The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 33 - Meng Yang's Return

Chapter 33: Meng Yang’s Return

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“It’s great that we can finally get back to class!”

As punishment for initiating a fight, four young boys had spent a good chunk of the last few days cooped up in a detention room, copying the school’s rules and regulations over and over. This day marked the end of their sanctions, and they relished the feeling, whistling and chatting as they walked into the classroom building.

They were all gifted with good looks and received attention wherever they went.

Now that they were moving across the court in a group, their admirers quickly gathered and gawked at the impressive scenery before them.

After all, classes hadn’t started yet.

On the opposite building, a bunch of girls huddled at the staircase, screaming their hearts out. They were over ten meters away, but they were so loud that Meng Yang winced.

“Ahh! Meng Yang is so handsome!”

“Oh, my God! Do you see the way he walks? He’s so tall and cool, I just can’t take it!”

“I feel like my ovaries would explode just by looking at his face!”

Indeed, Meng Yang was tall and attractive, and undeniably had the most female fans in the whole school.

Within a week of his admission to No. 1 High School, the students had begun calling him the campus heartthrob.

Not only was he good-looking, but he was also the son of a financial magnate. Even though he had the worst possible grades in practically every exam, this didn’t stop the girls from fawning over him.

“Are these girls all right? They’re acting like they’re out of their minds.”

“They’re pretty normal for the most part, but whenever they see Brother Meng, it’s like their brains turn to mush.”

“I guess we can’t blame them. Brother Meng is so appealing that even the campus belle is eager to get into his pants. I don’t think there’s a single girl in school who can resist his charms.”

“No, I do believe there actually is one.”

“Really? Who?”

“Have you heard of that transfer student, Yao Tang? They say that she’s cold to everyone, but she hasn’t met Brother Meng yet. Now that our suspensions have been lifted, I’m excited to see if she can remain aloof at the sight of his face.”

“Haha! If he ends up falling for our Brother Meng, then a good show is sure to follow!”

“I know, right? At this rate, both campus belles will be competing for Brother Meng!”

At the mention of this controversial new student, the three boys dove into an animated discussion on what to expect. They had all seen the photos posted on the forum, which had, in turn, piqued their curiosity.

Meng Yang didn’t join the conversation, looking all bored and detached.

Pretty soon, the boys dissolved into silence, and they turned to him in unison. “Brother Meng, the transfer student sounds fascinating. She’s very beautiful and has quite a personality. She seems a lot more interesting than a good girl like the current campus belle, Yao Ran.”

“That’s right. What are your thoughts about this Yao Tang?”

Meng Yang gave them an annoyed look before smirking. “That isn’t enough to earn my attention.”

“Are you sure?” Song Lang asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement. “In that case, I’m free to pursue her, right?”

Meng Yang gave him a sideways glance. “Do whatever you want. There’s no need to bother me with these things. However…”

“What? What is it?”

“I suggest you don’t keep your hopes up. There’s no way you can keep up with a girl like that.”

“Damn it, Brother Meng, aren’t you underestimating me too much? I know I’m not as handsome as you, but I’m not that bad, either.” Song Lang hesitated for a second before adding, “Right?”

Meng Yang only scoffed and repeated his previous remark. “You can’t keep up with her.”

He had excellent intuition.

And from what little he had seen, this girl called Yao Tang was just like him. They were both very proud, cold-blooded people who couldn’t be bothered with what society thought or said. They were difficult to get close to, not that many would dare. They weren’t easy to provoke, either, but once they snapped, they made sure to unleash hell.

These scoundrels around him wouldn’t even warrant a second glance from Yao Tang, let alone a chance to court her.

“Meng Yang is back!”

The moment they rounded the corner and appeared in the hallways, the girls from Class 12 all rushed to the door and twittered in excitement.

At last, the campus heartthrob was returning to class.

His presence would surely add an element of thrill to the events that were unfolding in school.

Meng Yang and his friends sauntered into the classroom to find that one of their classmates was surrounded by other students from a different class.

They all presumed the girl to be Yao Tang, but they could only see her back from where they stood. They also recognized the people around her to be the school bullies who often caused a lot of trouble, always beating up girls and sending them home crying.

One of the boys craned his neck and frowned. “It’s Zhang Ting and her gang. Should we go over and take a look, Brother Meng?”

“Zhang Ting must have heard the rumors, then.”

“Which rumor?”

“Why are you even asking? Of course, it’s about Yao Tang becoming the new campus belle. According to the grapevine, all the boys at school have fallen in love with her, even our Brother Meng here. And we all know Zhang Ting has been carrying a torch for Brother Meng all these years.”

Meng Yang leaned against the door frame and tucked his hands in his trouser pockets. His narrowed eyes were fixed in Yao Tang’s direction.

For some reason, a vague feeling of familiarity rose from the pit of his stomach.

He knew for sure that he had yet to meet the transfer student, but he couldn’t help the sense of deja vu that came over him.

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