The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 46 - Chase Her Away

Chapter 46: Chase Her Away

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Meng Yang had gone to the supermarket to buy a few things when he bumped into Yao Ran and the group.

As soon as Yao Ran spotted the tall man, she immediately shifted her gaze to somewhere else, pushing her thoughts at the back of her mind. What she didn’t expect was to see the girl beside her do the same, blushing bright red. Her eyes flashed.

That girl was none other than Ruan Qing. Her family had just struck the gold mine, and immediately, her social standing shot right up to the skies. However, while she saw herself as far better compared to her other peers, she was still a few notches off from being a part of the social circle of rich and


Ruan Qing and Lu Yan had a pretty good relationship.

It seemed that she also liked Meng Yang.

Yao Ran gazed calculatingly at her friend as a smile slipped into her lips. “Qing Qing, why don’t we eat over there-see if there’s anything that Lu Yan likes to eat?”

Ruan Qing also looked down on Yao Ran. A part of her couldn’t shake off the feeling that the girl was also faking all these niceties. Despite this, she still flashed a hypocritical smile. “Sure.”

The other girls surrounding them followed right behind her.

“Brother Yang,” Xiao Pang flipped through the snacks. “Sister Tang’s favorite food’s out of stock. Why don’t we buy something else?”

“Out of stock?” Meng Yang frowned. “Let’s ask the boss. If it’s out of stock, then we’ll tell him to run out buy some more! What kind of store owner allows his products to go out of stock? Does he still want to run a business?”

‘The comers of Chu Yao’s eyes twitched. “You act as I’ve just given you dynamite. Sister Tang likes sweet things anyway-maybe we can buy a few other snacks here and see if she likes them?”

“Ah…” The frown on his face dissipated. “Then we’ll buy all of them for her! Also, make sure to get some for Lin Xin, so she wouldn’t have to share hers!”

The group of girls had been standing right behind them this entire time, listening to his every word.

Yao Ran’s expression still hadn’t changed. She still held onto her gentle expression as she rummaged through the shelves for her favorite snacks.

Ruan Qing, on the other hand, was furious.

Did Meng Yang really like that Yao Tang?

‘Was there really no hope for her end?

The young girl clenched her fists, unable to look at all the bags that Yao Ran had picked out. It was only when the group of guys had left did Ruan Qing finally turn towards her, surprised to see that she was done.

“My sister is very beautiful,” Yao Ran said slowly, gazing at Meng Yang’s back. “It’s normal for people to fall head over heels for her.”

Ruan Qing’s expression immediately turned ugly.

In the past, she and Meng Yang would occasionally exchange a couple of words here and there. However, ever since that bitch had come into the school perimeters, she never had the chance!

Everyone in their senior year knew how much she had liked him!

And that Yao Tang still wanted to interfere!

Seeing the ferocious look on her friend’s face, Yao Ran smiled. “My sister has just been falling behind in her studies. I remember the time she had gotten into this fight once in the past, and it was pretty serious.” She tilted her head. “And with our status, I’m sure the Meng Family wouldn’t be willing to let

him see her any longer.”

‘As soon as the words slipped past her lips, she sighed regretfully. Without another word, she settled the bill and took the bags of food.

Ruan Qing followed the girl, frowning.

Yao Tang had gotten into a fight before?

Oh right, Teacher Luo had mentioned something about Yao Tang being expelled from her former school!

Once her true colors had been exposed, Meng Yang would back off.

She was right.

After all, who doesn’t make mistakes? As soon as he realized who he was courting, he’d immediately back off.

Perhaps he’d even chase her away!

During the second night of the self-study session, Yao Tang appeared. There were only a few other students left, as the others have already gone back to their homes.

‘When Yao Tang had stepped into the classroom, all eyes were on her. Even Meng Yang, who had been staring from afar, couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across his face. He watched her sit down and carefully made his way over to her.

Yao Tang yawned just a bit, glancing at the clock. Waking up early seriously was taking a toll on her. As soon as Meng Yang had come over, he saw her already take out her pillow and headphones from her bag.

“Sister Tang,” He sat beside her.

Burrowing her head in her arms, she lay on her stomach and faced him. Her dark eyes were half-closed as she pursed her lips. “What?”

‘Meng Yang mirrored her actions almost immediately. “What are you going to do about the conference this Saturday?”

From what he had understood, Yao Tang was an orphan ever since she was little. She might not be able to find anyone who’d go to a parent-teacher conference in her stead. He couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness for his friend.

“Tl just let her know that I wouldn’t be participating in the conference,” Yao Tang said casually.

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