The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 15 - Class 12, the International Class

Chapter 15: Class 12, the International Class

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“Are you sure you won’t regret it?” Principal Kong asked, his words laden with meaning. “Yao Tang holds a lot of promise.”

Unfortunately, his intent flew past Luo Hua’s head, who was ruthless with his rejection. “Of course, I’m sure, Principal! If we must accept her into this school, then she should at least be placed in Class 12. I don’t think she’d be able to keep up with the pace of the other classes, anyway.”

Class 12 was laughably known as the ‘International Class’. It was the dumping ground, so to speak, of the students with the worst test scores. In all fairness, they didn’t discriminate between those who came from powerful backgrounds and those with mediocre ones. The only deciding factor was that these students did poorly with their studies.

Needless to say, it was the most unruly class on campus, and caused an endless headache to the school faculty.

Principal Kong scowled. He wasn’t worried about Yao Tang’s previous marks, since he knew what the girl was truly capable of. She certainly wasn’t suitable for Class 12.

But he was helpless against concrete proof. As a last resort, he turned to Yao Tang and gave her a look of apology.

The girl nodded subtly. Since the matter seemed to have been decided, she wouldn’t bother to go against it.

The principal then called for Xi Yan, Class 12’s form teacher, and relayed Yao Tang’s situation to her.

Xi Yan had just graduated from her doctorate three years ago. She had very little practical experience to her name, and had been easily forced to supervise Class 12 since no other teacher was willing to handle such troublesome students.

Thankfully, the novice teacher was not fazed by this. If anything, it only fueled her passion and energy for her newfound responsibility.

When he was done explaining, Principal Kong glanced at Luo Hua. It appeared that the man had finally settled down. He looked back at the other teacher and asked, “Do you have any objections with this arrangement, Teacher Xi?”

Xi Yan smiled brightly. “Don’t worry, Principal. I will do my best to get her through at least three textbooks before the grading period is over.”

She knew she must not bear prejudices against a student, no matter how bad her past academic performance was.

This was just basic professional ethics for an educator.

Principal Kong nodded in approval and relief.

“I will be leaving this child in your care then, Teacher Xi. Please arrange for her to start her lessons as soon as possible.”

“I understand, Sir.”

Xi Yan reached out and patted Yao Tang on the shoulder. “Good luck, Student Yao. I do believe your grades are going to improve in due time. Come, I’ll take you to class.”

Principal Kong sipped the wolfberry tea on his table as he watched them leave. The concoction had been left to brew slowly for a long time, and it gave him a warm and comforting feeling.

At long last, the position of No. 1 High School as the best in the city was as good as set in stone!

And if things went well, perhaps they might even be recognized as the best in the entire province.

Principal Kong was giddy with excitement, but he kept himself from indulging any further, lest he might jinx the odds.

When he looked up again, he noticed how Luo Hua’s brows were furrowed in obvious discontent. Principal Kong sighed and took out a piece of paper from one of his drawers.

He set it down on his desk and gestured for Luo Hua to come over. “What do you think of this question?” Principal Kong asked, his index finger landing on a single written line.

Luo Hua felt his heart skip a beat. With wide eyes, he picked up the paper and studied its contents. In particular, his attention was focused on the handwritten steps to solve the problem that was presented.

It was an intermediate level and innovative Math Olympian question, one had he had specially studied in the past.

The solution that followed was smooth and concise, and eventually derived the same answer he had also obtained after much toil.

Luo Hua was not stupid—not really. He thought back to the principal’s baffling behavior and quickly put two and two together. “This was done by Yao Tang?” he muttered under his breath, his face going pale.

One had to possess the most excellent mathematical skills in order to comprehend this problem, let alone solve it.

So this was the ability of the promising student he had let slip through his fingers.

Principal Kong’s expression was unreadable.

While the fact that Yao Tang was able to solve this kind of complex mathematical problem was already very impressive, her repertoire didn’t end there.

The thing was, she was also the one who had formulated these questions.

Indeed, Yao Tang was nothing short of a treasure in the world of academics. Only an idiot would be displeased to have her under his wing.

Principal Kong considered telling Luo Hua about her talents, but the other man seemed intent on his own biases. In the end, the former held back, and only said, “You know, sometimes you’re too stubborn for your own good. Your clouded judgments often stop you from seeing the big picture.”

Luo Hua did not respond, and Principal Kong decided to change the subject. “Has the Youth Olympics started yet?”

He was referring to the Youth Olympics Knowledge Competition, a regional competition considered to be of the highest level and the largest scale among the high schools in City A. It covered a vast area of knowledge and was jointly organized by various academic associations all over Mianzhou.

Students from all walks of life were allowed to enter the contest. After all, being able to represent one’s school in a regional or provincial competition was already enough, by most standards, to bring glory to their alma mater.

Luo Hua mustered a lively tone as he answered, “Yes, the math category is set to take place soon. Not to worry, though. Our school has already selected the top-performing students to participate in the Youth Olympics last week.”

Principal Kong narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Hmm, I see. Okay then.”

He held a position in the Mathematics Association, and if he remembered correctly, he had the power to fill in one slot by nomination. The cogs in his head began to turn…

Dismissed, Luo Hua walked out of the principal’s office in a daze. It wasn’t until a cold breeze blew past him that he jolted back to his senses.

He was beyond shocked to learn that Yao Tang was smart enough to solve the problem from earlier, but there was something else that nagged at the back of his mind. He had this keen sense of familiarity with the handwriting, he just couldn’t put his finger on it yet. Luo Hua mulled it over as he walked down the corridor. When he finally recalled where he had seen that handwriting before, his heart blazed with fury.

It was the very same handwriting of one of the math teachers employed in this very school!

‘I can’t believe the principal went to such great lengths just to boost Yao Tang’s image!’

This, of course, only served to fuel Luo Hua’s animosity toward the girl.

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