The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 32 - A Notorious Bully

Chapter 32: A Notorious Bully

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Four girls had surrounded Yao Tang’s guests, each of them wearing a threatening expression. The one in front of her seemed to be the leader. Indeed, she looked the fiercest among them all.

She was also the one who had pushed Yao Tang just now.

These kids were not from Class 12.

Yao Tang had a photographic memory, and she already had her classmates’ faces memorized.

The group’s leader, Zhang Ting, was practically thrumming with rage. She had been itching to teach this newcomer a lesson, so when the post about her background blew up, she gathered her minions to teach the bumpkin a lesson.

One of the few things she loathed in the world was some tramp pandering to the boys and trying to seduce them, and the current campus belle was no exception.

Yao Ran had far too many admirers in the school, but she was also at the top of her class, which ensured support from the faculty and staff. Moreover, she came from a wealthy family, even far more powerful than Zhang Ting’s. The latter knew her limits. There were people she simply couldn’t afford to go against.

Needless to say, the fact that Zhang Ting couldn’t do anything to Yao Ran only made her hate the latter more.

When Yao Tang entered the picture, Zhang Ting had initially thought that she couldn’t touch her, either. This presumption changed the moment she had found out that Yao Tang was only a distant and dirt-poor niece that the Yao family had recently adopted. Zhang Ting was certain that the Yao Tang wouldn’t come to Yao Tang’s defense even if someone beat her up and crippled her.

Now that they were glaring at each other eye to eye, however, a sliver of fear crept into Zhang Ting’s consciousness.

Yao Tang’s gaze was full of terrifying, malevolent intent.

Even the other girls had the urge to cower when they saw the look in her eyes.

But Zhang Ting refused to back down. After realizing that a bumpkin had almost fazed her, she doubled down on her aggression. “You’re Yao Tang, aren’t you? You’re just some rat from the countryside, how dare you glare at me like that?”

She raised her chin and scoffed. “Huh? What are you looking at? Do you want to fight or something?” Zhang Ting proceeded to look Yao Tang up and down.

“You are pretty, I’ll give you that. It’s no wonder you’re being so ambitious. Were you planning to seduce Meng Yang so that you can crown yourself as the mistress of the campus? Let’s see if things end up going your way.”

Zhao Ting slammed her fist on Yao Tang’s desk and loomed over her ominously. “Pack up your things and leave our school immediately. And don’t ever show yourself in No. 1 High School again!”

Up close, Zhang Ting couldn’t help but note how white and smooth Yao Tang’s unblemished face was. Jealousy gripped her heart. ‘This girl is a vixen through and through!’

She finally understood why the boys were singing her praises all over the school forum.

She wouldn’t have cared about those idiots, but then she heard that Meng Yang had also fallen for Yao Tang’s trap. It was even rumored that he had been asking around about the wench!

Well, she was about to put this transfer student in her rightful place. She had no business going around enticing the boys at school, the least of all Meng Yang.

“Get lost.”

Yao Tang’s face was devoid of any expression. Her supple, pink lips had barely moved when she uttered the words, but her voice rang cold and clear in the classroom. Her hands had unconsciously clenched into fists.

“What the hell did you just say?” Zhang Ting demanded furiously. She had better heard wrong, or else…

Yao Tang straightened in her seat. The red tinge in her eyes became a shade darker as she said, “I said, all of you get lost while I’m still being nice.”

Zhao Ting looked at her posse in disbelief and let out a loud and derisive laugh.

“Did you hear that? This country bumpkin actually has the guts to send us away!”

Yao Tang’s indifferent expression alone had been enough to incite her fury, but her haughty words drove Zhang Ting even further to the edge.

All the other students in Class 12 were avidly watching them by now. They all knew about Zhang Ting’s reputation, and even considered her as a notorious disgrace and headache for the school’s administration. Apart from being a flagrant bully, she had a particular penchant for going after anyone who managed to gain a few admirers on campus.

That was, except for Yao Ran.

Unfortunately for the transfer student, she had been in the limelight since her first day at school and was even touted as the next campus belle. It was only a matter of time until Zhang Ting targeted her.

Some of her classmates found it in themselves to sympathize with Yao Tang, while others reveled in this messy development. Either way, no one was planning to stand up for her.

All the teachers had just gone for a meeting, too, so there was nobody she could come to for help.

Just then, a commotion came from the hallway. A group of boys was trying to protest in hopes of earning Yao Tang’s favor.

Zhang Ting whirled at them and snapped, “Mind your own business, or I’ll beat you guys up as well!”

Everyone knew that she had a thug for an older brother, who lorded over the school just across the street. The boys promptly shut up and lowered their heads.

Zhang Ting looked back at Yao Tang and brought her fist down on the desk once more. “Well, bumpkin? Are you leaving our school for good or not?”

“You’re the ones who should leave,” Yao Tang said, as she closed her eyes in resignation. Her nails were biting deep into her palm as she stifled the urge to throw a punch.

It was getting exceedingly hard to restrain herself. Her self-control might fly out the window any second now.

Fate delivered right on cue.

“You hussy!” Zhao Ting roared. She raised her arm, poised to slap Yao Tang. “Since you don’t seem to understand the rules we have here, I’ll make sure to drill it in your head, so you never forget!”

The three other girls followed suit and raised their own fists to assault Yao Tang.

“Oh no, the goddess is going to be beaten to a pulp.”

“Should we report it to a teacher? She’s no match for them. Her face is only going to get ruined when they’re done with her. What a shame.”

“What are you talking about? She deserves what’s coming to her! Who told her to seduce our boys in the first place?”

“I know, right? She should have been modest and kept a low profile, especially since she’s a transfer student! I’m excited to see what’s going to happen after this bloodbath.”

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