The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 44 - A Humble Apology

Chapter 44: A Humble Apology

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Xi Yan raised her eyebrows. “The results are out, aren’t they? So, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Director Huang gazed at the students as he gently said, “Yao Tang, Lin Xin, the teachers have done you wrong today. They…and I – we, should not have suspected you of cheating. We do hope you accept our apology and not be affected by this incident.”

Suddenly, the meeting room was pushed open.

Meng Yang snorted sarcastically as he came in, “If everything can be fixed with an apology, then what’s the use of having the police? Why? Should the top students only come from Class One? If you’re not in Class one and get the highest score, everyone would tum his heads and accuse you of cheating?”

Luo Hua’s face turned instantly red.

Chu Yao and Xiao Pang, who had been following behind their “boss” this entire time, held back their laughter.

Even the dean was rendered speechless by his words.

Just then, Meng Yang raised his eyebrows. “Teacher Luo, I heard from the other teachers that Yao Tang was supposed to be in Class One from the very beginning, wasn’t she? It’s only that you’ve rejected her, believing her grades to be not good enough. So what do you say now? I bet you must be regretting

your decision, haha!”

the older man sputtered, digging his fingers into his palm. If looks could kill, everyone would’ve already been six feet under.

Yao Tang, however, was amused by all the drastic reactions. She shoved her hands into her pockets and tilted her head. A smirk played across her lips.

“Teacher Luo, Director Huang has already apologized,” Xi Yan called, scoffing. “And you? Will you be going back on your word now?”

“That’s right, Teacher Luo. You’re the one who said you would apologize to Yao Tang when she’d surpass the lowest ranking student in your class.”

Meng Yang smirked. “But guess what? She has actually surpassed even the best student in your class. Will you finally stick to your guns?”

“Meng Yang!” Luo Hua, unable to take the incessant mockery, slammed his hands onto the table. However, even the loud noise wasn’t able to distract the students from their goal. “Shut up!”

“Not until you’ve apologized.”

If Chu Yao’s girlfriend hadn’t been a freshman, they wouldn’t have known the old man’s true intentions of slandering Class 20.

His breathing heavy, the older man held onto the conference table for support. However, instead of pitying him, the other teachers gazed at him almost expectantly.

“Teacher Luo,” Xi Yan said again.

“Your rumors have spread all the way from Class 1 to Class 20. Not only has it slandered Yao Tang’s reputation, but it has also affected the way she works. You’re the one who proposed this bet anyway, so I do hope you’d honor this promise.”

Gone was the timid Teacher Xi. Instead, the softness had been replaced with a certain trace of rigidity and stubbornness. At this point, there was no way in hell she was backing down from this.

‘When Yao Tang heard this, she couldn’t help raise her eyebrows in surprise.

Perhaps she really made the right choice to come to school here. Looks like she had a pretty nice teacher.

Knowing that he was finally outmatched, he turned and said through gritted teeth, “Yao Tang, I’m sorry.”

Without another word, the man stormed out of the conference room.

Asneer was plastered across his face as he strode past the emotionless students. Even as he was walking out of the room, he couldn’t contain his disbelief and annoyance with how quickly the situation had been turned against him.

Meng Yang scoffed. “Whatever. Let’s go and eat.”

The group strode out of the conference room as well.

However, as soon as they were out, Meng Yang and one of his friends placed their arms around their teacher’s shoulders. “Thank you for defending us, Miss Xi. If it weren’t for you, things would have gone South real quick.”

All the time when Xi Yan was the class teacher of Class 20, she had received nothing but disrespect and mockery.

She used to swallow her pride and tried to get used to it. But now, she had actually stuck to her guns and fought for the student she believed in.

Asmall smile slipped into her lips while her eyes started to water. “Just make sure you don’t get a zero in your Chemistry next time around, all right? Listen to class, and do all your homework.”

He shrugged. “Sure.”

The news of the first exam of this month had spread across the Senior Year.

Even Lin Xin had become famous throughout the entire grade..

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