The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 17 - : Odd Introduction

Chapter 17: Odd Introduction

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The smile on Xi Yan’s face immediately froze.

The students were just as shocked as she was, but Yao Tang continued to act as if she hadn’t just dropped a bomb in class. She looked around at her classmates, her gaze misty and mesmerizing.

“I suppose that’s all for now. Thank you, everyone. I’m done introducing myself.”

Her voice was clear and melodious, and some of the boys couldn’t stop themselves from sighing at the sound. Some of them had even gasped out loud the moment they’d laid eyes on Yao Tang’s face.

As it turned out, the word beautiful was an understatement when it came to their new goddess. Her features lent her an ethereal feel, and her figure was bound to haunt every boy’s dreams. Unfortunately, her remarks just now had terrified them as much as her looks had enthralled them.

“Teacher Xi, where shall I sit?” Yao Tang asked, turning to the teacher without a care for her classmates’ reactions.

Xi Yan had a stiff expression, her lips pressed into a thin line.

She realized too late that the paperwork had not lied.

This girl was indeed very problematic, not at all the well-behaved student she had been hoping for.

Everyone was holding their breaths. The room was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

‘They’ve never been this quiet before,’ Xi Yan thought wryly.

She pointed at the three empty seats at the back of the class. “Sit next to Lin Xin for now. It’s the empty seat on the fourth row from the right.”

Yao Tang complied. She plopped on the empty chair and started to organize her books. Then she took out a pen to write her name on them.

She propped her right elbow on the desk and rested her cheek on her palm while she wrote with her left hand. Her fingers were long and slender, and with the angled position of her face, she painted the picture of an ideal, young campus beauty.

“Oh my God, this new student has such a strong personality! We have to be careful from now on.”

“I can’t believe it. Our class already has a constant troublemaker in Meng Yang, and now another one has turned up? I don’t think she’s planning to take over the title of campus belle, at all. If anything, she might end up vying with Meng Yang for dominance over the school.”

“But, gosh, she’s really gorgeous, isn’t she? I can’t even look at her directly! I feel like her beauty might blind me.”

“You’re right! I don’t care about Meng Yang, but I believe that the campus belle is about to change!”

Teenagers would always be teenagers, and after recovering from their initial shock, they instantly caused an uproar among themselves. Of all their expectations about their new classmates, none of them had imagined the way Yao Tang had actually turned out to be.

Their discussions were deep and animated, and all of them sneaked peeks at Yao Tang as they ran their mouths.

Beside her, Lin Xin calculated different scenarios in her head before deciding on a course of action. “Hello, Yao Tang,” he called out gently. “My name is Lin Xin, and I’m a member of the study committee. If you have any difficulties with your subjects, feel free to come to me.”

Yao Tang turned to her and narrowed her eyes ever so slightly. “Hello.”

Then her gaze drifted to Lin Xin’s smile, and her demeanor changed abruptly. “It’s nice to meet you. Do you think you can show me around the campus later? I would like to familiarize myself with my new surroundings.”

Yao Tang’s smile was like a garden blooming around the classroom, drawing color from the rest of the world.

Lin Xin was stunned despite herself. “O—okay, uh… Sure, Yao Tang! Why don’t—why don’t we take a walk during lunch break? I’ll take you to the cafeteria afterward, and we can have lunch together, okay?”

Yao Tang stifled the urge to chortled at Lin Xin’s eagerness. She even almost reached out to pinch the girl’s cheek. Her eyes glittered with silent laughter. “Sure thing. I’ll be in your care then.”

Lin Xin turned away and covered her face with her hands. In her mind, she grumbled over and over that Yao Tang wasn’t playing fair. Taking a deep breath to calm her thundering heart, she looked ahead and pretended to listen to Xi Yan.

The teacher had already started the class. For today’s lecture, she was set to discuss the presence of the element chlorine in various bodies of water.

Xi Yan proceeded with her lessons as usual, just like she would on any other day.

For once, though, none of the kids were talking over her discussion. They were far too busy stealing glances at Yao Tang, their eyes constantly flitting back in her direction.

However, the person in question paid them no mind and kept her attention on the lesson. She kept her languid pose throughout the class, displaying her exquisite face and the smooth, milky skin of her arm. It was like she had cast a spell on the people around her.

Xi Yan was very satisfied with this, though.

She was pleasantly surprised by the class’ uncharacteristic calm. Generally, they would be turning the room upside down just a few minutes before the lecture ended. And yet, when the bell finally rang, they were all still firmly in their seats. They were all still staring at Yao Tang, too.

Xi Yan couldn’t help but be amazed by the girl’s popularity, and on such short notice, to boot. She announced the dismissal of class, then picked up her lesson plan and exited the classroom.

As the day wore on, countless other students came and went to catch a glimpse of Yao Tang. Boys from other classes and year levels stopped by and shamelessly poked their heads into the door just to get a good look at her.

But Yao Tang had long since grown to this kind of scrutiny, and she had no trouble ignoring their stares. She remained seated on her desk, her headphones plugged to her ears, her fingers tapping idly on her phone screen.

At some point, a bunch of boys began to push among themselves, keen on trying to strike up a conversation with her. In the end, they were all too intimidated to even take a step forward.

Yao Tang was simply too beautiful, too perfect for mere mortals like themselves.

She wasn’t wearing their school uniform yet, which only set her apart even more. At that moment, she was leaning back against her chair, with her legs stretched out before her. She looked rather haughty, but the boys liked it.

Who could resist such an aloof beauty?

Out in the hall, her admirers were just as earnest. They squeezed next to each other, their eyes fixed on Yao Tang, taking note of every little movement she made.

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