The Bloodline System

Chapter 106 Meeting Angy's Friends

It was obvious that they were both skilled.

The two girls noticed the handsome blond hair male behind Angy.

"Angy is that...?" Elle voiced out with an astonished look.

"Gustav?" Arianna shouted out with excitement and walked towards him.

She arrived before Gustav and grabbed his right hand with both her hands.

She held them up with an excited expression as she spoke.

"Gustav I'm a fan..."

Gustav was surprised with the way she just grabbed him.

Another thing was his hand was currently resting on her perky boobs. Gustav didn't know if this was done on purpose or subconsciously.

"Your knowledge on almost everything is second to none among our peers and I'm still in disbelief even now, I'm also shocked that you're dating our best friend, let's all be friends please," She begged with a smile.

Gustav was still short of words so he didn't hear the part where Arianna mentioned dating their best friend.


"Oi, what are you saying? You'll scare him away," Elle slapped Arianna's head from behind causing her to drop Gustav's hand.

The feeling of softness and squishiness left his palm after it disengaged from her chest.

"Gustav, just ignore her, We're glad you're here," Elle said with a smile.

"Hey, come on why did I have to receive a slap?" Arianna said with a glare and pout.

"Because you're creeping him out," Elle glared back at Arianna.

Angy's face was already turning red from embarrassment behind them as she stared at Gustav's face occasionally, 'Da-da-da-da-ting,' Her mind wandered to another realm as the redness on her face intensified.

It was almost like smoke was going to start erupting from her head soon.

'Hmm what a fun bunch... They don't seem bad,' Gustav said internally while scrutinizing bickering girls.

"He doesn't look creeped out to me," Arianna said in her defense.

"Well..." Elle was about to answer when she was interrupted by Gustav's statement.

"It's ending," Gustav said while staring at the screen.

"Ending?" Both girls voiced out as they followed Gustav's line of sight.

They stared at the screen also and noticed that the battle was still going on.

"She has won," Gustav said with a certain look.

The girls stared at the screen with a look of confusion.

They couldn't see any signs that their friend was winning but in the next few seconds, their eyes widened.

Two wormholes suddenly appeared out of nowhere while the pinkish spacecraft was being chased by the black.

Due to the fact that the wormhole was still gathering power when it just appeared its pull wasn't powerful enough to hold the pinkish spacecraft in place.

This allowed the pinkish spacecraft to speed out of its AOE but the same couldn't be said for the black spacecraft behind.

The black spacecraft was being pulled left and right by the gravitational force of both wormholes, preventing it from moving for a while.

The pinkish spacecraft suddenly did a one hundred and eighty degrees turn and shot out a large pillar-like Lazer beam towards the black spacecraft.


The laser beam pierced through the spacecraft.


The spacecraft exploded into smithereens.


"Haha, Lim won," Arianna voiced out gleefully.

Angy was brought out of her imagination after hearing that.

"Damn it how could I lose! Let's go again!" The guy who had just lost pulled off his helmet and voiced out.

Another beautiful face was unveiled when the other girl removed the helmet on her head.

It was a slightly tanned red-haired beauty. Her body shape was already looking attractive before she removed the helmet. Now that she did, it further increased her attractiveness.

"Once a loser always a loser... You've lost the chance to have me, Get lost!" The girl said with a fierce glare.

"But... But I..." The boy wanted to retort but her fierce gaze made him flinch back in fear.

She kept staring at him in that manner till he turned around and left.

"Wow, Lim is at it again," Arianna said with a burst of light laughter.

Lim turned around to stare at Arianna, Elle, and Angy.

"He was bound to lose and there's no way I'd go out with a loser anyway," Lim said.

"Oh is that...?" She noticed Gustav behind.

The girls noticed that she was staring at Gustav and smiled.

"Yes he's Gustav," Arianna said with a delighted look.

Lim stood up from her seat and walked towards them.

Lim reacted with a look of astonishment and turned to stare at Angy, "He's cute... Can I have him?" Lim said with a smirk.

Even Gustav was shocked by the sudden statement, 'Is this how girls act?' he wasn't used to speaking with girls so he had no idea how he was supposed to respond.

"Eh?!!!" Angy shrieked and move towards the side to stand in between Lim and Gustav.

"Haha I'm just kidding," Lim said and stood up.

"There will probably be another challenger soon," Lim added.

"Hah, it's all your fault after all, why would you declare such a thing in the first place?" Elle said while sighing.

Lim issued a challenge recently. Anyone that was able to defeat her in this game would be given the chance to date her. Since then, boys from every school had been coming to challenge her.

"I declared such because no one can defeat me," Lim said with boldness.

Since she issued the challenge not a single person had been able to win her.

The three girls sighed when they heard that. Lim was very prideful after all.

"Hey Gustav I heard that you're good at playing this," Lim said while walking towards Gustav.

"I'm just a beginner," Gustav replied with a dismissive look.

"Oh a beginner, Angy said you beat quite a lot of students here yesterday... How about we have a go?" She proposed while staring into Gustav's eyes.

"I'm still a beginner compared to you so you'll only waste time playing with me... I'm assured to lose," Gustav replied to her casually.

"You won't lose anything from losing but if you defeat me you'll get the chance to date me," She said while winking.

"Hey, Lim behave, that's Angy's crus..." Arriana didn't get the chance to complete her words before Elle covered her mouth.

"Alright let's play... I might need some tips from a pro player after all," Gustav said with a smile.

Angy had a worried look on her face after hearing that.

"Don't worry he'll lose," Lim said while staring at Angy.

Angy pouted her lips in displeasure, 'Gustav better lose,' She said internally.

Gustav only smiled and walked towards the chair.

He grabbed the helmet and took his seat.

"Shall we," Gustav said like a gentleman.

"Yes we shall, haha, prepare to lose but don't worry I'll take it easy on you," Lim sounded like a sweet villainess with her statement.

"Alright let's play," Gustav placed the helmet on his head at the same time with Lim.

-Three minutes later.


These words were displayed on the screen along with blown-up parts of a pinkish spacecraft floating away in space.

The three girls watching from behind had their mouths wide open.

"How did Lim lose that easily?" Even Angy was surprised.

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