The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 48 - Critical Condition

Chapter 48: Critical Condition

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As soon as Yao Tang had gotten out of the elevator, she glanced up and followed the assistant all the way to an office. There, she could see a gold plate plastered onto the wall with the President’s name on it.

“Miss Yao, CEO Cheng is currently meeting with someone else as of this time.” The assistant smiled and bowed her head. “He’ll be back soon, Please wait inside for a moment.”

Yao Tang hummed in agreement and walked in.

The office was bright, with floor-to-ceiling windows on every side of the room. It was also quite organized. All the documented folders were neatly piled up on the desk, surrounded by tall shelves and closets. The left corner of the room, however, held a sofa and a triangular coffee table for guests.

Tilting her head, she made her way to the sofa and took out her phone.

She hadn’t looked at her phone all day, so the minute she did, she was immediately bombarded by messages from the group. Not finding any useful information there, she glanced at her private messages.

The news had spread that she had joined a hacker forum. The list would come to her door in batches.

She had refused to accept the list then, but it was just to remind the people of what was at stake.

“Yao Tang.”

The familiar voice was deep and magnetic. At the sound, she immediately raised her head.

Cheng Yan had already pushed the door open with Qin Hao following behind him. Holding a cup of coffee and another glass of honey grapefruit tea, he placed them on the table.

Once everything from the drinks and the documents had been arranged, he strode over to sit across her figure. “How have you been?” He tilted his head. “Do you need me to prepare for anything at the parent-teacher conference?”

There was a sense of familiarity with his tone, as if they had known each other for so long.

“All you have to do is to show up,” she responded, taking a sip of the tea.


Cheng Yan’s phone immediately rang.

Upon seeing the Beijing address displayed on the screen, his heart skipped a beat. He didn’t even wait for the first ring to finish when his finger immediately jabbed the first button he saw.

“Hello?” There were a few moments of silence, and his face darkened drastically. A few seconds had passed when he nodded. “I’ll be back right away.”

Yao Tang pursed her lips. “What’s wrong?”

“My grandmother’s condition has worsened.” He took a deep breath, unable to hide the grave expression painted across his features.

in Hao, if you’d prepare the private plane. I need to leave right away.”

“Of course.”

Knowing the severity of the situation, he quickly said, “Get in the car first. I’l send you to the airport.”

“Yes.” Grabbing his phone, he glanced at Yao Tang, “I had actually invited you today for this matter-”

“Let’s go,” she interrupted. “Tlll see her.”

“Thank you.” His hands were trembling in anxiety. “I hope we can make it in time.”

At the sound of his boss, Qin Hao couldn’t help but glance at Yao Tang’s direction. His gaze deepened before he turned away, curious as to who this girl really is. “Sir, it’s time we leave.”

In Beijing.

Yao Tang and Cheng Yan finally exited the airport, with the latter leading her straight to the black SUV parked by the roadside.

The windows slowly rolled down.

Cheng Zhou, who had been sitting by the passenger seat this entire time, spotted a young girl walking beside Cheng Yan. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Young Master Cheng, this girl”

Godfather Liu said that he’ll bring a doctor over. Could it be this girl?

How could she be a doctor this young?

“Cheng Zhou.”

As he spoke, Cheng Yan opened the car door.

Yao Tang lowered her head and got into the car. He, on the other hand, took the other side of the seat. As soon as he closed the door, he glanced at the other man. “How’s Grandma doing?”

Cheng Yi, who had just recovered from the shock of his own godfather opening the car door for this young woman, immediately started the car.

“The doctor is treating her, but her condition isn’t well.”

As he spoke, his gaze was fixated on Yao Tang the entire time.

The young girl was slumped lazily in the backseat, playing with her phone. She was leaning against the car door without a single care in the world. One look at her, and anyone could tell she was doing whatever she thought she felt comfortable doing.

She was doing as she pleased.

However, her cold aura was enough to steer any gossipmonger away.

Was this the doctor his sixth uncle had been talking about?

Unaware of the man’s thoughts, Cheng Yan glanced at him, annoyed. “I heard that her condition had improved a few days ago. Why did it suddenly deteriorate like this?” He gripped the handle.

“I don’t know,” the other spat out.

Seeking a distraction elsewhere, Cheng Yan’s gaze fell on the bright rubber bands tied around Yao Tang’s wrist. His eyebrows twitched. There was something about the way those rubber bands’ placements made her wrist look even more delicate under the sunlight.

She could feel him staring at her without having to raise her head.

His gaze was so sharp that it could cut someone.

Yao Tang didn’t seem all too bothered by it. Instead, she immediately changed to a much more comfortable position and continued to play her game. It was as if nothing had happened.

The young girl was filled with arrogance.

It’s as if she looked down on every person here…

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