The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 40 - The Top Student

Chapter 40: The Top Student

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By Monday, news of the results coming out early had already spread around the campus.

It brought a restless atmosphere among the students, who were eager to know who had won the bet.

Even on their way to school, the third years couldn’t stop talking about their personal predictions and all the possible consequences that would follow once the winner was announced.

They kept the dynamic going, and their energy only rose as the minutes ticked by. Soon, it was time for the morning reading.

Other than Class 1, all the other classes were waiting for the announcement of the exam results.

To them, it was the climax of the drama that had been unfolding in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, in Class 1—

“Ranran!” a boy called out. “You got everything right in yesterday’s exams, didn’t you?”

Yao Ran bit her lip and answered in a timid voice. “I did get everything right, except for the advanced-level question in Mathematics and Physics.”

The boy’s eyes widened with surprise. “Then that means you were able to score more than 700 points this time!”

Yao Ran frowned and shook her head. “No, I’m afraid it’s only around 690 points or so.”

“Still, you’re amazing! Those questions were super difficult, so it’s no wonder you got them wrong.” Then, the boy turned to another classmate who was sitting at the desk across the aisle. “What about you, Lu Yan? How much did you get in the exams?”

Lu Yan gave  Yao Ran  a sidelong glance before answering coldly, “Around 690 points.”

Like Yao Ran, she had been unable to solve the advanced-level questions in both Mathematics and Physics, too. And just the same, she had also aced her English and Chinese tests.

The boy sucked on his bottom lip and stared at the floor.

This was a rather awkward development.

At this rate, Yao Ran  and  Lu Yan  would probably share the first-place ranking.

The two had been considered as the top students in their entire grade, and they had constantly been competing in academics for as long as anyone could remember.

The Class 1 students spent their morning reading idly. Nobody discussed the bet concerning Class 12 and the exam results.

After all, they were like sky and mud, with a world of difference between them. They already knew the results, even without the big announcement. There’s no way they would lose.

Even Lu Yan, who didn’t have any beef with the people directly involved in the bed, thought that Class 1 was going to win. As such, this matter was not worthy of her attention.

In Class 12, the usual chaos was replaced with a heavy silence.

Everyone sat at their desks with their shoulders drooped. Now and then, a student would sigh as they waited for their death sentences to be made final.

In her seat, Lin Xin  was browsing through an English reviewer as if it were just like any other day, memorizing the words she still wasn’t familiar with.

As for Yao Tang, she had set up a padded cushion on her desk, where she was napping comfortably. The cushion had been a gift from  Lin Xin, who always worried that  Yao Tang  might develop stiff joints from sleeping in such an awkward position.

Meng Yang glanced at the big boss beside him, snoozing without a care in the world, and scratched his head.

The results were coming any minute now. What should he do?

Did he really have no choice but to allow other people to step on his face?

Song Lang looked bitterly at  Meng Yang, then at  Chu Yao, and slumped back against his chair with a long sigh.

Yao Tang finally stirred from all the sighing. She sat up and glared at her classmates with displeasure.

Almost instantly, the temperature in the room dropped, and they all averted their eyes and buried their heads in their desks.

A shiver ran down Meng Yang’s spine, and he stiffened instinctively. “Is something wrong,  Sister Tang?” he asked warily.

Yao Tang clicked her tongue, her eyes flashing impatiently. “This year’s top student is from our class. Now be quiet and don’t disturb my nap again.”

Her voice carried enough menace to cause everyone to shudder with trepidation.

But Meng Yang  frowned and cocked his head at her. “Sister Tang, by any chance, are you still half-asleep?”

The top student was from their class?


Yao Tang cupped her chin and raised an eyebrow at him. “What, you don’t believe me?”

Behind them, Song Lang  gaped at her, struck by her awesome aura.

Chu Yao was equally impressed. How could a small and slender girl give off the vibe of a fearsome gang leader?

“No, I believe you!” Meng Yang  quickly assured her after swallowing a lump in his throat. “I believe whatever you say,  Sister Tang!”

Yao Tang smirked. Without another word, she plugged her earphones in place and settled back on the cushion for her nap.

Meng Yang could only blink in bafflement at her words. ‘I might as well consider myself as the top student, then,’ he thought wryly.

What a ridiculous claim! He wasn’t even sure if he could still show his face in public after today.

Well, if this was to be his downfall, then so be it!

Contrary to their expectations, however, the results did not come out even after the morning reading period ended.

Not a teacher was in sight, either—not the class teachers, or the substitute teachers. Everyone had no idea what was happening.

When the class representative went to the teachers’ office to inquire, the room was empty.

The students from Class 12 could no longer sit still.

“What’s going on? Where did all the teachers go?”

“I don’t know. Didn’t they say that the exam results are coming out today? Why haven’t they announced it yet?”

“Do you think our class teacher will come for the first period?”

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