ring C, your duel will be taking place there," Principal Durk announced.

"Black Rock schools vs Rose High, head for ring D!" Principal Durk kept announcing.

"Echelon Academy vs Redemption high!"

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