The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 45 - They Had Won

Chapter 45: They Had Won

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Yao Tang’s reputation from being the worst to best student had surprised the entire grade level.

When the other students had heard of this news, they immediately began doubting themselves and their abilities.

‘What the hell was going on?

At the six-person table in the student dining hall, the atmosphere couldn’t be better.

Xiao Pang stared at the quiet junior at the edge of the table, his mouth agape. “I never thought that I, Xiao Pang, would be able to meet a top student. You’re just too awesome. Not only did you manage to climb the ranks, but you even pulled Lin Xin up with you. You’re amazing!”

Meng Yang and Chu Yao nodded in agreement.

How could a top student end up in Class 20?

It wasn’t even a close tie either. Yao Ran and Lu Yan were left behind by more than 50 points because she had managed to solve two of the tests’ seemingly “unsolvable questions”.

Lin Xin glanced at the girl beside her. There were so many questions running in her mind, especially with the exercises that Yao Tang had told her to do. She had taught her everything that she needed to know.

Because of her, she felt as if she had managed to unlock something so…wonderful.

“It’s Lin Xin who did all the work here.” She smiled faintly. “We just did our homework together.”

Even then, Lin Xin couldn’t help but feel as if she were living a dream.

“Sister Tang.” Meng Yan swallowed, shaking his head unwillingly. “I still feel as if we’re letting the old man go too easily.”

How could a man free himself from a simple apology?

Yao Tang picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs when she heard his commentary.

‘The comers of her lips were raised as she glanced upwards. “The Top 1 Student is in Class 20,” she stated matter-of-factly. “That’s enough punishment.”

Parents and teachers had always placed great importance on the student’s results-especially on the first monthly exam.

Now, Luo Hua should think carefully as to how to explain all of this to the parents that would be coming to the conference.

‘Meng Yang slowly straightened his back. His face was filled with admiration as he gave the girl a thumbs up.

Fuck, they really weren’t on the same level!

Yao Ran, who had been the Top Student all these years, has now become Top 2 or 3. He shook his head. Just the thought of her sour face was enough to last him the entire day.

The Teacher had always been so conceited, and now that he had been taken down a notch-the rest can celebrate!

His smile widened.

The old man can go fuck himself!

Before the Class had started in the afternoon, all the class representatives took the report cards and distributed them to the class.

Xi Yan, however, held onto one report card in her hand. “Our Class student Yao Tang had taken first place in the grade-not bad if I do say so myself. And our Lin Xin had taken the157th place in the entire grade.” She took a deep breath. “Our Class is now fourth from the bottom of the entire grade level!”

The results were amazing.

Immediately, the students of Class 20 erupted into a sea of defeating roars. Everyone slammed their table excitedly, glancing at each other with such pride.

They had won! They had actually one!

Now, their wall of honor wouldn’t be as blank as it had been!

Their noise was so loud that it could be heard all the way from Class 19.

“Thope that everyone will continue to work hard and strive even harder for a better grade, okay?” she continued.

“Okay, Teacher!”

Their celebration had spread throughout the junior high division, with their happiness infection almost everyone in the high school teacher’s lounge.

There was something about their celebration that was just filled with joy and passion.

It was far different from the gloomy silence of Class 1. Luo Hua gripped the report cards close to his chest as if holding them tightly would change the outcome.

The time had passed, and soon enough, it was already a few minutes till dismissal!

Xi Yan smiled. “We’ll be having our parent-teacher conference this Saturday morning, Please inform your parents in advance.”

“No problem.”

They all agreed without hesitation. Gone were the days of grumbling and complaining as the students shone their pride for their fellow classmates and themselves.

No one can deny how their results had improved from the last exams.

Xi Yan’s smile widened, as she nodded with gratification..

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