The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 35 - You're the One Who's Spreading Rumors?

Chapter 35: You’re the One Who’s Spreading Rumors?

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When Meng Yang saw Yao Tang, he couldn’t help but recall his own childhood experience.

He was five years old at that time when he and his companions ran into a delicate-looking girl on the way home. They meant to tease her, but they weren’t expecting that this girl would be able to stand on her own. Hell, that was an understatement. She didn’t even wait for them to tease her as she went over to beat them up.

Meng Yang had seen a challenge in this girl, but every time he went to try his luck, she’d beat him up till he wet his pants.

From then on, he had developed a fear of Yao Tang. Whenever he’d see her, he’d run away like some scared mouse.

“Why are you in Class 12, sis?”

Meng Yang pursed his lips. His mother had told him how Yao Tang was the smartest in their courtyard, so why would he be her classmate? Why was she in Class 12?

“You are not happy to see me?”

She cocked up an eyebrow.

“It’s not that,” he said hastily, taking a step back. Glancing at the people on the ground, he furrowed his eyebrows. “What the hell’s going on with you guys? How dare you try to start a fight with Sister Tang?”

The leader, Zhang Ting, struggled to stand up. “All the guys said that Yao Tang was good-looking,” she stuttered. “So we all wanted to see her. We didn’t expect for her to beat us up!”

The twelve students all curled their lips, but they didn’t say anything.

Although Zhang Ting had admitted defeat in front of Meng Yang, she knew that they’d be the ones who’d be beaten up if they dared to interfere in this exchange.

Meng Yang glowered at them. “If the rest of you don’t tell me the truth right now, I’ll make sure none of you would walk out of this classroom alive,” he snapped.

The one closest to Meng Yang bowed her head. “Brother Meng,” she stuttered out with her head bowed. “We heard from Teacher Luo that her grades were extremely poor, and she was recently expelled from school…And we’ve also heard that she’s a distant niece from the Yao Family, so we…”

“So you decided to bully her, is that it?”

Meng Yang clenched his fists, and cracking voices echoed across the room. His face darkened almost completely as he gritted his teeth. Everyone staggered backward.

Yao Tang crossed her legs and yawned, feigning boredom from the exchange.

“Sister Tang, why don’t you go and have some rest first? Leave the rest to me.” He glared at the rest of them, unbothered by her resignedness. “Go out with me! Don’t disturb her anymore.”

After a series of cries, the few girls were dragged out by Meng Yang and his friends.

“You’re saying that the Old Man Luo Hua is the one saying these things about her?” He glared at the girls.

“It’s true. If it weren’t for Teacher Luo, we wouldn’t have pushed her around while the teachers were out for a meeting,” they cried, covering their heads. “If we had known…”

Zhang Ting raised her head miserably. Her face was pale.

“Song Lang, keep an eye on the girls here. I’m going to settle the score with Luo Hua.” His eyes were gold as he glanced back at the girls. “Where the hell is his office?”

“Same office as Teacher Xi.” Chu Yao said.

Luo Hua was the physics teacher from the science and technology team.

With a snarl, he whirled around and stomped towards the teacher facilities.

Chu Yao immediately chased after the man, afraid that his friend would be beating the teacher himself. While they had all been sick and tired of that teacher, he’d be in big trouble if he acted rashly like this!

The door of the Science and Technology Department’s Office was kicked open, and the teachers inside were all quite startled. Luo Hua narrowed his eyes to see a gloomy-looking Meng Yang storming into the room.

“Hey, call Yao Tang,” Chu Yao whispered to one of his minions.

“Meng Yang, how many times have I told you to knock before you enter?”

Meng Yang didn’t even look like he cared as he stomped towards Luo Hua’s desk. “Were you the one spreading rumors about Yao Tang?” His eyes flashed.

The old man leaned against his seat. “Are you here to settle a score with me for her? Have you forgotten your place?” he snapped. “Or did your Teacher Xi not teach you anything?”

“Oh, fuck you!” He sneered. “You’re nothing but some bullshit teacher who thinks so highly of himself just because you teach Class 1. Why don’t you just fuck off and not judge any of us from Class 12?”

“What!” He stood up abruptly, waving his finger. “Why don’t you speak with respect, young man? Don’t think that just because your Meng family has invested a lot of money in this school, you can do whatever you want here!”

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