The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 42 - The Perfect Scorer

Chapter 42: The Perfect Scorer

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Xi Yan also had her doubts when she first saw the results, but unlike everyone else in the room, she wasn’t one to jump to conclusions. Instead, she personally took their test papers and compared them herself.

The way they had answered their tests was significantly different from one another. It was impossible for just one person to have answered them altogether.

While Yao Tang’s answers to the more complicated questions were neat and step-by-step-very careful, as some might have said.

Lin Xin had taken a more “innovative” approach in tackling her questions. Some of the steps weren’t even part of the discussion, making her paper look even more tedious than neat. Fortunately, she had reached the correct answers.

Her students didn’t disappoint her. They truly did pass the exams on their own.

There was no cheating involved.

Yao Tang was Lin Xin’s seatmate. Of course, she had picked up a thing or two from Yao Tang in further improving herself, right?

The way they dismissed her students just because they had scored beyond higher than their expectations were despicable. She clenched her fists. There was no way she was going to let this slide.

Initially, the Principal had wanted Yao Tang to enter Class 1. It was Luo Hua who refused the offer, and as such, she had been transferred immediately to Xi Yan’s classroom.

She took a deep breath. Yao Tang was her responsibility, and she was going to defend her no matter what. “Director Huang, I’ll say it again. They did not cheat.”

“You really are stubborn!” Luo Hua narrowed his eyes. “Since Teacher Xi trusts her students that much, then why don’t you let the two of them take the exam alone in front of all the teachers in this conference room? If their results were significantly different from the monthly exam, then all three of you

are welcome to pack your bags and get out of the campus.”

“Fine.” Her eyes flashed. “Let them take the test.”

Director Huang pursed his lips. “Xi Yan, maybe you should think this through. Once we’ve already confirmed that your students had cheated, your teaching career-your entire career-would come to an end.”

“Idon’t have to think it through.” She narrowed her eyes. “I believe in them.”

“You’re overestimating them-I’m telling you.”

With a sigh, the older man turned around. “Go to Class 20, and call the students Yao Tang and Lin Xin down.”

One of the teachers nodded. “Okay.”

However, before the teacher could walk out of the room, Xi Yan immediately raised her hand. “Wait!”

“What’s wrong?” Luo Hua mocked. “Regret the deal already?”

“Ihave another request.” Her gaze became even colder. “If you’ve all found out the truth that they didn’t cheat, all of you must apologize to them-right then and there. Are we understood?”

“If they didn’t cheat, I’ll even open the door to my Class.” Luo Hua scoffed. “I’ll apologize too.”

Xi Yan still didn’t say anything as she stared at the Director.

Director Huang has been silent this entire time when he sighed. “Fine, as long as all of us are sure that they didn’t cheat, I will personally apologize to them. Is that okay?”

“Fine, Teacher Wang, please call them down.”

Class 20 was in the middle of Math Class. As such, all of them were drowsy. There were a few who had been sleeping at the back, and there were others who were too busy staring at the window.

However, as soon as Teacher Wang stepped into the room, all of them had turned to the side-curious to what was going on.

“Teacher Chen,” Teacher Wang called. In an instant, everyone raised his eyebrows as they inched towards the scene. “I need to speak to Yao Tang and Lin Xin. Would it be okay for them to miss class?”

Knowing where this was going, the math teacher nodded. “The two of you-please follow Teacher Wang to the office.”

Yao Tang and Lin Xin followed along, but even they were confused about what was happening.

Meng Yang followed their retreating figures, and a thought occurred in his mind. “Teacher.” He suddenly stood up. “I need to go to the restroom.”

Teacher Chen immediately thought of the zero in Meng Yang’s test paper and shook his head. Was there really hope for this boy?

With a sigh, he waved his hand. “Go ahead.”

Meng Yang immediately stormed out of the room.

As he reached the conference room, he saw Xi Yan standing by the entrance. He pursed his lips..

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