The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 47 - The Parent-Teacher Conference

Chapter 47: The Parent-Teacher Conference

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Meng Yang pursed his lips. “I’ve already mentioned that to Teacher Xi. She said that the school would be hosting a senior mobilization program this Saturday, where parents and students would be asked to come side-by-side to sign some initiative proposal. Maybe you should try finding someone to go on

stage with you since youre the first one to go up.”

Hearing that, Yao Tang opened her eyes. There was a few moments of silence before she nodded. “Fine, I’ll get it done.”

“Oh?” He blinked. “But how? Are you going to hire someone?”

“Hm.” Taking out her phone, she immediately found Cheng Yan’s WeChat. Her fingers tapped carelessly across the keyboard as she typed out her message, “Bro, there’s a parent-teacher meeting this weekend. I need a favor.”

On the other side of the city, Cheng Yan was attending a dinner party when his private phone rang. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, standing up to leave. “Please excuse me for a moment.”

‘The guests waved their hands in acceptance as the young man got up to leave, with Qin Hao following right behind him.

“What day is it?” he replied.


“Cancel all my meetings on Saturday.” He automatically turned to Qin Hao before typing out his acceptance. Just then, a thought occurred in his mind and he immediately sent another message,

“Come to my office this afternoon. There’s something I need your help with — I’ll send you the address in a bit.”


‘As soon as she had replied, Yao Tang turned her phone around. “See? I already found someone to help me,” she stated matter-of-factly.

Meng Yang’s eyebrows shot up into the air. “Is that a friend of yours?”

The corners of her mouth twitched. “Just a friend I had picked up from the mountains.”

Meng Yang burst into laughter. There really was something so unique about her answers – like she was telling him everything, without saying as much. Even then, he still couldn’t get over what had happened just a day ago. “Hey, how did you even take the test? You really managed to get close to full


She shrugged. “I was just playing around. I was just as surprised as you were.”

“Ha! Maybe the next time you choose all C’s, you wouldn’t be getting the top mark again.”

Yao Tang nodded, falling right back to sleep.

After classes were off in the afternoon, the entire school began to clean up.

In the square in front of the school complex, the PE teachers were already preparing the seating and standing arrangements of each class. The other staff were busy preparing the Awards table, as well as the LED screens.

There was a long red carpet from the table, leading to the lawn. And in the middle of the red carpet, one could see an inflatable arched door with four big words —

“The Door to Success”

It was always the first meeting that had been very much valued by both teachers and parents alike.

Even the students were rushing out to prepare for the big day, with the Student Union taking the lead.

Lu Yan was president of the Student Union. As such, she was in charge of setting up the PowerPoint slides and ensuring that nothing would go wrong tomorrow at the meeting.

The presentation included a short history of No. 1 High School, the acceptance rates of the senior division to their respective college of choice, the top notcher in the college entrance examination, the honor roll, as well as the final blessing and encouragement of this year’s senior division!

Ruan Qing saw the USB stick being inserted next to the laptop, and her eyes narrowed.

“Since all of us senior students will go on stage tomorrow, who’ll be the one in charge of this computer?”

“Cai Jia.” Lu Yan replied.

Cai Jia was a 11th grader, and also the vice president of the Student Union.

“Ah, I see.”

Uninterested in the turn of events, Lu Yan immediately handed the USB over to Ruan Qing and stood up. “There’s nothing wrong with the Powerpoint. Bring it over to the Dean and tell him to review it once more. I’ll be heading out first.” She didn’t even give her a chance to reply as she stalked out of the

school perimeters.

Ever since the monthly test results had been released, Lu Yan’s mood couldn’t be any worse. She had a cold expression all day long, and she didn’t even look like she cared for the Student Union as much as she had then. Whenever she had some free time on her hands, she’d use it to head into the library to


Ruan Qing pursed her lips, gripping the USB in her hands.

After her classes, Yao Tang glanced at the address Cheng Yan had sent to her phone and took a taxi over there. Immediately, the quiet streets had become even more bustling and loud as soon as they drove into the heart of the city. She stared up at the towering building, before entering.

As soon as she had entered, she saw someone approach her.

“Miss Yao.”

With a nod, she allowed the woman to lead her up to the 21st floor..

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