The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 41 - Demand Their Expulsion

Chapter 41: Demand Their Expulsion

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‘The emergency meeting in the Teachers’ Lounge had been on for around fifty minutes. All teachers from the senior grade gathered there. Everyone was silent from both surprise and disbelief, staring at the grade reports.

Those who had classes in the first period had left first, but even they couldn’t wipe out the surprise that had been embedded at the back of their minds.

No. All they could think about were the four sets of papers lying on the desk on four subjects.

Chinese, Math, English, and Science.

They belonged to four students — Yao Tang, Yao Ran, Lu Yan, and Lin Xin.

‘The teachers exchanged a look.

No one had expected such results.

‘The dean gazed at the grade reports in front of him, glancing at the name taking the top spot. Even he didn’t know what else to say. How could this even be possible?

Even Xi Yan couldn’t muster her disbelief.

Yao Tang scored 143 points in Chinese, 150 points in Math, 150 points in English, and 300 points in Science. This had totaled her to 743 points, making her the exam’s top notcher!

She had even solved the most complicated questions that Yao Ran and Lu Yan couldn’t think of solving in the first place.

She was a transfer student, and they had absolutely no expectations of her. Perhaps, she really was a talented student.

‘What they didn’t expect was for Lin Xin, a student from Class 20, to have made such great progress.

While she usually ranked in the top 10 within Class 20, the girl was always at the bottom when it came to a general ranking in the senior grade altogether, where there were over 2,300 students. That was a fact, and it had never changed. That is, until today.

This time, her results had truly advanced, her ranking leaping all the way to the 157th.

Her results had already surpassed Class One’s lowest scorer.

As for Meng Yang, he had 51 points in Chinese and 0 in all the other subjects. Back then, he had been the first from the bottom of the grade.

Now, he was second from the bottom – which was already an improvement in itself.

The results of Class 20 was truly shocking…and even unnerving.

Luo Hua spat, slamming his hands onto the conference table. His eyebrows were furrowed as he sputtered, unsure of what to say. “Impossible — this is impossible!” he yelled. “I demand their expulsion immediately!”

Xi Yan frowned and retorted, “Why should we expel them?”

“Why?” He sneered. “They’ve cheated, haven’t they? In fact, shouldn’t you be more ashamed of yourself for helping students like these cheat? Do you really want them to escape the responsibility of their actions that much?”

“Escape their responsibilities?” A burning flame seeped into Xi Yan’s chest as she staggered up, and she scowled at the accusation. “Are you saying I was the one who had leaked the answer keys to the exam?”

“Is there any other possibility? Take Lin Xin for an example. She was at the bottom in last week’s exam, and yet this time she ranks the 157th? Are you really that good at teaching that she has managed to climb up the ranks that high within such a short time?”

“He’s right. There’s only one reason for thi

“Actually, the bet was just a joke to encourage your students to study hard, Teacher Xi,” one of the teachers mentioned hesitantly, rubbing the back of his hand. “You shouldn’t have used such an unfair method to help them win.”

“I won’t be pursuing this matter with you, but I still call on the expulsion of these two students.”

Everyone was siding against her!

The head of the Moral Education Department tapped a few times on the report cards that he had been presented with before sighing. “Teacher Xi, please inform Yao Tang and Lin Xin of their expulsion. They must leave the school campus immediately,” he stated.

Xi Yan’s eyes remained as cool as ice. “I’l say it again – my students didn’t cheat,” she snapped. “You have absolutely no right to expel them.”

“You’ve been a teacher for three years,” the man said directly. “Who would have a score like Yao Tang’s? That’s just unimaginable. For having just seven points deducted — how could that have not been derived from cheating?”

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