The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 31 - Teaching the Bumpkin a Lesson

Chapter 31: Teaching the Bumpkin a Lesson

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They especially applauded the boys from Class 12, saying that their good luck was enough to last them a lifetime.

“Are these boys out of their minds? That tramp doesn’t deserve all these praises!” Yao Ran’s friends were also scrolling down the post beside her. The more they read, the uglier their expressions became.

As far as statistics went, almost 98 percent of the school’s male population had named Yao Ran as their crush. It surprised no one, since she had excellent grades and came from a good family. On top of that, she had also been the campus belle for so long.

Because of this, no one raised an eyebrow even if all the boys liked her.

But having them like Yao Tang—a bumpkin with nothing to her name—was another thing entirely. This didn’t sit well with the girls of the school.

Who the hell was she, anyway?

“I think it’s time she gets a taste of what true power and influence is like. She’s as good as public enemy number one to all the girls, and I’m sure there are a lot of us who want to teach her a lesson. Don’t fret, Ranran. Dealing with a sewage rat like her will be a piece of cake. We can even make it look like we have nothing to do with what’s coming for her.”

Yao Ran’s friends rallied behind Chen Lu and cursed at Yao Tang. “That girl sure is arrogant, isn’t she? Does she feel no gratitude for our Ranran after all that her family has done? Now, she wants to sabotage Ranran’s school life, too!”

Yao Ran’s lips twitched. When she spoke, her voice was so meek, it gave everyone the impression that a gust of wind might blow her down. “No, please don’t do anything. I still consider her as my sister. I don’t want to see her get into any trouble. Maybe we just misunderstood her intentions.”

“Ranran, how many times do we have to tell you? That bumpkin doesn’t deserve to be your sister, so stop calling her that!”

“It’s because you’re so kind and forgiving that she thinks she can just get away with anything. Even if we do nothing to teach her a lesson, someone else eventually will. Just wait and see. People like her always get what they deserve in the end.”

“I’m way ahead of you. I’ve already posted all of her scandalous behavior and counts of misdemeanor on the forum. Wait until the story makes its rounds. Let’s see if these boys will be willing to pursue a country bumpkin from God knows where.”

Yao Ran’s eyes welled up again, and fear was written all over her face. “Oh, no. I heard that she’s rather good at fistfights. It would be better if we just stay clear of her, or we might find ourselves in a difficult situation. You shouldn’t have posted anything, though. I’m really okay. I don’t care about the campus belle title or whatever. I only want Mom and Dad to be happy and proud of me.”

She finally broke down just as she finished talking, her big, fat tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

Yao Ran’s appeared delicate and helpless, and it worked in stirring the hearts of her long-time admirers. They couldn’t help but ache for her.

So the transfer student that everyone was calling a goddess was actually a country bumpkin?

Clearly, she had banked on her good looks to get to places. How dare she presume to replace Yao Ran as the campus belle?

Yao Ran was very pretty and a straight-A student from a wealthy family. She was also skilled in piano, drawing, and dancing. Heck, over the years, it seemed like she excelled in almost anything. There was no way that new girl could compare to their multi-talented idol.

The girls were right—they must teach Yao Tang a lesson and remind her of her place in society!

Her gorgeous looks gave her no right to snatch the title of campus belle, and they were going to make sure that the whole school saw her true colors as soon as possible.

“Hey, country bumpkin!”

Yao Tang was jostled awake by someone forcefully pushing at her chair.

In the next second, something slammed hard against her desk, followed by another rough push from behind her.

She really hated it when someone interrupted her sleep.

Yao Tang slowly turned her head away from the direction of the commotion.

“Are you awake now?” came a sharp, female voice from somewhere above her. It dripped with open animosity. “If you’re awake, then hurry and get up from that desk! Who do you think you are, huh? Acting all haughty after driving all those boys crazy.”

Unfortunately for the girl, Yao Tang heard none of her vicious remarks.

She had, in fact, been wearing earplugs, and they were the best the market could offer. Needless to say, they worked perfectly. The moment she put them on, it was as though she had turned deaf to the world.

Still, Yao Tang sensed the presence above her, so she gingerly raised her head.

She removed the sleeping mask she had put on to reveal an icy glare. Her eyes were deep and black as an abyss, yet at the same time, they glittered with the allure of a rare gem.

Specks of evil lurked behind their depths, though, and Yao Tang’s murderous intent began to seep out of her body.

She let her aura speak of herself as she locked eyes with the girl who had foolishly woken her up.

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