The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 16 - Transfer Student

Chapter 16: Transfer Student

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Xi Yan patiently tried to hold a conversation with Yao Tang as they made their way to the classroom.

“Class 12 may not be as excellent as Class 1, but you have nothing to worry about. The teachers remain diligent no matter what class they’re teaching. All of you have endless possibilities, so you must make the most of it until the day of the college entrance exams.”

Yao Tang never responded, but Xi Yan only smiled. “Come on, let’s hurry to your first class.”

Yao Tang did hum tentatively then, before turning away and walking ahead.

Her gait was somehow lazy and pompous at the same time.

Xi Yan glanced took several glances at the girl before finally saying, “I have a question for you, Yao Tang. I hope you don’t mind.”

“What is it?”

Yao Tang looked back and raised an eyebrow, which was as good as telling Xi Yan to continue.

It was a simple gesture, albeit a little disrespectful, but the woman couldn’t help the awe that was slowly bubbling inside her chest. As imperious as her actions were, Yao Tang didn’t give off the vibe that usually came with teenage bullies.

And so, instead of scolding her, Xi Yan found herself admiring the girl a little, much to her confusion. Why was she feeling this way?

She cleared her throat and collected herself. “I’ve taken a look at your test results. They were… Well, can you tell me how you took the exam?”

Xi Yan was a perceptive woman, and she had known early on that she needed to be tactful in breaching this subject.

Yao Tang flashed her a devilish smile. She cocked her head to the side and asked, “How did I get a series of zero, you mean?”

The corner of Xi Yan’s mouth twitched. She met the girl’s gaze head-on and nodded.

Yao Tang raised a finger and pushed her baseball cap slightly upward, revealing her exquisite features. “Because I wasn’t the one who took that exam,” she answered nonchalantly.”

Xi Yan had to pause at that, unsure what to say next.

Soon, they were approaching Class 12’s room. Rambunctious voices rang out in the halls and reached their ears before they even reached the door.

“They’re livelier than usual,” Xi Yan offered helplessly.

She pushed the door to the side and stepped inside, then turned to check Yao Tang one last time. The girl had her eyes lowered, which made one think that she was nervous about her new surroundings. “Don’t be afraid,” Xi Yan encouraged. “Your classmates are actually very friendly. Get ready to introduce yourself so that everyone can get to know you.”

Then she made a beeline for the table sitting in front of the class, lifted it a few inches in the air, then slammed it back down on the floor. “Quiet!” Xi Yan roared at the top of her lungs. “Settle down and be quiet!”

Despite her efforts, however, the noise barely diminished.

Xi Yan was exhausted with this endless cycle of contention between her and these mischievous kids.

Just as she was racking her brains on what to do, a sudden hush fell in the room.

She looked up to see most of the students gaping at the figure behind her.

Beams of sunlight were streaming through the window at this time, and they fell perfectly on Yao Tang, casting her in a golden glow.

She was still wearing her black baseball cap, which hid the upper part of her face. Nevertheless, her straight, midnight hair, her fair skin, and her long legs were enough to catch everyone’s eye. Her cold aura was alluring, too. It was obvious from what little they could see of her face that she was gorgeous, and the girls pursed their lips in jealousy.

Little did they know that beneath that cap, her eyes held a sharp glint that matched the wicked smirk on her lips. If they had registered this, they would have automatically surmised that this newcomer wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

Xi Yan braced both of her hands on either side of the table and smiled. Though she sometimes felt defeated by this class, her fighting spirit had never failed her. She was always ready to try again, determined to whip these students up to shape. “I believe you already heard that a female student has just transferred into our class,” she announced.

“Now, let us welcome our new classmate with a warm round of applause.”

Xi Yan took the lead and clapped her hands before turning to Yao Tang, who was still lingering by the door. “Come in, Yao Tang. Say hello to everyone.”

At this point, the entirety of Class 12 was staring at her, even as the students were clapping robotically.

Indeed, they had known that a new student was coming since half an hour ago.

But they had never expected her to be so beautiful.

Class 12 had always been a place where good things seldom happened, while bad things certainly never went away. Yet with the arrival of this transfer student, they had become the subject of jealousy of all the classes on campus.

And who could blame them? Yao Tang had caused a stir just by walking through the gates earlier today. With her face and figure, the boys had quickly dubbed her their goddess, and she had effectively won over 98% of the student body’s male population. Most of them had even sneaked close and stealthily taken pictures of her on their phones.

As for the remaining two percent of the boys, they were deduced to be the hardcore fans of the current campus belle, Yao Ran.

Well, as things stood, the holder of this title just might change. Within an hour of being at school, Yao Tang had already scored a lot of popularity votes, and there was talk among the forums of nominating her as the new campus belle.

Naturally, the students for Class 12 joined the fray, clamoring among themselves in anticipation. They wanted to see if this new student was really as beautiful as shown in those clumsy photos, or if the rumors were only exaggerated.

Now, the object of all the commotion glided into the classroom, her hands tucked inside her pockets. Her every movement was delicate and graceful.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Yao Tang.” At last, she looked up and faced the class before her.

“I don’t have a good temper, so I suggest that you do not provoke me in any way. Otherwise, I might lose control and end up hitting someone. I have no interest in making friends, either, so you can all just pretend that I don’t exist. If you want to take care of me as your classmate, the best way to go about it is to ignore my presence.”

A pregnant silence descended into the room again, this time heavier and much odder than the last.

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