The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 43 - The Evildoer

Chapter 43: The Evildoer

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Upon seeing Meng Yang running up the stairs, Xi Yan couldn’t contain her surprise. “Meng Yang,” she called. “Why are you here? Why aren’t you attending your classes?”

He didn’t answer her, making his way to her side. Placing his hands on the railings, he glanced into the conference room. There, he could see two faint shadows by the desk. “Are they going to retake the exam?”

“Yes.” Thinking that he was worried about Yao Tang, she quickly said, “Don’t worry. I know they didn’t cheat-Class 20 really won.”

“Hm.” He didn’t say another word, turning away. This time, however, he had a small smile playing along his lips.

There was no way Yao Tang was going to admit defeat that easily.

In the conference room, the air was thick with suspicion as the two students entered the room. While they had been taken out of their classrooms with absolutely no explanation, they already knew what the teachers had wanted them to do.

Yao Tang and Lin Xin sat opposite to each other. While the Lin Xin was more fidgety from the intensity brewing within their gaze, the other was much calmer-not particularly surprised from the outcome.

A dozen teacher shadowed over them, handing the test papers. It has begun.

Yao Tang sped through the questions, one after the other. She’d go through one item within three to four seconds, and once an hour had passed, she had already finished the entire paper.

‘The English Teacher began to read.

Within around half an hour, he raised his head in disbelief.

150 points?! She had scored a hundred and fifty points!

Half an hour later, Lin Xin finished-scoring around 117 points, not bad for someone who had been in the bottom 300 for so long.

‘When Yao Tang had finished her math paper, their Math Teacher finally scored it, only to be left in total disbelief. What the heck was even happening?

She had the perfect score of 150!

Lin Xin also finished quite high, with a score of 120.

Luo Hua’s face was growing darker and darker.

By the time they had finished going through the Science Test Paper, it was already noon. Even then, the intensity in their gaze still hasn’t dampened. However, there was a sense of admiration and curiosity in many of their expressions.

It didn’t really feel as if time had passed. Most of the teachers didn’t seem even remotely upset about having judged the two too quickly, too amazed by the student before them. It was almost enjoyable checking Yao Tang’s questions. Was there even a question that was too difficult for her?

Who even taught her?

Luo Hua had the balls to even reject this girl? What the hell?

After finishing the comprehensive science questions, Yao Tang glanced at the clock. It was already 11:30.

The Chemistry Teacher, and the Biology Teacher excitedly took her answer sheets, reading through them as if they had come across a map to a famed treasure chest. “Hm,” they hummed in amazement.

Only Luo Hua, the physics teacher, had a gloomy expression painted across his features.

The results were finally released.

Yao Tang scored 294 points, only getting one question wrong. Lin Xin, on the other hand, had scored 243 points.

Luo Hua stared at the answer sheet in disbelief. There was one question that he had been mulling over for what seemed to be an incredibly long time, yet this student had solved it almost seamlessly.

How was that even possible?

There was no way…

Placing her pen down, Yao Tang stood up. “Teacher, can we go now?”

Staring at Yao Tang as if they had just seen a ghost, they hesitantly nodded. It truly was a miracle. “You may go,” many of them had uttered before going back, marveling at both her answers and penmanship.

She finally pushed the door open, where she was immediately greeted by Xi Yan’s large smile. “I’ve scored 150 points for English, 150 for Mathematics, and 294 for Science.”

Yao Tang raised one of her eyebrows. “Have I done well for Teacher Xi?”

Xi Yan must’ve fought tooth and nail for the teachers to consider giving them another exam to prove themselves.

“Hal” The teacher burst out laughing. “You’ve done well.”

Just then, Lin Xin came out as well. “Teacher, I’ve scored 117 points for English, 120 for Mathematics, and 243 for Science!”

Xi Yan patted her head and imitated her other student, “You’ve really done well for teacher!”

Lin Xin smiled embarrassedly.

Yao Tang shoved her hands into her pockets, glancing into the meeting room. Arrogance flashed across her gaze as she saw the faint shadows of her teachers-all bustling about with how high their scores had been.

“Shall we head back to class, Teacher?”

“Oh, but it’s not over yet.”

As she spoke, she immediately led her students back into the conference room.

The teachers still hadn’t recovered from the shock of their students’ results, still mulling it over. Even as the newcomers walked in, they couldn’t take their gazes off from the papers.

Luo Hua clenched his pen tightly, not knowing what else to say..

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