The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1580 - The Beginning of a Rising Fortune

Chapter 1580: The Beginning of a Rising Fortune

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Whenever he went out, he would kick Black Eagle away. “Look at yourself. How dare you follow me in this state?”

Despite that, he still had to reply respectfully, “I’m sorry, Mr. Big.”

At Mr. Big’s birthday banquet, he had to kneel and say, “Thank you, Mr. Big, for your nurturing.”

Just when he had reached a two-year mark working for Mr. Big, someone chased and attacked Mr. Big.

One day, while Mr. Big was having his meal, someone suddenly fired a shot from the back. Black Eagle sensed it very quickly and pushed Mr. Big away. Both fell to the ground, and yet Mr. Big hadn’t realized what was happening. He kicked Black Eagle away and said, “Where the hell are you pouncing toward?”

Mr. Big only realized what had happened when he got up and saw that there was a bullet hole shot through the window.

It turned out that there was an assassination.

His face immediately turned pale, and he quickly called out, “What are you looking at? Quickly give me cover and send me away from here.”

Naturally, Mr. Big wouldn’t apologize to Black Eagle because he had misunderstood him, nor would he thank Black Eagle for saving him. Instead, he anxiously found people to come and give him cover.

He felt that these matters were things that Black Eagle, his underling, should be doing.

To block a knife attack for him, to protect him, to let him vent his anger. These are all things that he should be doing.

Black Eagle wouldn’t bring up any grievances either. He didn’t even wear any unhappy expression. He merely guarded Mr. Big to leave the place while listening to his commands to look for the assassin.

The assassin was in the building opposite, and he wouldn’t be able to run far.

Black Eagle led Mr. Big’s men and gave chase. He immediately saw a young lad who was in his teens, holding onto a gun and running recklessly.

Black Eagle immediately sent everyone to give chase.

“Stop him.”


Everyone gave chase, and Black Eagle went as well.

However, that young lad ran quite quickly and disappeared without a trace.

Black Eagle immediately sent the men to spread out to look for him.

He also went through the alleys in search of the person.

He couldn’t see anything clearly in the dark place and hadn’t noticed anyone at the start. However, he suddenly heard a sound coming from below.

It sounded as if someone had knocked into something.

He quickly turned his head, raised his gun, and unlocked the trigger.

“Who’s there?”

The boy raised his hand, shivering.

“Kill me…”

He was still a child, all skin and bones, and his countenance was grim.

Black Eagle looked at him with his eyes squinted. At this moment, he suddenly recalled how he had looked when he came to the streets.

The despair he showed was the same as what this young man showed.

It was just that back then, Black Eagle was younger than he was.

Black Eagle said, “Why did you come to kill?”

The boy said, “My mom is going to die. If I don’t accept this job… I won’t have the money to let my mom treat her illness.”

He slowly loosened the grip on his gun.

He looked at the back and gave it some thought.

Hearing that people were coming over, he walked out.

“Brother Black, we didn’t find anyone.”

“There’s no one inside either. Let’s go over there and continue the search.”


One hour later.

Black Eagle returned to the place again.

As expected, the boy was no longer hiding there. However, a while later, the boy jumped out.

“Brother Black… you saved me, so my life is yours. I’ll follow you from now on…”

Black Eagle looked at this boy, and suddenly a thought arose in his heart.

He said, “Who hired you?”

“I don’t know him. It’s a rough-looking guy.”

Black Eagle said, “Are the people on his side all assassins?”

“No. He only hired me because he saw that I needed money.”

Black Eagle nodded. “I’ll give you money. Don’t do such jobs in the future.” He handed a stack of money to the boy, saying, “Help me do something else.”

“Huh? What?” the boy asked perplexed.

Black Eagle said, “It’s also to kill someone, but…”

Black Eagle’s name later spread across the world as a leader of an assassin group.

The assassin group called the Black Eagle held extreme power.

At this moment, he had the idea of setting up a team.

His assassin group had one trait—a high success rate.

Why was that so? It was because he especially looked for fugitives.

He told them that if they were to succeed, he would pay them. If they were to die, he’d give their family the money.

These people either needed money to flee or had lost hope to live on and were prepared to give up on their lives to leave some money to their families.

Slowly, the group grew more powerful, and its reputation spread far and wide.

Back then, Black Eagle hadn’t thought of how things should develop in the future. He sent people to go on with the operation in secret while he quietly managed stuff. On the surface, he continued to be an underling working under Mr. Big.

Mr. Big continued to beat him up or scold him as he wished.

Every night, Black Eagle would spend time taking care of his group. He would receive requests, look for people, and make plans.

One day, Mr. Big found it strange and said, “What’s going on? To think that I’m not aware that a group suddenly rose.”

Everyone found it strange and asked, “Mr. Big, what group is that?”

He said, “It’s just a small group that doesn’t have much use. They just do some dealings of killing people and smuggling stuff. Hmph.”

Black Eagle’s lips curled up, but he didn’t say anything.

A small group?

He knew that his group was slowly expanding. At that moment, he was already getting more people to help take care of things.

It was the start of his expanding power and fortune. However, it was still a dark business that was suitable to bring out to the open.

He had no choice since he had carried a massive vengeance from the moment he was born. He was born to kill.

This might just be his destiny…

Mu Feiran went home and gave it some thought. As she looked at the script and the more she read it, the more she liked it.

She felt that it didn’t really matter if it was a villain. What was important was that she liked it.

Moreover, if they do the filming well, then it could be a turning point for her.

The next day, she got someone to notify the production team that she had decided to take on the job.

They were elated.

With Mu Feiran to play the villainous role, it would be a good gimmick.

Moreover, after choosing Mu Feiran for this role, they couldn’t find anyone else who was more suitable for it when they tried to consider other people.

Very soon, Mu Feiran was going to get busy again.

Not only did she have to film the reality show, but she also had to deal with this television drama that she just accepted.

Rumors started brewing that Mu Feiran wasn’t doing well and was taking on supporting roles.

These were people who didn’t understand things. In some dramas these days, it was no longer a case where there was only one main character and the rest were supporting roles.

The recent dramas all relied on multiple characters to build up the story.

The main character, having a halo over the things they did, might not play as significant a role in comparison.

This could be shown through more and more supporting characters who were liked more by the audience than the main characters.

It was just that netizens felt that Mu Feiran was really not doing well. Would she end up taking only supporting roles in the future after taking this one?

Some of them wrote lengthy articles about how a heavenly queen of a generation had fallen.

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