The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 34 - Why Are You Here?

Chapter 34: Why Are You Here?

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“Shouldn’t we help Yao Tang?” Song Lang asked anxiously, his eyes darting back and forth between the girl and her assailants.

“It’s the others you should be worried about,” Meng Yang answered nonchalantly.

As if to confirm his words, a series of screams filled the room as soon as he finished speaking.

It was a horrible, ear-piercing sound that fully conveyed the meaning of pain. Song Lang whirled around to see what had happened and saw Zhang Ting and his friends crumpled on the floor around Yao Tang’s desk.

One of them was covering her eyes, the other her nose, and the last one her knees. All of them were howling in agony.

Zhang Ting screamed the loudest of all, one of her hands clamped around her wrist. She was white as a ghost, and beads of sweat were dripping from her forehead.

As for the girl Song Lang had been so concerned about…

Yao Tang flicked her hand once. Not even a strand of her hair was out of place, and she was still settled comfortably on her chair. She took out a packet of tissues from her bag, pulled a sheet, then proceeded to wipe her fingers.

She was very thorough, too, as though she wanted to rid herself of every trace of dirt there was. Then, she crumpled the tissue into a ball and threw it in the air. It sailed in a perfect arch before landing square inside the trash can, which sat in the opposite corner of the room.

Everyone stared, stunned speechless.

“Damn,” Song Lang muttered under his breath. “I never imagined she would be this fierce.”

Another boy named Jiang Yu cupped his chin and turned Meng Yang. “This is the first time such a girl has appeared in our school! Did you see how she attacked them just now?”

Meng Yang said nothing. His eyes narrowed until they were nothing more than slits.

As a matter of fact, he hadn’t seen anything at all.

The girl had been too fast for him to follow, her movements ruthless and decisive.

He silently compared her skills with his. He doubted he was capable of moving as quickly as she had.

That speed…

It wasn’t natural.

Meng Yang shifted his gaze to Yao Tang’s expression. She looked unbothered, as if she hadn’t just brought down four other girls.

She was far too calm to be a normal person.

“That Yao Tang,” Meng Yang began, his voice quiet but cautious, “is not someone to be trifled with. She’s dangerous, so make sure you don’t mess with her in any way.”

“Really?” Yao Tang piped up in surprise. “Is she more dangerous than you, Brother Meng?” While he himself had witnessed the incredible scene, he still couldn’t wrap his mind around the possibility that this small, pretty girl was capable of violence.

Meng Yang smirked. “I don’t always send my enemies to the hospital.” Then, he cocked his head toward Yao Tang before adding, “But she will. Every single time.”

“Okay, okay, I swear never to provoke her! I still want to pursue her, though. Should I just give up?”

Yao Tang possessed a true beauty that made men fall in love with her at first sight including Song Lang.

If he had his own way, he would have gladly moved heaven and earth for a chance to win her heart.

But his persistence only earned him a sneer from Meng Yang. “Only if you’re afraid of death.”

Then, without waiting for a response, he strode into the crowd. “What’s going on here?”

Then, without waiting for a response, he strode into the crowd. “What’s going on here?”

As soon as the rest of his classmates realized who it was, they burst back to life and prattled among themselves.

“Oh, look! Meng Yang has brought his gang to help Zhang Ting out!”

“Just as I expected! I knew he fancied Zhang Ting all this time! The transfer student is dead meat now. There’s no way she’ll survive two gangs at the same time.”

“Ahh, what a pity. At this rate, her pretty face is going to get slapped beyond recognition.”

“If she has any common sense, she would lower her head in front of the great Meng Yang. It’s not like the boss has never sent people to the infirmary before.”

Lin Xin scurried over to Yao Tang and knelt beside her. She stubbornly pulled on the latter’s skirt, her eyes wide with fear.

“Hurry, Tangtang,” she whispered frantically.

“This is our school bully! Get on your knees quickly!”

Everyone held their breath and waited, but Yao Tang remained firmly in her seat.

She actually dared to defy Meng Yang! She was definitely in serious trouble now.

Meng Yang’s lips twitched. It had been so long since someone had mocked him like this, and he couldn’t help but feel amused at the novelty.

As he took a closer look at Yao Tang’s face, however, his arrogance was replaced with utter shock.

He jumped away reflexively and kept retreating until his back touched the wall. “Tangtang, Tangtang, Tangtang,” he said in a slightly panicked voice. “Sister Tangtang?!”

Yao Tang nodded at him indifferently. “Yes?”

Everyone stopped talking all at once.

A beat passed, and then another, and then…

“Why the hell are you here?” Meng Yang roared.

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